diff brain

  1. Marijn van Asveldt

    Kraton where to find arrma nero parts?

    hey guys, i have a arrma nero and i love it! but i have 1 issue. i am scared to break it becouse i cant find parts. do you guys have a website where you can find them. tnx in advance (i cant select the arrma nero in the prefrix tab)
  2. Marijn van Asveldt

    Kraton Arrma nero 6s throttle problem

    Hey guys, I have a question. the accelerator pedal of my arrma nero sometimes suddenly fails. if this happens I can steer and do everything alone I can not accelerate. When I turn it on in the esc, there is first a red light, then 2 times green and then it keeps flashing red. Does anyone have a...
  3. Loid

    SOLD / FOUND Nero Big Rock 6S, Never ran

    No longer available.
  4. JMS RC

    Big Rock Nero, keep or remove diff brain system ?

    sorry for the Big Rock prefix, couldn't post without selecting something I need some advice. In short, wanted a Nero a bought a nice used one with diff brain about a year and a half ago, ran it for a few times, what a beast on 6S, a bit much for my type of general bashing actually ? It ended up...
  5. DutchDriver

    Big Rock Arrma Nero Diff Brain reversed?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I picked up a used Arrma Nero with Diff Brain for €250. It came with a Savöx servo and a Hobbywing 8BL-150A ESC. When I came home and drove it for the first time, there were some things that didn't seem right to me. First of all, when I am in Blast mode, the centre and the...
  6. craig72

    How many of you have abandoned the Diff Brain?

    Hey Gang, I have owned a Diff Brain Nero for about a year and a half, and it seems I am always fussing with the diff servos. I have replaced two, and still seem to have issues from time to time. I don't really utilize them that often, but it is fun to play with. I've been very careful about...
  7. R

    How can i tell if nero diff locks working properly?

    i have a nero brushless with brain and am new to rc. To me it seems no matter what diff lock i put it in they all work the same. One option is suppose to be wheelie but i don't get wheelies. How can i tell if they are working properly?
  8. A

    Big Rock Big rock without diff brain

    is it possible to rebuild the big rock without the diff brain? I have no need for it...
  9. D

    How to Configure Nero Diff Brain With Hacked Flysky TX (GT3B or GT3C)

    Hey guys, I made a video that goes over how to make a Hacked Flysky Radio work with a Diff Brain equipped Nero/Big Rock/Fazon. It should have all the settings to allow you to individually control each diff lock. Also leaves space for extra channels to fill up with whatever you want (Light bar...
  10. LtGhost08

    Arrma Nero w/ diff brain maintenance

    Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum, love it here! I traded for a used Nero and I think I will be doing some service soon (shocks, diffs). My question is what are the stock shock weights and diff oil weights? and from there what should I use? I feel like this...
  11. S

    Run a BEC just for the steering servo for Big Rock?

    Hello Everyone. I have a Big rock. its freaking rad. I purchased a sweet new HV steering servo, and a MMX esc for it. Then found out that if i run the MMX with the BEC at 7.4v i'll blow the diff brain servos... So, my question is, "Is there a way i can run the steering servo at 7.4v and...
  12. New Nero w/ Diff Brain

    New Nero w/ Diff Brain

    Couple quick pics of the new Rig
  13. New NERO upgrades

    New NERO upgrades

    HR case, HR CVD axles, locking diffs/diff brain kit, Big Rock center drives.
  14. J

    Diff Brain with Sanwa (MT4)

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me out with this. First of all, I could figure out how to get the diff brain working with the Sanwa MT4. But unfortunately... something is not quite correct with the 4th mode, the "climb mode" with all diffs locked. ... what have I done.... The Sanwa MT4 has...
  15. Stitch

    Another Diff Brain Failure

    Hi, I have a Big Rock and after the 4th charge the rear and center diff started to make a constant noise. As I thought that constant operation of the Diff Brain servos would destroy them fast, I opend the rear diff. But there was no mechanical problem visible. So I used the descrition...
  16. J

    For the love of Arrma!!

    Have you seen the diff brain upgrade instructions? Like thanks bro for the black and whit pics (8 of them) with no descriptional words. Lol I'm having some wiring issues I assume. Can someone post a pic of the receiver housing with diff brain and/or a wiring schematic? I can't get anything to...
  17. MetalOne

    Arrma Diff Brain with Spektrum

    I have the Spektrum DX4S and an SR310 receiver. Here's how I got it working with the Diff Brain. RX Setup: White plug from Diff Brain goes to Aux1. TX Setup: Assign your preferred switch on the controller to Aux1 3P. Set Aux1 travels to 150%. Set Dial (knob) or another switch to Aux1...
  18. Mr Bojenkals

    Arrma Nero 6S BLX. Assistance Req'd...please:/

    Hey there fellow Arrma owners! I was in the market for a new r/c as I've been in the hobby for almost 14 years now, although I've only had experience with nitro. I decided I waned to go electric as nitro just got too expensive and time consuming. I've been a long time Traxxas owner, but wasn't...
  19. kalosB

    Outcast Locking Diffs on Outcast

    Hello guys, I'm wondering if you can upgrade the diffs on the outcast to locking diffs? I was just thinking of the idea of having that on the Outcast. Let me know.
  20. L0ckwire

    How to configure Nero Diff Brain with Futaba Radio

    Here is the Setups for the 4PX: Diff in channel 3 Sub trim: CH 3 +15 Channel Reverse: Channel 1 Reverse. Dial Select: DL1 to Channel 3 Control normal direction step 50 I should be shot for the vertical video, but don't feel like re uploading.