1. R

    Typhon Stock Mega motor alternatives

    The bushing in the shaft end of my ARRMA Mega motor wore out in the first hour of use. ARRMA’s replacing it under warranty, but they’re on backorder until August, so I’m looking into alternative replacements. I’m looking at the Traxxas Titan 550 12T or a mild brushless setup like this Onyx kit...
  2. Saturday Bashing w/ the DJI Mavic Pro drone & the #Typhon

    Saturday Bashing w/ the DJI Mavic Pro drone & the #Typhon

    Today, session I will be doing a little filming with my DJI Mavic Pro drone while doing some Ramp launching with my ARRMA #Typhon
  3. O

    Typhon How Problematic is Heat on the ESC and Motor?

    Here's my build and info: - Arrma Typhon 6S v4 (2019) - Replaced ESC with HobbyWing Max6 - Replaced motor with 4985 SL-1650KV - Replaced tx/rx with DX5C and SR215 - Replaced Servo - Why did I replace everything? Water damage... - Location: Hot, Texas - Experience Level: Built 10+ quadcopters...
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  5. Uplift-RC

    Typhon Maiden run w/ my #ARRMA #3s #Typhon hitting big airs and backflips!

    #ARRMARC #SpectrumRC; #FLBasher; #BashHarder; #BLXPOWER; #TYPHON #3s
  6. ARRMA 3s Typhon Part 1 Ramp Bashing and Backflips

    ARRMA 3s Typhon Part 1 Ramp Bashing and Backflips

    Maiden run w/ my #ARRMA #3s #Typhon hitting big airs and backflips!
  7. E

    Granite Reverse to first delay on my Granite BLX? My friend’s Typhon Mega on 2s doesn’t delay.

    I’ve been driving the hell out of my new Granite 3s BLX and loving it. My friend just got a Typhon Mega brushed running 2s LiPO. I was driving his Typhon and noticed that if I’m in reverse and slam it into forward, there’s no delay and it just slingshots forward. It felt great and snappy, and...
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    Time, for some #Sundayfunday ramp bashing w/ my #3s #Typhon and my #6s #Notorious! Uploading the video now from todays ramp bashing! Stay connected on my Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz058axKQ3wzShJclEW6inA
  9. Uplift-RC

    HELP!!! Spextrum DXC5 w/ the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel Sport Receiver Binding issues

    I was able to bind my #6s #Notorious / #6s #KRATON with SR6100AT receivers along with AVC Technology w/ no problem!! Anyways, for my 3s #Typhon I went with the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel Sport Receiver and would be model # 3 on my DX5C receiver. Instead of a bind plug for the SR315 DSMR 3-Channel...
  10. ARRMA 3s #Typhon

    ARRMA 3s #Typhon

    Installed a set of ARRMA 6s shocks and slammed it to the ground for more aerodynamics! Running a 27t pinion as well so she fly's like a rocket #ARRMAHOF #ARRMAFANSRULE #BLXPOWER
  11. Yas

    Typhon First speed run attempt! Typhon 3S

    First ever speed run attempt and I was pretty stunned with the results 😳 20t 0.8 MOD pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor and Duratrax Bandito tyres all hooked up to a DX5C
  12. Typhon 3s lowered

    Typhon 3s lowered

    Taking this thing out for a first speed run test tomorrow 20t pinion, 4000kv Maverick motor, Duratrax Bandito tyres. Any guesses on speeds?
  13. G

    Typhon Big ESCs... where are you putting them?

    Hello chaps, first post but been a lingering for a while. I have a typhon (originally mega 550 but ive been upgrading the life out of it... i know i could have bought a 6s by now but i enjoy the process and breaking bits too!). Anyways, i have upgraded originally to a hobbywing max 10 with a...
  14. Uplift-RC

    Typhon Looking to extend my 17 mm Hex adapters on my 3s #Typhon for improved stability?

    Just wanted to make sure this is the correct part to extend my axels on my 3s Typhon for improved stability and so I can add a set of Proline MT 2.8 tires on it! Just need to confirm this is the correct part - the - Hot Racing Arrma Nero 17mm Wide Hex w/Serrated Nuts (+5mm) or the 17mm Wide...
  15. E

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3s battery tray

    I recently purchased my first arrma model and already have several lipos most of which are slightly too large to fit in the batter tray (I have 4 of the same model it is around 6 1/4 inches long) and was wondering if anybody knew how to extend the battery tray
  16. JDarby05

    Kraton Kraton 6s axle ripped the front outdrive (normal?)

    Trucks 2 weeks old now. My 6th time taking it out on grass, gravel, and pavement. Nothing serious and the truck hasn’t been higher than a foot or so off the ground. Today 5 minutes into my bash the truck just locked up and wouldn’t move. After going over it I realized the front axle...
  17. S

    Typhon Lost interesting grinding sound

    Hi guys I'm new to RC, I bought myself an Arrma Typhon 3s recently and I really enjoy bashing it about on dusty BMX tracks. Recently I cleaned my car, gave it a good scrub down using some soapy water, WD40 and then dried it off in the Sun (it was a hot day). The vehicle seems to be working...
  18. Got Fatbob

    Talion Talion first run on track 5/17/2020

    Went out this morning to South Florida dirt ovol rc club (South Florida Dirt Oval RC Club 10875 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33446 (561) 376-2660 https://maps.app.goo.gl/kCjcYhex9QyyxnZz5) in west of Delray Beach. The track kind of small for 1/8 scale but i had fun on the road and dirt in...
  19. larrytokes

    Typhon First Day at the Track

    New video up at my igtv. First day of practice laps and racing the Typhon. Forgot to post this bash and blast video from last month. Full sends off the monster ramp!