1. L

    Typhoon 6s unresponsive stearing

    I just bought a new servo and on my typhoon 6s it seers right when I turn on the car and the reciver and the car locks into place and the servo doesn’t turn when I try and turn with the reciver it stays locked in place and seems like the reciver is not sending any signal and the servo is plugged...
  2. Sledgy

    First ever body painted for Typhon 6S

    This is my first go at painting an RC so I made quite a few mistakes. Given that I'm a perfectionist, I see them all. I learned a lot though, especially about masking. Since this isn't a shelf queen, they probably don't matter. If any really bug me, I'll put some stickers over them. Immediately...
  3. Typhon 3S

    Typhon 3S

    Skate park fun posing.
  4. Typhon 3S

    Typhon 3S

    Skate park fun.
  5. Ghast

    Typhon This is my Typhon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    Hey y'all. This build thread is to document modding and bashing my new Typhon 3s. Feel free to make mod suggestions along the way. The goal of this build thread to experiment and try different things for fun. Let's start. ------------------------------------------------------- ~~~ Here is the...
  6. S

    Carbon Fibre wing

    Hey y’all just made this carbon fibre wing for the Typhon what do y’all think?
  7. Zen

    Typhon ARRMA Typhon RTR TLR 6S

    Hi, I have recently got a RTR TLR ARRMA 6s Typhon to go racing at my 1:8 racing club. The course itself is off-road, with a few jumps and one strip of tarmac. Can anybody recommend a good setup using the TLR features and the ESC?? Thanks :)
  8. S

    Typhon 1/10 Armor plating

    Hi guys Want to get a some underbody protection for the Typhon 6S as it’s hella scuffed. Does anyone know if this will fit?
  9. S

    Typhon Questions on ESC plug

    Hi y’all Noobie to Arrma and RC in general. Just got my Typhon 6S and was wondering what this black plug is for? It’s connected to the ESC but doesn’t seem to plug into anything? Just a rogue plug, any ideas? Thanks
  10. S

    Typhon Where to plug Lights for Typhon 6S

    Hi y’all, Very much a noobie when it comes to Arrma and RC in general. Just got my Typhon 6S and I’m planning on getting some LEDs for night driving. Just wondering where to plug the lights in? Does it matter which channel on the receiver it is can I just plug into AUX1 or BATT? I don’t wanna...
  11. S

    Typhon Team Associated or Arrma

    Im looking to get a 6s 1/8 rc buggy/truggy one car im looking at is the team associated RC8b3.1e the one im looking at would be $325 rtr with a HiTech servo Motiv MC8 1950kv sensored motor and a Hobby wing XE run xr8 plus esc it would just need a body. or would a arrma typhon 6s or kraton 6s be...
  12. S

    Senton Senton vs SCT410.3

    I'm looking to get something a little bigger then a senton 3s but not as big as the arrma kraton. Someone has a used tekno sct 410.3 roller wondering how the size difference between it and a senton 3s or kraton 6s. Also wondering how well it would handle on short/longer grass compared to a...
  13. ChriswithaC

    Typhon Come check out my youtube channel guys :)

    Hey guys , As some of you might not know i run a Youtube channel and two of the cars i run on there Are Arrma 3s cars all upgraded So thought that you might like to have a look at one of my latest videos on my Typhon that started as a Vorteks boost . And also have a Big rock upgraded to 4s
  14. IMG_20230408_133510.jpg


  15. arrmarrma

    Typhon Will Granite 3s tires fit on Typhon 3s?

    Hello! First post, long time lurker. The Typhon 3s is my first basher, I've had it for a few months and it's been a blast! Lately, as seems to be commonplace, I'm looking at getting bigger tires for flips and better off-road control. I know the badlands are the most recommended, but the price...
  16. Furious Ferret

    Typhon 4s 4x4 Typhon build

    Here is a little build thread of my custom Typhon 4s. It started with a standard 4s Kraton for my son. Wasn't too happy with it because of the handling, especially the steering... So after a lot of upgrading (better Savox servo, replaced steering bushing with bearing, 6s shocks etc.) I got...
  17. Voyhager3

    SOLD / FOUND Typhon 3s, Used with a bunch of spares (HOONS ARE INCLUDED) ($260 +shipping, OBO) (I only take Zelle, or cash with local meet/pickup in S. Charlotte)

    LISTING HAS BEEN UPDTATED (AGAIN), HOONS ARE NOW INCLUDED (again) So I've been away from the forum for a while now, as I've been busy with school and some of my other hobbies (rocket engines are not cheap), and I've been thinking of selling my typhon for a while now as I just don't use it...
  18. C

    Typhon Amazon Ovonic Battery Sale

    On Amazon if you search for the Ovonics 5200mah 80c 3s LIPO it went on sale today for $23. Don't know how long they'll be on sale but it's through Ovonics Direct and shipped by Amazon. I just got #3 for $72
  19. ceegarro

    Typhon Center Diff Mount, Typhon TLR

    Anyone know the purpose of the area circled on the center diff mount? I had to cut mine off to fit a heatsink and fan on the motor. Just not sure of the purpose of these. Looks like a rod of some sort would fit through.
  20. Melon

    Typhon Changing between 6s and 4s

    Hello! I want to use 4s batteries in my 6s typhon, it has the stock spektrum esc. Is there a setting i need to change before that or can i just plug in the 4s batteries and it will be fine?