1. hfactor858

    Typhon Typhon just stops

    Hey all - brand new to Arrma - got my daughter a Typhon 3s - that she loves. It’s only 3 months old though... Recently Had to warranty out the motor, as it froze or burned out. I just replaced the motor, cleaned all bearing carriers and upgraded to a 20t .08 pinion. I’ve only run it once now...
  2. TO THE MOON. arrma tough baby lol

    TO THE MOON. arrma tough baby lol

    This is the clip I couldn't put in the main video, its recorded on my phone and when I put it into the editing program it turned upside down. the clip at the...
  3. marshy22

    Missing bolt and shim/sleeve from C hub

    After a touch of bashing I’ve noticed I’ve lost the bottom bolt that connects the C hub to the axel, where finding a random bolt to fit isn’t hopefully a issue I’ve removed the good side and that seems to have a metal sleeve or bush fitted inside the C hub which obviously fell out on the other...


    I can finally say "To the moon" :) After listening to the kids all week asking me to jump the halfpipe I finally gave in, how the typhon landed I have no ide...
  5. jedibabaob

    Kraton Arrma v Traxxas jump off

  6. Arrma at an airstrip!

    Arrma at an airstrip!

    Featuring an Arrma limitless which hit 106mph, Kraton 8S and 6S, Mojave, Typhon 6S, Senton 3S and a guest appearance by my old BSD desert storm flux V2 (2S) ...
  7. IMG-20200724-WA0031.jpg


    Notorious Praying Mantis Typhon attack...
  8. O

    14T Pinion Slips on Typhon v4 6S + Hobbywing Combo

    My 14T pinion gear continues to slip off the motor shaft. I've tried just about everything and would appreciate any tips for how to solve. Rig and mounting below. I appreciate your time. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Hobbywing...
  9. C

    Stock and recommended diff weights all in one place

    Is it just me or does everyone else keep having to check and see stock diff weights and then search to see what everyone else recommends? Would something like this be helpful to everyone, or just me? If there is interest in it I would be willing to take the time and add more vehicles. If not...
  10. marshy22

    Typhon 3s drivetrain gone tight after crash

    Hey, I’ve just had 2nd blast with new typhon 3s and hit a curb straight on not overly quick and bumper took the hit and show no sign of damage but now it feels like all the gears/drive train have gone tight. Only gave it quick test after crash but soon as you back off throttle Is slows the car...
  11. #LDNRC big day out Pt 2 Arrma Typhon 6S

    #LDNRC big day out Pt 2 Arrma Typhon 6S

    Part 2 of the LDNRC big day out featuring my Typhon 6s
  12. M

    Typhon Typhon 6s

    Anyone know if the typhon 6s will restock or will there be a new version releasing.
  13. Uplift-RC

    Typhon #arrmafamily- NEED some help with installing back my slipper clutch?

    =AZXRC5yRZxh15LVS-CDQHRy8qMAi2uKKjYIvX4A77nIEMdPrhn06F4RYj5vNkf4ZbJsuBad8J4YsZbx3kcsbDBog_Xo-NiMOdRHwrKZWaARnz3AHsXpD80rZ1baq13Gw8vCLyEn5EvPeGUpXy01Bm2MqIcNPp9y7S7S0EBWB3uJZPw&__tn__=*NK-R']#arrmafamily- I had to change out the ARRMA Slipper Pads for new ones ok! My question is should I use...
  14. Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S bashing

    Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S bashing

    Arrma Typhon 6S & two Kraton 6S’s bashing in local dirt bowl The Kratons are fully modded and customised (Not mine!) with the Typhon as stock apart from Tbon...
  15. Arrma Typhon and Kratons jumping

    Arrma Typhon and Kratons jumping

    Sunset jumping with my Typhon 6s and the guys modded Kratons (6S) make the most of my smaller home made ramp - the result of bad weather and boredom over the...
  16. Arrma Typhon 6S and a ramp

    Arrma Typhon 6S and a ramp

    Small homemade ramp, typhon 6s - off I go !
  17. ARRMA 3s #Typhon w/ a set of Lockup 1/8tires

    ARRMA 3s #Typhon w/ a set of Lockup 1/8tires

    I love the 3s platform since it flys like a bird! Sty Connected: https://rb.gy/db81tr