1. KAITvsk Racing

    Do NOT buy ZOP Power LiPo batteries

    I share my experience with ZOP Power LiPO batteries. It all started on Dec / 19/2020 I bought from Banggood.com ZOP Power 14.8V 5000mAh 60C 4S Lipo Battery The goods arrived on 2020-12-30 and at the beginning I was satisfied with the purchase. The batteries were decent and I also rated 5+...
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    Arrma skins base protector
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  4. B

    Losi DB cage on typhon

    Does anyone know if any of the Losi DB cages fit on a 3s typhon?
  5. Homebrew

    Typhon Homebrew 3S Typhon

    What an awesome forum here and a wealth of information. I currently got back into the hobby after 30 years and having a blast running this car and repairing it practically weekly! I’ve been making some upgrades the last couple of weeks and have a lot of other ideas as well. Here’s the current...
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  7. burgerking

    Big Rock Bought myself a new rig...

    Thanks for the help lads 🤠, just waiting on a ec5 charger cable 😭
  8. stevenwm

    Typhon Can the Typhon 6s use two 3S LiPo batteries?

    Thinking about getting the V5 Typhon and was curious if I could use two 3s batteries? Thanks guys
  9. Dscracing1320

    For Sale Freshly Built Lightweight v5 Typhon Weapon

    Anyone want a freshly Built lightweight v5 Typhon? BasherQueen carbon towers and top plate. M2C speed chassis, Hardened hinge pins, upper pin holders, chassis braces front and rear as well as front and rear skid plates. Aluminum suspension blocks. Ultra fast Reef's 400sc servo. Tekno...
  10. SamVorst

    Typhon Typhon 3s slow down after around a hundred meters

    Hi all, So I was racing today on a large parking spot with my 26T installed in my Arrma typhon 3s. Each time I go around a hundred meters the car slows down to a much lower speed, I still could drive it back. but it was acting like the battery was low.. This was not the case, the battery was...
  11. BashingBrian

    Typhon BashingBrian's Typhon transformation... Version 2.0

    I never updated my Typhon / Mojavefied thread by telling you all what happened to the original Typhon..!! This is what the Typhon transformed into, just for those of you that hadn't seen it 👍🏼 https://www.arrmaforum.com/threads/bashingbrians-typhon-transformation.17157/ One of the best aspects...
  12. SWB bad boys

    SWB bad boys

    Senton 6s & Typhon 6s
  13. Yas

    Typhon 6S turnbuckles on a 3S...?

    I don't think this has been asked before, although I only did a quick search on here so sorry if it has I bent my Typhon's front tie rod. Has anyone tried fitting the 6mm M5 thread Typhon 6S rear linkages to a Typhon 3S? Either at the front or back? Are the turnbuckles and rod ends similar in...
  14. dsalvagnini

    Non-Responsive / Hesitant Reverse Throttle/Steering

    It's a little hard to describe, please check out the video. What is this? Seems like maybe the ESC is acting up...
  15. Watson

    [Deal] New v5 Arrma Typhon 6s BLX Red Aluminum Shock Set Springs Front Rear 4mm Shaft Available on Ebay.com

    I bought these a couple weeks ago, good source. They have another set available https://www.ebay.com/itm/273649083667?hash=item3fb6c1a513:g:yTAAAOSw5MBcwKv6
  16. SamVorst

    Typhon 4 week old car moves only forward sometimes backwards

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby also. I have some knowledge of technic. So I went racing last friday and suddenly the car stops driving. The ESC was beeping. I opened the car and there was no movement in the motor, it was stuck. With some force I could get it to turn. But when I...
  17. H

    Typhon Need help picking out typhon! 3s or 6s

    My local racetrack limits batteries to only 2s batteries. I like the 6S for all of its upgrades but don't know if I can run 2s. Looking for some advice on what the best decision I should do.
  18. R

    Typhon GMP shock quiz!

    One of my shocks is not stretching. See foto's. Once you compress the shock, it stays compressed. I don't have oils at the moment, so don't want risc dismantling the shock. But if anyone has an idea, I would love to hear it. 👍🤗💪🥳
  19. VonFuzz

    Typhon Finally got me an Arrma!

    Hello, Just picked up a Typhon at my local hobby store. I'm in a holding pattern until tomorrow evening when I get my hands on a 6s battery. Been eyeballing the Typhon for a while and I ended up selling another car and immediately dropped the cash on the typhon. The store employees were telling...
  20. G

    How hard is it to swap to a new motor on typhon 6s v1?

    I'm still pretty new to the hobby but want to rebuild a v1 typhon I bought that needs a new motor. I have never replaced a motor and can't find many videos with step by step instructions on the version 1 typhon. Any tips would be very helpful