1. TraverseCity420

    Red loctite the servo saver nut

    Works.. finally got my notorious back together after loosing a steering screw doh.. Anyway while I had it apart I went ahead and used red Loctite on the servo nut and took it out this morning in 4F degree weather and its held in place as I expected it would, If a grub screw on a motor pinion can...
  2. R

    Pinion moving

    Any advice. I'm having a hard time with this truck, last time we ran it, it was fine, this time, about two minutes in, the pinion backed away from the motor. I locked it down with blue locktite last time and cranked on the set screw to the point of almost stripping it. Did the same just now...
  3. helizrnew2me

    Loctite on grub screws?

    are you guys putting loctite on your grub screws right out the box before running the kraton? just curious . had to do that with my cen colossus .