1. JustOutForARip88

    Orange threadlocked, any good? Need recommendations pls!

    Hey everyone how you doing Hope everyone's having a good holiday just wondering everyone's thoughts on this orange threadlocker that I found today on Amazon it says that it's a high strength removable thread lock for use on bolts and fasteners that are subject to high vibrations and stuff like...
  2. 🇺🇸 DΞזΞפּ 🇺🇸

    Typhon That's in there !

    Trying to change rear and steering hubs on my Typhon, the day the robot who put it together must love that Loctite it was soaked in all 4 axels. Don't have a butane torch (yet) and couldn't apply the heat directly on the hubs anyway, so before I strip that set screw I used my new Soldering kit...
  3. SarsK9

    Loctite vs Vibratite?

    Just as the title states. Has anyone used vibratite and found it better than loctite or vise-versa for rcs? I use vibratite for my rmr on my edc and seems to have held every time I recheck the torque.
  4. kilodi

    Mojave Can't remove factory fitted screws to change servo saver

    Hi guys, I need some help to remove some factory fitted screws. I think I may have started to strip them even. I tried checking online and saw few posts that it seem the factory fittings use a lot of loctite/ thread lock and in order to remove such loctite/ threadlock i need intense heat...
  5. H

    Kraton Threadlock

    Hey guys, So I am putting back together my kraton, and I am looking for a guide as to what I should threadlock. I know that it should be metal to metal screws, but if there is a visual demonstration, such as a a circled exploded view of the kraton with the needed screws highlighted. If...
  6. R

    Outcast Pinion moving

    Any advice. I'm having a hard time with this truck, last time we ran it, it was fine, this time, about two minutes in, the pinion backed away from the motor. I locked it down with blue locktite last time and cranked on the set screw to the point of almost stripping it. Did the same just now...
  7. helizrnew2me

    Kraton Loctite on grub screws?

    are you guys putting loctite on your grub screws right out the box before running the kraton? just curious . had to do that with my cen colossus .