1. Luke66

    Positive @Joostin420 great seller.

    @joostin420 is a great seller, highly recommend. Shipping probably would have seemed really fast if I hadn't been sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the car lol. The only problem I have with @joostin420 is the prices. They're so good it makes me want to buy many more Arrma 6S, which I...
  2. 437516493_3519747894953113_6668063844061118170_n.jpg


    I did fix my Arrma Typhon 6s v3. Its like 6year old. Most money went on ESC, motor, 6S battery. Custom motor mount that can fit 32tooth pinion. Atm it got 23tooth. Team durango 46tooth spur. QuicRun combo 2000kv. Its street basher but atm got offroad tires. Traxxas TSM receiver.

    Grom Typhon with LED lights.

    I was messing around with some led lights I bought for another vehicle and thought this light would be perfect for the rear of the Thypon. I want lights for night driving this thing around. I have headlights on the way and will show them on the vehicle when they get here. As for the light, I...
  4. S

    Typhon Typhon 6s v5 broken front shock

    I bought a Typhon v5 and one of the front shocks broke. I’m looking at getting something to replace them. Can anyone direct me where to go and what to get that is a small upgrade to the stock shocks? I’m a newbie so I don’t need anything crazy. I’m still learning size and what fits on my...
  5. ChriswithaC

    Typhon Epic Arrma Typhon TLR: Best RC Swap Ever!

    Hey guys , Just landed this im very very excited about this one as i loved my 3s Typhon , So to have the daddy of them is awesome . Cant wait to hear your tips and upgrades for this buggy . Stay awesome ChriswithaC RC
  6. 20240203_165104.jpg


    Tonight's Lineup.......
  7. samuelppeters5

    Typhon Typhon build questions

    Hey guys, first time posting, I am in process of collecting parts to build a blacked out typhon xl and am wanting to paint EXB parts black to save money, anyone have an idea how to paint the aluminum black so the paint will actually stick?
  8. Typhon 2.jpg

    Typhon 2.jpg

    Powerhobby Armor Belted Mounted Tires 17MM Claw Wheels Black (4) 1/8 Buggy
  9. Typhon 1.jpg

    Typhon 1.jpg

    Powerhobby Armor Belted Mounted Tires 17MM Claw Wheels Black (4) 1/8 Buggy
  10. CustomArrmaBuilds

    Typhon Typhon XL drag build

    This is a Typhon XL that I threw together using a 6s typhon slider, an M2c speed/drag chassis, and some other various parts left over from other builds. Built to take the abuse from a CC 2028 1700kv… Basically the RC car version of a modern day American muscle car. Long chassis, lightweight...
  11. Army_Vet_Rc_Addict

    Typhon Receiver keeps losing Signal after about 50 Feet

    Ok so Not a complete newbie with Arrma but still kind of wet behind the ears in some aspects so I have a question I've got an Arrma Typhon 6s all stock except the receiver Run a Radiolink R6fg Receiver with a Radiolink Rc8x Transmitter I had signal issue with the 1st R6fg receiver but that was...
  12. tigertodd

    Senton 3s BLX Short and Long Input Gears?

    So I have a differential out of a SENTON and a TYPHON and the input gears are different lengths, the SENTON being the longer of the two. Why is this? Is it a difference in versions? I’m guessing I can just cut the longer one and make it seat better against the spur gear.
  13. Mortuus048


  14. Rock guards.jpg

    Rock guards.jpg

    Typhon 6s rear rock upgrade to keep mud, sand, sticks, and garbage out of it. Protect it all.
  15. rock guard upgrade.jpg

    rock guard upgrade.jpg

    Typhon 6s rear rock upgrade to keep mud, sand, sticks, and garbage out of it. Protect it all.
  16. ARRMA rigs

    ARRMA rigs

    Senton 3s on left, Typhon 6s on right!
  17. Army_Vet_Rc_Addict

    Talion My Arrma Collection is growing

    Just added another Arrma car to the fleet picked up the 6s Talion EXB to go with the 3s Typhon, 4s Kraton, 6s Typhon, 6s Notorious and the what will be 8s Limitless and I am hopefully adding a 6s Kraton within the next week or so. I absolutley LOVE Arrma Rc Cars I just can't have enough of them lol