1. S

    Typhon Shock advice for Arrma Typhon 3s?

    Me and a buddy get together every Sunday and race (as best we can lol). I’m running a stock 3s Typhon and he converted his Losi Tenacity to a buggy with their race set-up, aluminum chassis and nice shocks. We’re racing them on a construction site that’s kind of powdery/loose sand that’s not very...
  2. unclebrudy

    Motor “cap“ bent, how much trouble am I in?

    I just noticed this, and I have no idea how it happened. Apologies because I don’t know the correct terminology, but will this cause any damage? It’s driven normal and I only saw this being bent while cleaning. Thanks in advanced.
  3. J.Spain97

    Best shops to buy online?

    Good afternoon guys, Could you recomend me any shop to buy spare parts for my Typhon?? I need that, these shops ship to Spain, Aaaah and the grade of oil that use Typhon in stock form THANKS!!!!!
  4. Collection View.jpg

    Collection View.jpg

    Collection of RC's so far!
  5. Crashing and Bashing

    Crashing and Bashing

    Apparently I am hard on my stuff or I just need to learn to switch from one car to the other and not break it. In this bash session, I broke the rear wing mount, the rear chassis brace and bent the rear dogbone on my Kraton.
  6. Typhon 6S V4.jpg

    Typhon 6S V4.jpg

    Its needed
  7. S

    Typhon New Aluminum Steering Blocks

    I had some issues with the plastic threads on my Typhon 6s steering blocks, so I ordered a set of Hot-Racing aluminum ones and installed them last night. Great build quality with easy threads. Haven't bashed on them yet, but they should take a beating.
  8. Surchaufeur

    Typhon Opinion about the 3s t bone racing bumpers

    I recently decided to buy the bullet and get the t bone guardian bumper for my kraton 4s hoping it will reduce the impact on my drovetrain specially my motor mount. I want to know what do yous guys think about the t bone bumpers specially the ones from the typhon 3s? I recently saw a typhon with...
  9. Long morning session with the Typhon and Talion. So much fun. A few breakages..

    Long morning session with the Typhon and Talion. So much fun. A few breakages..

    Got out Early with Jay Young RC down to The Shanaze Reade BMX Track. Rain held off and man was it a laugh. Loads of Carnage, epic jumps and plenty of RC acti...
  10. M

    Typhon Typhon 3s BLX Grinding

    Hi .. this week I purchased a Typhon 3s BLX. I am brand new to RC and have no experience in maintenance. On my 3rd run with the buggy it began to make an awful grinding noise from the rear (have tried to load a short video to show but it won’t allow). In addition to this it seems that the...
  11. J.Spain97

    Typhon Easy access diff in arrma typhon?

    Hello guys i want to know if arrma typhon V4 have an eassy access to its diffs (front, rear, and middle), or i have to put off the towers and more thinks?. It is for its maintenance like change oils, etc...
  12. J.Spain97

    Typhon Any news about new launch like Typhon V5 or new version?

    Hello guys I just finished creating my acconut i really want to know if Arrma is going to make a new version of the typhon 6s because I´m going to buy a new buggy (im in love with the typhon 6s). I´m working hard, saving money and i want to be sure that i wont "loose" my money in a old version...
  13. btosic

    Typhon Typhon XL X , TP 4070CM 2900kv , long term review

    So, after two long term reviews for high performance Kraton, it is time for high performance Typhon review. Setup is: Arrma Typhon V3 6S Kraton long chassis Castle XL X ESC TP Power 4070CM 2900kv motor Castel 8mm bullets: ESC, motor and LiPo Graphene Panther 6S 75C 5.000mAh LiPo Nichicon caps...
  14. Arrma Hybrid

    Arrma Hybrid

    6s charged and ready to break something
  15. Arrma Notorious fitted with Pro-line Brute Body, Typhon 6s, Xmaxx, Rustler Solid Bash.

    Arrma Notorious fitted with Pro-line Brute Body, Typhon 6s, Xmaxx, Rustler Solid Bash.

    Took My Notorious out with the Pro-Line Brute Body. Didn't last long due to body mounts throwing a bolt and wheelie bar deciding it had had enough. POS Wing ...
  16. Paul Fulton RC - Arrma Typhon is such a blast.  Check out...

    Paul Fulton RC - Arrma Typhon is such a blast. Check out...

    Arrma Typhon is such a blast. Check out the full video on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/PaulFulton ....#arrma #rc #radiocontrolled #rccar...
  17. Rocketzx1

    Typhon New Typhon 4x4 Mega

    Hey! Have you all seen Arrma drop the introduction of the newest addition to the Arrma lineup? They just announced the Typhon 4x4 Mega 1/8th scale. Webpage say it’ll do 30+ with the brushed motor! That’s pretty quick for a 1/8th buggy on brushed power. All of my rc trucks/cars are brushless...
  18. Rigcheck

    Typhon ARA310904 wheel hex

    well it was bound to happen ive curbed it an rolled it and managed to hit all the hubs. ara310904. Ive proper ruined one of them non available in the uk , is there a replacement make that will do ? thanks for any replies
  19. Typhon....... The other way😁

    Typhon....... The other way😁

    Different wheel configuration.....
  20. M

    Lost reverse on Arrma Typhon 3s

    I increased the punch on my ESC and lost reverse on my Typhon 3s. Help!!