soldering station

  1. Mattyd926

    Soldering tool of choice

    When you all solder connections what are you using. I’m getting frustrated as I know I’m doing all the steps right but my joints are poop. I’m using a regular soldering iron with the point tip. Attached is the wire and flux I’m using. . Please send me in the right direction.
  2. crankestein

    Soldering kit

    Just curious what others have in their toolbox for soldering their electronics. I got a basic Harbor Freight soldering pen, 260 sand paper, stone, a 3rd hand attached to a 5 pound weight w zip ties and HF heat shrink. What solder wire spec recommend for soldering connectors? Am always hit or...
  3. Corider

    My soldering Iron is dying

    Looking for advice. My soldering Iron is dying and not getting as hot as it used to. Does anyone have any suggestions on a quality,budget friendly soldering station. Or if not budget friendly something that has a good chance of lasting until the end of time? Thanks in advance.