1. G

    Motor Upgrade recommendations

    I have an Arrma Typhon 3s BLX, I would like to upgrade the motor on it but I do not want to order the wrong size. According to Arrma the stock BLX motor is a 3060 3200kv. Well when I do a search I cant find a motor with the same diameter can, I have found plenty 36 diameter motors but no 30s. I...
  2. K

    Duratrax 3.8 Lockups or Six Packs on Typhon and Kraton, what is your thought or experience?

    I have both a kraton and typhon V3 ordered. I’m building both of them fairly extensively. I’ve had several Erevos over the course of 7 years and I’m switching to Arrma after a lot of research and my disappointment with the Erevo 2.0. Anyway, what is your experience with the Duratrax 3.8 tires...
  3. Walküre

    Typhon 6s time up...

    I did some needed maintainance on my Typhon this weekend. Swapped out every bearing with sealed Fast Eddy bearing kit, diff rebuild with shims and 60K front-300K center-30K rear oil, Hot Racing steering assembly kit and servo arm, wheelie bar and new tires. Huge difference in all aspects of...
  4. B

    Wheelie bar for Typhon 3s

    Can someone please give me the correct part number for the wheelie bar for the Typhon 3s thanks
  5. Cwatson427

    BLX Please help

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and had a quick question if anyone could help. I just recently received my new 3s typhon and I'm noticing there is alot of resistance. What I mean is I'll give it throttle and it slows down pretty quick. It's almost like it had bushings not bearings which I know is...
  6. B

    Broke already

    Had my 3s Typhon out today love this thing about 48 degrees out ran into my foot and broke the front bottom arm and shock on the same side I love the buggy but not to sure about quality. Ok sorry but I had to vent especially since there are no parts to be found anywhere.
  7. Chrizh

    Merry Christmas to me!

  8. bluedeval03

    Typhon hub pins

    What are you folks using for stronger hex hub pins? Stock part# AR713009. I busted one and they are hard to find in stock. Some of the places I have found listed online I call and they don’t actually have them on hand. The ones I need are 2.5mm
  9. 21722749-9246-48B8-858D-8162E12207AD.jpeg


    Murked out!
  10. Dirtnasty92

    Mud guards for Typhon v3

    Looking for mud guards for my Typhon v3
  11. CDAFC018-9C19-466C-9B8D-3622B142F7FD.jpeg


    Newest member, merked out truggified typhon
  12. stuartd

    Typhon and Sweep Road Crushers?

    Could anyone comment on how well (or badly) Sweep Road Crushers would run on a Typhon v3?
  13. stuartd

    Have a Talion. Looking at getting a Typhon or Kraton.

    I've enjoyed bashing my Talion so much that I'm looking to pick up another Arrma. I can get a new Kraton or Typhon, but not both! I'm torn a bit. I originally wanted a Kraton and went for the Talion as I wasn't able to get one at the time. However, now I have the Talion I'm thinking that it and...
  14. S

    Typhon picture gallery

    Show me your pictures and videos of your Typhon with what's done or not done to it. Here is one of my from its 1st 6s all stock bash session at the BMX track
  15. S

    I did it, I purchased an Arrma Typhon!

    I went and purchased my Arrma Typhon yesterday.
  16. S

    I can't decide which 4s LiPo to get

    I can't decide on what 4s battery to get for my Typhon https://www.rcjuice.com/hobbystar-5200mah-14-8v-4s-100c-hardcase-lipo-battery-low-ir.html https://www.rcjuice.com/hobbystar-8000mah-14-8v-4s-100c-lipo-battery.html https://www.smc-racing.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=491
  17. D

    Motor temp

    Hi guys running 6s 16t pinion motor running hot any ideas to lower temps and what temps should I stay under?
  18. bluedeval03

    Finally bought my V3

    Hello fellow Phon'ners.... Finally pulled the plug and bought my first Arrma, now the wait for it to get here blues. I have started to order several of the Hot Racing upgrades front/rear braces, fixed link steering w/servo arm, is it necessary, or as I feel it is, since it going to be in bits...
  19. J

    Typhon steering slop?

    how much steering slop is acceptable? also, does the servo saver setting impact the amount if steering slop? if so, what is the best setting?
  20. arrmatyphon

    Shimming update

    After 6 months of driving the typhon with the max 8 combo and badlands tyres on 6s same set of tyres still nothing shimmed Ive had np at all with anything not even the tyres