what part number is the set screw for pinion?

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I keep having trouble with my pinion coming loose on my Talion. I even put loktite and it still came off. it's looks like the threads may be messed up not letting me tighten all the way.

anyways, I go to buy another pinion at Tower and I see it comes with a 4x4mm Set Screw. I want to buy more, but can not find 4x4 anywhere on the Arrma website or Tower. closest I've seen is 4x3. what do you guys use? will 4x3 work?
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I would suggest you buy a new pinion and use the screw that comes with it. If the threads on the screw you have are messed up there is a good chance the threads in the pinion you have are in similar condition. It also gives you the chance to go up or down a few teeth on the pinion you are running if you so desire.
yep just ordered one stock and one 14. I guess I was looking in the wrong area at tower. finally found the 4x4mm
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