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    Murked out!
  2. Dirtnasty92

    Mud guards for Typhon v3

    Looking for mud guards for my Typhon v3
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    Newest member, merked out truggified typhon
  4. stuartd

    Typhon and Sweep Road Crushers?

    Could anyone comment on how well (or badly) Sweep Road Crushers would run on a Typhon v3?
  5. stuartd

    Have a Talion. Looking at getting a Typhon or Kraton.

    I've enjoyed bashing my Talion so much that I'm looking to pick up another Arrma. I can get a new Kraton or Typhon, but not both! I'm torn a bit. I originally wanted a Kraton and went for the Talion as I wasn't able to get one at the time. However, now I have the Talion I'm thinking that it and...
  6. S

    Typhon picture gallery

    Show me your pictures and videos of your Typhon with what's done or not done to it. Here is one of my from its 1st 6s all stock bash session at the BMX track
  7. S

    I did it, I purchased an Arrma Typhon!

    I went and purchased my Arrma Typhon yesterday.
  8. S

    I can't decide which 4s LiPo to get

    I can't decide on what 4s battery to get for my Typhon https://www.rcjuice.com/hobbystar-5200mah-14-8v-4s-100c-hardcase-lipo-battery-low-ir.html https://www.rcjuice.com/hobbystar-8000mah-14-8v-4s-100c-lipo-battery.html https://www.smc-racing.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=491
  9. D

    Motor temp

    Hi guys running 6s 16t pinion motor running hot any ideas to lower temps and what temps should I stay under?
  10. bluedeval03

    Finally bought my V3

    Hello fellow Phon'ners.... Finally pulled the plug and bought my first Arrma, now the wait for it to get here blues. I have started to order several of the Hot Racing upgrades front/rear braces, fixed link steering w/servo arm, is it necessary, or as I feel it is, since it going to be in bits...
  11. J

    Typhon steering slop?

    how much steering slop is acceptable? also, does the servo saver setting impact the amount if steering slop? if so, what is the best setting?
  12. arrmatyphon

    Shimming update

    After 6 months of driving the typhon with the max 8 combo and badlands tyres on 6s same set of tyres still nothing shimmed Ive had np at all with anything not even the tyres
  13. arrmatyphon

    castle or hobbywing

    Hi just wanted to know a bit more about the hobbywing 2200kv vs the castle 2200kv. Hobbywing says its 3000w and castle says it 60k rpm. I have the hobbywing in my typhon but after another motor for a different car. Is there any advantages over both motors like torque, power, rotor size etc or...
  14. rated///m

    Typhon esc fire

    I turned my Typhon on yesterday and was going through pre flight checklist and suddenly my esc started flaming. Any others with this issue? I hadn't even run the car yet so it was cool. Had to throw some dirt on it to put out the flames, I've had a li-po battery explode on me and don't want to...
  15. L

    So I went a little wild on upgrades for my typhon

    So I went a little wild on upgrades for my Typhon this past week (my sons hpi too lol ). I’ve rebuilt and changed diff fluids, (recommended here). Upgraded to aluminum on several parts; center diff cup and mount, chassis braces, reared diff housing,(ordering front tomorrow) wheelie bar, servo...
  16. D

    Typhon traction

    hi just a beginner here my typhon wheel spins on acceleration how can I deliver more power to back wheels? and what are the standard diff oils used?
  17. B

    Jumper Plug getting really hot after 6s run

    I haven’t been on this forum in a while! But I’m back and I have a question. I run a single 6s pack in my Typhon V3 instead of two 3s packs. The jumper plug needed to run the car on one battery gets really really hot! Not melting plastic hot (or at least I don’t know nor do I really want to...
  18. Hypnotoad

    Steering rack bushings

    How do I get these out? When I turn the screw on the bottom of the chassis, they just spin and don't loosen up. Trying to replace all of the bearings in my Typhon.
  19. Piecejointe

    Shock setup for truggified Typhon?

    I'm having a bit of troube getting my truggified Typhon to behave on the track. It seems to bounce around a lot, and small irregularities seem to be a problem. It is on 2.8 trenchers, and has sideguards and tower from an Outcast. Shocks are at the most outside position to make space for the body...
  20. arrmatyphon

    Wheelie problem

    I have the arrma typhon with 2.2 badlands, hobbywing max8 combo 2200kv. and I'm running on 6s 65c. At high speed on 18t pinion the car just wheelies when getting at a higher speed and there is no way I can stop it even adjusted the droop to be a lot less. So I'm not getting my top speed from the...