1. Knightfall

    Typhon My daughter wanted to take slow-motion vids of my Typhon with her phone. This is the result!

    She did really well overall with these shots. I put them together using an app on my own phone. Thought you guys might appreciate this. :cool: Edit: YouTube doesn't seem to like the video file and won't pull a thumbnail, nor allow me to upload and save one. Uploaded the video twice and the...
  2. Knightfall

    Typhon Are the A-Arms on a Typhon V3 Mega the same size as Typhon 3S BLX?

    I bought a Typhon Mega V3 with the intent of using it as a kit to build it up into a 3S. Due to availability and pricing in Canada, I learned it was more feasible to buy a whole 3S RC and swap parts around. Plus the RC that ended up with the brushed setup can be used by my kids. So I chose a Big...
  3. L

    Typhon Pros and Cons of Truggified Typhon

    Question: just purchased a second hand Typhon 6s v5 and was considering Truggifing, Kraton hubs bigger wheels etc. By increasing ground clearance and widening the stance, how much maneuverability am I losing? I have a Talion also, will it drive similar to that or will it keep its“shiftiness”...
  4. DSC_2613.JPG


    Typhon 6s with a
  5. backflips with the Arrma Typhon 6s

    backflips with the Arrma Typhon 6s

    finally learned to backflipped 😂
  6. Full carbon body for my Arrma Typhon 6s V5 LWB

    Full carbon body for my Arrma Typhon 6s V5 LWB

    my friend help with this full carbon body for a Arrma Talion 6s, my first ever Carbon fiber body and not the lastbut it's fits my Typhon to 🤘and it's not Fi...
  7. new body for my ArrmaTyphon 6s LWB

    new body for my ArrmaTyphon 6s LWB

    just did a body swap from the Typhon to this Talion, also a Talion Exb shock tower at front, Talion wing on HD mount, need to trim a little bit, next up is Kraton hubs
  8. ViDiViCi

    Typhon 2018 Typhon 6S V2? (TAZ) Upgrades Ruggification

    Sup! This is my 2018 Typhon 6s. I think it's basically a V2 that was set up for speed runs before I got it. It came with: • An 18T pinion • Limitless white hoons • 15mm hex extenders • A 12-14 LED multi-pattern light kit • RPM front bumper • Rear wheely bar • A really quick Futaba S9372SV...
  9. Arrma Typhon 2021V5 LWB jumping and bashing, let it fly 💪🤘🤘😁😁😁

    Arrma Typhon 2021V5 LWB jumping and bashing, let it fly 💪🤘🤘😁😁😁

  10. RC Curb Flipping

    RC Curb Flipping

    Arrma Typhon Big Rock flipping the curb
  11. G

    Typhon Typhon Durable Differential Options for Down the Road

    Hi all, I figured I'd ask this question now for when I inevitably break my current diffs. What is a durable input and crown gear for bashing in a Typhon. I currently run a castle 1717-1260kv with a 30t pinion and a 46t spur on the stock diffs. Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. G

    Typhon New to RC Typhon 6S Upgrades

    Good afternoon, I got a Typhon 6s about as month ago and enjoyed driving it around for a bit. Unfortunately I found all the upgrades available for these cars and I wasn't able to leave well enough alone. So here is a thread on what I have done to it so far. Parts List Castle 1717 1260kv castle...
  13. M

    Typhon Typhon 550 Mega 4x4

    Hello Everyone! I own a Typhon 550 Mega, which already got some upgrades. Now it`s time for some new and better shock absorbers. Can anyone recommend good ones? I aint sure which one to buy. Greetings Marlon
  14. S

    Brushed motor on new Typhon mega V3 burnt out!!

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Typhon brushed buggy and it seems the motor has already burnt out! I’ve only used it 5 times… Motor started smoking while using it and now it just smells and seems to make grinding noises if you push the buggy along. Is this a common occurrence with these...
  15. R

    My SMC Battery Acting a bit strange

    so my 3s smc graphene extreme v2 battery has seemed to become harder and harder to charge. Now if the battery was 1 to 2 years old then I would round it up to age. Fine whatever. I know a battery will not last forever. However I got this battery in June of 2021. it is a 3 month old battery...
  16. Furious Ferret

    Typhon Typhon 1/5 build

    What would be the best car for Arrma to make? In my opinion an 1/5 Typhon! :cool: Alas Arrma hasn't made one (yet ;))... To get my dream car I have to build it myself. Hopefully it can be a simple build and this tread can be a how-to guide to build one. First the math. What makes a 1/5 car...
  17. M

    Typhon Input Gear Size

    Hello! I own a Typhon 3S 4x4. Today my input gear broke. Now I want to replace it with an steel version, but I´m not sure which size I should buy. Can anyone tell me the lenght of a T13T or 17T so I can compare it to my broke one ? Thanks for your help! Marlon
  18. M

    Typhon Typhon 3S 4x4

    Hello :) Can anyone Tell me how the broken Part on the picture is called? Thanks for your help Best wishes Marlon
  19. M

    Typhon Typhon S3Arrma Typhon 3s 4x4 V3 Brushless Slipper Problem

    Hello! As you can see in the video, my Slipper is damaged. (I think it´s the slipper^^) Is there any way of fixing it, or should I just get a new one ? Greetings from Germany and thanks for your help! Marlon Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ag0v6yppd2hrztj/Typhon.mp4?dl=0
  20. SamVorst

    Typhon Is there a motor mount which will fit bigger pinion than 26t

    Hi, Is there for the Arrma 3s series a motor mount which will fit a pinion bigger than 26t. I barely can get a 26t in it. But want to go with a lower kv motor an bigger pinion! Thanks, Sam