1. dtmracer

    Typhon 3S Lipo recommendations that can survive a bashing?

    Hey All, loving my Typhon way tougher than anything TRX or HPI for the money. My soft case overlander 5000mah 3s have been dented both ends and now puffed from the impacts! even with foam around them... Looking for recommendations on hard cased Lipos for this model??? :) I did test a friends...
  2. E

    Typhon 6s v5 cancellation upgrade!!!!!

    Hello to everyone as you can I'm a newb to the forum and to the R/C world. My question is: Do I need to change my gearing when I install the 160 amp esc and 1250kv motor? I don't want to destroy anything else as I have had one to many crashes so I basically rebuilt my car. I upgraded my receiver...
  3. O

    Rear Diff Destruction - Typhon V4 (Pic Attached)

    Question: I just blasted the rear differential. I've previously blown and purchased a metal diff case for the center diff. Is there anything like that for front/rear? Links appreciated. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Rocket 4585, 1580kv Pinion: 22T...
  4. Pageracing

    For Sale Hot Racing center diff cover, GDS aluminum center diff mount, Hot Racing center diff spools, Tbone roll cage and front bumper/skid

    EDIT: HR center cover is SOLD. Still have motor mount and front diff mount. Stock motor mount with a gds center mount and a hot racing center diff cover for sale. All used in good shape. $12 take gds aluminum front diff mount. Tbone body roll cage and front bumper/skid. Good shape. (roll...
  5. felony4free

    Long lasting Esc, servo and motor upgrades

    For about 2 months now I’ve owned a Arrma Felony and a Typhon, I don’t do much speed runs just bashing. Drifting and such, I burned up my servo in the Typhon within the first week but just in the last few days both cars Esc has died on me, both servos including the one I bought (savox as-1231sg)...
  6. Typhon Buggy Conversion

    Typhon Buggy Conversion

    New Castle Mamba, Badlands, Wing and T Bone basher bumper so far
  7. E

    Typhon search metal spur gear for typhon

    hello i have a typhon mega brushed modified in a brushless can someone help me finding a metal spur gear i already change it 5time it just melt it self
  8. A

    Typhon Parts list to truggify typhon 6s

    Any parts list to truggify the typhon 6s and how much does it cost
  9. DJ Sunfire

    Typhon Arrma Typhon replacement Body

    Is there any other body that will fit the 6S Typhon V4 and will be enough room for two 3S hard case batteries
  10. Volasko

    Typhon Street Bashing Tire Setup - Help Me Choose

    I just got my hands on a V3 Typhon 6s that has been truggified with Kraton hubs. I've been in the process of taking it apart and cleaning it and just getting acquainted with the chassis overall. I came from a 3s Typhon that I got last year and upgraded a ton, but always left me wanting...
  11. 20210124_164957.jpg


    Mojavified beast
  12. 20210124_165024.jpg


    Mojavified beast
  13. 20210122_164702.jpg


    M2C and Vitavon = Bulletproof
  14. 20210122_190807.jpg


    M2C and Vitavon = Bulletproof
  15. Luggas_H1

    Kraton Get a 4S powered Kraton EXB or a 6S Typhon? 600€ Budget

    So Iv'e been making some moves irl and im tired of my Raider. Now I have about 600€ or so and I want to buy either a Kraton EXB or a Typhon 6s. They're about the same Price, I woudn't get the Typhon 6s without a Radical RC bashbar/skidplate (actually I'd build my own but don't tell them that)...
  16. L

    New to Arrma.... Typhon Slipper, Spur, Pinion Swap...

    Can I swap my 48p slipper setup on my typhon mega to the blx 3s 32p slipper setup(ARA310949)? I have the bearings for the differentials on order. I picked up the car from a guy and he said motor/esc was 4s. He has the blx 3s motor plate and drive shaft support bearing installed. Any...
  17. bscheife

    Tires and wheels for Typhon 3S: tell me what I need to know

    Picked up my first RC car two weeks ago and having a blast. It's a Typhon 3s, all stock right now, but looking for a few sets of tires and wheels. Could someone tell me what I need to know before ordering these. E.g. how do I ensure they'll fit properly on the buggy before buying? I assume there...
  18. 1st send it with full M2c typhon 6s

    1st send it with full M2c typhon 6s

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  19. lowroller199

    Typhon My Typhon Mega 4x4 converted to 3s Brushless On Road

    Just finished modding my brushed Typhon V3 to brushless on road. Here are the details. Hobbywing EZrun 5400 kv motor Arrma Typhon 3s slipper clutch assembly with 57T 32p spur gear 19T pinion Arrma BLX 100 ESC 92 mm front shocks 100 mm rear shocks customized stock rear wing GRP wheels and tires...
  20. d59896aa-b010-493e-a1ca-6607559eb7e3.jpg


    Typhon 3s upgrade to 6s with big brother Notorious in the back