1. hdubb502

    Typhon Typhon 3s v3 / HR Metal Spur Gear

    Hello, The composite spur gear stripped on my new v3 Typhon. I replaced it with another composite, but was wondering if anyone has installed the hot racing spur gear in the Typhon v3? I believe the direct replacement is SATF257. It looks like STFF257N is also compatible but requires four...
  2. _KIP0294 (4).jpg

    _KIP0294 (4).jpg

  3. _KIP0328 (4).jpg

    _KIP0328 (4).jpg

  4. IMG_20201115_112334_872.jpg


  5. Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    So much better (and cheaper?!) than the stock 2HOs
  6. Ivgot2manyRC

    Typhon Winter project. Complete restoration with upgrades

    I got a Used & abused 6s typhon from eBay for 150$ I couldn’t pass it up. With a little TLC and $$$$ I’m gonna have this thing looking like a 2021 v6. Lol 😂 It came with hot racing bulk head covers front and rear :) GKA chassis braces, hot racing motor mount/diff cover that I won’t be using...
  7. jedibabaob

    Typhon Typhon 6S V4 stock diff fluids?

    Hi all, about to refresh the diff fluids and it’s clear that stock F and R is 7000x but depending on which manual I download the c diff shows a value of 100,000 and also 10,000? bit of a difference... any guidance?
  8. Yas

    Typhon New 4x4 MEGA/3S BLX hop ups!

    https://www.arrma-rc.com/products/-/30/1/ARA4306V3/OPT/ALL/ALL I'm not sure if anyone else has seen but there are a lot of 4x4/3S hop ups that are listed on the Arrma website 👆 Upgrades include CNC metal diff gears, steel/plastic CVDs, and best of all, aluminium shock bodies!! What's weird...
  9. KAITvsk Racing

    Typhon What breaks the most with Arrma Typhon 3s?

    What breaks the most what should be bought as a spare? At the moment, the shock is a bit crooked. I've heard that one problem with typhon! Anyone have any suggestions on what to buy in advance?
  10. Typhon V2.jpg

    Typhon V2.jpg

    My Typhon V2 with a custom wing, Tbone bumper and nobby tires is looking great!
  11. PoorInRichfield

    Is a Cheap Radio "Good Enough"?

    Upon receiving my new ARRMA Typhon 3s last week, the first thing I notice was how cheap the included Spektrum SLT3 radio felt. It feels like a cheap plastic toy I might've gotten out of a vending machine at Chuck E. Cheese. Heck, when I went to put the batteries in it, I couldn't get the...
  12. Going Green

    Going Green

    My first Typhon 3s.
  13. Typhon Turned On

    Typhon Turned On

    Retro fitted some lights.
  14. PoorInRichfield

    Replacing All the Red on Typhon 3s

    While I don't dislike the fact that ARRMA is all about the color red, I'd like my Typhon to not look like every other red Typhon. Obviously, to "replace the red", something has to be done with the following: Shell: Clear shell painted choice of color Shocks: Paint top cap? or replace shocks...
  15. Infraction & Typhon

    Infraction & Typhon

    Heading out with my mates for our weekly street bash session with some of my #ARRMAARMY
  16. lycin8008

    Granite Gryphon Build

    I had a hard time choosing which car I wanted, given my agreed upon budget of around $300. I was in between the Granite, Typhon, and Big Rock BLX and was having a real tough time choosing after spending hours looking up videos and reviews. Then I looked at the specs and part trees of all three...
  17. Mmcpherson

    Typhon Typhon 4x4 Mega shock upgrade?

    I bought the new Typhon 4x4 Mega Brushed car for my son and he smashed into something and bent the shock pretty good (I have tried to bend back but it is not gliding smooth.) Is there a simple, inexpensive upgraded set of shock that I can put on this thing? From what I am seeing, the stock...
  18. Grimbles

    Typhon 4s Typhon: Droopy Shock Springs

    Hi all, I've got my Typhon mega upgraded to 4s now (woop). However, with the metal front and rear diffs and yokes, a hardcase 4s battery and 40mm can I am getting a lot of suspension droop and little rebound. Currently have the hot racing aluminium shock bodies with stock 4x4 mega springs and...
  19. 74F35CF4-70B5-4543-8D16-FB5B5730A1E1.jpeg


    Family says hi to newest arrival
  20. O

    [Typhon 6S] HobbyWing Motor Recommendation

    Question: I just burned through a Hobbywing 4985 - 1650kv motor (pics attached). What should I replace it with? No real budget constraints. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Hobbywing 4985, 1650kv Pinion: Original stock 14T Tires: Duratrax Lockup C2...