1. Jack

    I have a nero that needs wheel bearings.

    Hi, i have a nero 6s that needs new wheel bearings, anyone got some suggestions.
  2. P

    Rebuilding Nero

    I picked up a Nero (no brain) in fairly bad condition. Have torn it down and refurbished/replaced parts and have it up to roller stage but am having difficulty finding any reliable instructions/diagrams of how to assemble the motor/center diff/servo section. The exploded view on the Arrma...
  3. M

    Using 2S Lipo with 7.4v servo

    Hi, I have an Arrma Nero Big Rock and i upgraded the servo. My new servo is a compatible with 6v and 7.4v but i would like to use a 2S lipo to reach 7.4v. I plug in the servo on this 2S lipo but it didn't work and i don't know why. Do you have any idea ? Thanks :)
  4. Max Attitude

    Nero wheels- looking for at least 1 stocker

    Hi guys, anyone have some stock Nero wheels they would part with? Tire condition doesn't matter as I'd like to mount something else on the stockers... I like the style and one of mine is stripped. Thanks
  5. Max Attitude

    Aftermarket body or Nero body?

    Anyone with experience of aftermarket holding up better? My stocker is done... The "unbreakable" is somewhat tempting but...$100 and not paintable. I'm thinking the ProLine Silverado or Factory blue or green shell.
  6. Rpmspeedyblue

    Nero and the Nero Big Rock

    Added the Nero and the Nero Big Rock to my ARRMA Bash Family!
  7. P

    Arrma Nero or Traxxas E-Revo?

    Right now there are 2 auctions ending soon and I can't decide if I should buy the E-Revo (not the 2018 version) for 300 or an Arrma Nero for 320. Both cars seem to be about the same, I really can't decide, could you give me some pros and cons?
  8. C

    How many of you have abandoned the Diff Brain?

    Hey Gang, I have owned a Diff Brain Nero for about a year and a half, and it seems I am always fussing with the diff servos. I have replaced two, and still seem to have issues from time to time. I don't really utilize them that often, but it is fun to play with. I've been very careful about...
  9. B

    nero big rock

    Hi! i finally bought a nero big rock with two 3s lipo batteries 54oomAh brainergy from yuki model rc; unfotunateri after recharging them for four times one of them stopped working and it stated: low voltage. the servo burned after 3 hours.I've replaced the servo (i 've bouth a new one).now i...
  10. R

    Where can I still buy an Arrma Nero?

    Hey guys new to the forum & sorry if there has already been a thread created about this but I have not seen one but I was curious what country or countries you could still buy the Nero from that offer shipping to the US? Thanks, Rek’d
  11. Nampur

    ESC blinking red

    Hy I am Nampur from Switzerland what can i do ? please some sugesstions thx
  12. M

    Arrma Nero Big rock - reduced battery life

    Recently I sealed all the diffs (with 2.5mm screws) and filled with 12 000 front 1 000 000 center 9 000 rear I also removed all diff brain servos. After the first run it stopped after 6min (2x 3s 4500mah 40c batteries) second time I got 5min, and in the last run few seconds after putting new...
  13. Jlg1

    Jumbo Kong Tires

    Has anyone been successful installing Jumbo Kong tires on a Big Rock Nero?
  14. T

    new nero

    heya; New here. If I may just ask away. I have a new Nero,which I have had for several months, which has not yet been run (how dare me!). Family member lost interest. But what I am seeking is a quick an easy way to run the Nero with Traxxas ID batteries. Does anyone know of an adapter which...
  15. tubbs07

    outcast vs nero 6s big rock

    Hi there I've got an outcast (which Is a beast!) and thinking of getting a Nero 6s BLX big rock. Any thoughts? Cheers
  16. JohnsonWang

    How can I change the voltage of the a of the low voltage Cut-off function of the BLX200?

    Does any body know how to change the voltage of the a of the Low Voltage Cut-off function of the BLX200?Can I use the Hobbywing programming card? I've heard that the BLX200 originates from the Hobbywing MAX8.They are the same ESC in fact. Much appreciated!
  17. R

    How can i tell if nero diff locks working properly?

    i have a nero brushless with brain and am new to rc. To me it seems no matter what diff lock i put it in they all work the same. One option is suppose to be wheelie but i don't get wheelies. How can i tell if they are working properly?
  18. The last Nero

    Can I seal my diffs with brain?

    My nero has diff brain can I use silicone oil and seal the diffs?
  19. Happy673

    Can't decide which arrma rc to get, the Nero w/brain,outcast or kraton?

    I don't know which arrma rc to get , I own the revo 6s but I need an arrma! I like the kraton and the outcast . Both really nice Then I saw the Nero with different brain. Sick! Kinda like my revo but better. But how is that going to work with the discontinuation .parts etc.and the kraton I...
  20. E

    Kraton Green Nero body on Kraton

    Hello all, how to mount a green nero body on kraton v3 ? thx bye