1. Rocketzx1

    SOLD / FOUND Looking for Nero parts

    As title says, Do any of you gents have some Nero parts laying around you don’t need? I’m mainly searching for drive shafts and hex adapters. If any of you have spares for sale, I would be in your debt. Please help this California boy out would ya? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Infraction666

    Kraton Max6 4985 combo in a Nero, need some help with gearing

    Hello there great people 😀 My friend has a Arrma Nero big rock with pro-line 3.8 belted wheels I have bought a new hobbywing max6 1650kv combo for it, but what gearing should I go with for bashing Is 20t the way, maybe just a 18t. I run a 21 i my Kraton Exb with same motor Normal it's got a...
  3. deathmachine76

    Big Rock Nero Shock Replacement?

    Hey All! so i am attempting to get my hands on a Nero, but it is missing a rear shock... is there a direct replacement part for the nero shocks or am i going to need to buy the individual parts and build one? i tried digging through the search results, but im not finding much. Are there any...
  4. 0000000.jpg


    Arrma nero with hpi gigante gt body and 3.8 badlands
  5. 000.jpg


    Nero with hpi gigante gt body
  6. Marijn van Asveldt

    Kraton where to find arrma nero parts?

    hey guys, i have a arrma nero and i love it! but i have 1 issue. i am scared to break it becouse i cant find parts. do you guys have a website where you can find them. tnx in advance (i cant select the arrma nero in the prefrix tab)
  7. Marijn van Asveldt

    Kraton Arrma nero 6s throttle problem

    Hey guys, I have a question. the accelerator pedal of my arrma nero sometimes suddenly fails. if this happens I can steer and do everything alone I can not accelerate. When I turn it on in the esc, there is first a red light, then 2 times green and then it keeps flashing red. Does anyone have a...
  8. Infraction666

    New body for Nero 6s

    Hello great people 😁 Does anyone know what body's fits the nero 6s Does the outcast 6s fit or a kraton 6s Or something else
  9. Loid

    SOLD / FOUND Nero Big Rock 6S, Never ran

    No longer available.
  10. E

    Big Rock Max 6 in a Nero?

    Well I ended up frying my BLX200 after abusing and mudding the truck very, very hard. So as an alternative and upgrade, I decided the superior performance of the Max 6, was worth the minor struggle of fitting it into the smaller space. Has anyone done this yet so I can get a few pointers, or am...
  11. JMS RC

    Big Rock Nero, keep or remove diff brain system ?

    sorry for the Big Rock prefix, couldn't post without selecting something I need some advice. In short, wanted a Nero a bought a nice used one with diff brain about a year and a half ago, ran it for a few times, what a beast on 6S, a bit much for my type of general bashing actually ? It ended up...
  12. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Had fun with 4 ARRMAS

    Finally had all 4 of my family’s trucks running ( I work on them all and only drive The BRCC) so we all went to the backyard and had some fun on a dit jump I made a while back? The Kraton broke first blowing a center diff Then the BRCC bending a aluminum shock and stripping a ring gear on a...
  13. DutchDriver

    Big Rock Arrma Nero Diff Brain reversed?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I picked up a used Arrma Nero with Diff Brain for €250. It came with a Savöx servo and a Hobbywing 8BL-150A ESC. When I came home and drove it for the first time, there were some things that didn't seem right to me. First of all, when I am in Blast mode, the centre and the...
  14. Jack

    I have a nero that needs wheel bearings.

    Hi, i have a nero 6s that needs new wheel bearings, anyone got some suggestions.
  15. M

    Using 2S Lipo with 7.4v servo

    Hi, I have an Arrma Nero Big Rock and i upgraded the servo. My new servo is a compatible with 6v and 7.4v but i would like to use a 2S lipo to reach 7.4v. I plug in the servo on this 2S lipo but it didn't work and i don't know why. Do you have any idea ? Thanks :)
  16. Max Attitude

    Nero wheels- looking for at least 1 stocker

    Hi guys, anyone have some stock Nero wheels they would part with? Tire condition doesn't matter as I'd like to mount something else on the stockers... I like the style and one of mine is stripped. Thanks
  17. Max Attitude

    Aftermarket body or Nero body?

    Anyone with experience of aftermarket holding up better? My stocker is done... The "unbreakable" is somewhat tempting but...$100 and not paintable. I'm thinking the ProLine Silverado or Factory blue or green shell.
  18. Rpmspeedyblue

    Nero and the Nero Big Rock

    Added the Nero and the Nero Big Rock to my ARRMA Bash Family!
  19. P

    Arrma Nero or Traxxas E-Revo?

    Right now there are 2 auctions ending soon and I can't decide if I should buy the E-Revo (not the 2018 version) for 300 or an Arrma Nero for 320. Both cars seem to be about the same, I really can't decide, could you give me some pros and cons?
  20. craig72

    How many of you have abandoned the Diff Brain?

    Hey Gang, I have owned a Diff Brain Nero for about a year and a half, and it seems I am always fussing with the diff servos. I have replaced two, and still seem to have issues from time to time. I don't really utilize them that often, but it is fun to play with. I've been very careful about...