1. Paul Fulton RC - Arrma Typhon is such a blast.  Check out...

    Paul Fulton RC - Arrma Typhon is such a blast. Check out...

    Arrma Typhon is such a blast. Check out the full video on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/PaulFulton ....#arrma #rc #radiocontrolled #rccar...
  2. Rocketzx1

    Typhon New Typhon 4x4 Mega

    Hey! Have you all seen Arrma drop the introduction of the newest addition to the Arrma lineup? They just announced the Typhon 4x4 Mega 1/8th scale. Webpage say it’ll do 30+ with the brushed motor! That’s pretty quick for a 1/8th buggy on brushed power. All of my rc trucks/cars are brushless...
  3. Rigcheck

    Typhon ARA310904 wheel hex

    well it was bound to happen ive curbed it an rolled it and managed to hit all the hubs. ara310904. Ive proper ruined one of them non available in the uk , is there a replacement make that will do ? thanks for any replies
  4. Typhon....... The other way😁

    Typhon....... The other way😁

    Different wheel configuration.....
  5. M

    Lost reverse on Arrma Typhon 3s

    I increased the punch on my ESC and lost reverse on my Typhon 3s. Help!!
  6. lilzeus

    Typhon Convert 3s slipper to mod1?

    I could swear I've seen this, maybe even by Duperbash, but is there a way to convert the 3s slipper clutch spur/pinion to mod1 pitch? Not having any luck searching. Thanks!
  7. OwensDad

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 3S Battery Recommendations?

    After long deliberations, I decided to go with the Arrma Typhon 3S. I don't know what my problem is, but I can't find many 3S batteries with the IC5 connector. The reviews on what I am finding aren't the best. I'm looking minimum 5000mAh and something larger than a 30C. Where are you folks...
  8. WaxnDabs

    How to install Senton body mounts on a Typhon.

    Hey everyone so I'm looking for a tutorial on how to add some senton body mounts on my typhon but I cant seem to find any tips or videos anywhere. Does anyone have any idea on what exactly I need to do to install them? The mounts came by themselves no screws or pins nothing, I just have the...
  9. A

    Best servo for Arrma Typhon?

    Quite like the look of the £40 URUAV deluxe line lpb1305 for my v4 Typhon. It looks to be a rebranded PowerHD Storm7HD which is double the price... so it looks an outstanding deal on paper. Can I trust the outstanding specs to be accurate though? URUAV LPB1305 Brushless HV Digital waterproof...
  10. Typhon Front Light bar 3

    Typhon Front Light bar 3

    Pic3 of the typhon with the light bar I put on
  11. Typhon From Light bar 2

    Typhon From Light bar 2

    Pic2 of the light bar I put on
  12. Typhon Front Light bar 1

    Typhon Front Light bar 1

    Pic1 of the light bar I put on
  13. Typhon windshield vent

    Typhon windshield vent

    Picture of the initial mesh on the front windshield I cut out of my typhon body
  14. C

    Typhon Replacing transmitter and receiver

    New to the hobby so this might sound dumb... Thinking on getting the arrma typhon 3s from tower hobbies (only them and horizon ship to my country) and it comes with a really cheap spectrum transmitter and receiver. Can i buy a better one and replace it? I know ill need to replace the receiver...
  15. Arrma Kraton 6S, Typhon 6S, Kraton 4S, Senton 6S and a couple more Bash session

    Arrma Kraton 6S, Typhon 6S, Kraton 4S, Senton 6S and a couple more Bash session

    Took a trip over to Wallasey to meet up with traxarrmarc "Jay" for an afternoon bash session, running a few Arrma's, Arrma Kraton 6S, Typhon 6S, Kraton 4S, S...
  16. E

    Typhon V4 GRP advice

    I’m after a set of GRP’s for my Typhon, road racing and not speed runs. Loved them on an XO-1 I had a go with but unsure of compound and they were the 1/5 scale so had the square hub adaptors. Now for my use which compound would you advise? And as I’m not speed running would you go 1/5 with...
  17. E

    Typhon 3s battery question

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is room in the Typhon body to stack 2 3s shortie lipos (the short lipos are thicker than the regular size), anyone know? Thank you!
  18. Doggpoundsmets

    Typhon Shocks on Typhon doesn't bounce back

    He all Yeaterday went out with nu son to bash with our granite an typhon in the loose sand . Had a great morning. 1st time we put the 2s lipo in the granite instead of the nihm and damn that was a change ! A whole lot of more power the thing gets ! The typhon runs on 4s . Back home I...
  19. 673.jpg


  20. Outcastblxnut

    Typhon New receiver in typhon no reverse

    Just put in spektrum s215 in typhon I have a dx5c. It binds fine but has no reverse. Works every once in while. Transmitter set on forward brake reverse and tried to re bind with no luck. I'm stumped?