Nero and the Nero Big Rock

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San Jose, Ca
Arrma RC's
  1. BigRock
  2. Fazon
  3. Infraction
  4. Limitless
  5. Kraton 8S
  6. Kraton 6s
  7. Mojave
  8. Nero
  9. Outcast 6s
  10. Senton 6s
  11. Talion
  12. Typhon 6s
Added the Nero and the Nero Big Rock to my ARRMA Bash Family!

Right on.
Sort of lije you. I started with Outcasts, Talions.
Now only the Kraton is left of that crew and a V1 Talion in pieces, lol.

But I switched gears and got into t he Nero platform once HH came along.
I'm the original owner of a Fazon right after they come out. I like my Neros, lol.
Great pic man.


I just now got all 3.
The blue Nero I just got is a skid away from being considered nib, lol. Omg, the guy gave me a deal, lol.p

Suppose if I wanted to have the set I'd get a green one but most of their sellers are thinking Big Rock prices for brain-less Neros, lol.
Thx, I notice the price also on the non brain Nero
I found my blue Neros on Craigslist. Of all places, lol. Just gotta be prepared for lots of sellers not shipping when shopping.
Not much currently.
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