Kraton What would be a fair price for this rig

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Was wondering what would be a fair price for this , ARTR add rx /tx servo is the 46k I think from Amazon . Only used for 4-5 packs .. thanks



Trying to sell on market place , some guy told me it’s only worth like $4-500.
Ouch 🤕. I was hoping to get at least $8-850 . Love the hobby , dislike the depreciating.
At $800 you’re at the price of the new RTR EXB with all the upgrades and a 2 year warranty.

I’d settle at $500 but start at $600. The depreciation of stuff in the hobby is a bummer, which is why I don’t bother trying to sell too much. I did alright selling my stretched Typhon and my pretty heavily built Mojave. I’ve got a brand new Outcast 6s EXB that I built with tons of aftermarket parts and anodizing and I’m not even getting a sniff on it at $850.