1. I

    Kraton ARRMA 6S FAMILY TREE?? Does one exist written down?

    As Above really... I'm New to Arrma, and bought a 6s EXB Kraton last year as a way to get back into RC, wanted the 1/5 EXB, but had to be realistic on size and ability/places to run it... (and my own ability to control it!!!) So I've read a fair bit around the Forum, and have seen multiple...
  2. MZA-4x4

    Typhon Typhon Mega v3 throttle/steering issues (newbie)

    Hello All, I just recently bought my 2 sons each a Typhon Mega v3 ($205 from Amazon during XMAX time). I will eventually get into upgrading some stuff (and will no doubt have question to post on here), but right now we're having an issue and I was hoping that some of you on here might be able...
  3. 2WD Arrma Typhon 126mph RC Speed run

    2WD Arrma Typhon 126mph RC Speed run

    I knew there is something wrong with this car because I remember that rattling sound when its rolling. Today I run the car and still send it even with that s...
  4. RedondoBeachRC

    Senton V1 Senton Speedrun Build

    Picked up this burnt V1 for a new build. But really undecided on what to do with it.. maybe a stretched Typhon, 1/10 scale Senton body on it, or GT build?! I’ll take it apart and start cleaning it up in the mean time and see what parts will fit.
  5. Nebula34

    Typhon Mega Body - Looking for Green/ Mega

    Hey All! Well yesterday I got the Christmas present I bought for myself about a month ago :LOL:. TBH my son was so thrilled to give it to me (he thought my wife bought it) that it was worth waiting a month to actually drive it - needless to say it's awesome.. ANYWAY, to the point - would...
  6. D

    Typhon Typhon 6s Version?

    New to these cars and I just purchased a used typhon 6s how can i tell what version it is? Was told it was a v5! But im not sure?
  7. T

    Typhon Typhon 4X4 V3 MEGA $205

    Amazon has ARRMA 1/10 Typhon 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 for $204.99 Brushed Buggy RC Truck RTR (Transmitter, Receiver, NiMH Battery and Charger Included), Green, ARA4206V3 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F9JVSV8/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_1ZJBXCFARD212SAMA1RS
  8. Arrma Typhon 4s (former Kraton 4s)

    Arrma Typhon 4s (former Kraton 4s)

    Arrma Typhon 4s (former Kraton 4s)
  9. Loon_tune

    Typhon Typhon diff fluid after upgrades

    So I've had my typhon v4 for a while now and I've beat the hell out of it. Great car. It's snowing now so i figured it was time to go through it for maintenance. The manual says 7k/10k/7k f/r/c for the diff fluid. My question is, I've overpowered the hell out of this thing. I'm running a 1520...
  10. Wisconsin John


    ARRMA-CUSTOM TYPHON SCORPION (8S-ELECTRONICS) - NEW Specifications: Drivetrain: 4WD (5mm) Shaft Drive FANS: TWIN 40MM TORNADO FANS SET ON MOTOR Final Drive Ratio: .85:1 Ratio with 34 tooth pinion and 29 tooth spur gear) Max Battery Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.8 x 1.5 in. (139 x 46 x 39mm) Motor Size...
  11. H

    Typhon Anyone using gyro?

    Having a Traxxas with gyro and now my Typhon TLR without, I’m wondering if I should get one. What do you guys think? Worth it? Anyone that is running a gyro and what exactly are you running? Regards, Hampus
  12. Moirae

    Typhon Wifey Kraton Wheelie & Typhon SkyRC Gps

    Two quick videos from today. Just got the gopro/skyrc gps and the wheelie bar so we had a bit of fun. Trying to figure out how to get decent footage with gopro has been an adventure as well lol. We're still learning. =D I thought the SkyRC gps was expensive for what it was but boy is it...
  13. BenBigfoot

    Typhon Fastest stock electrics run.

    Back last summer, I ran my typhon on swb, only mods was a spool, and cut rear wing down the rest was just set up, so slammed as low as possible, grp wheels. Managed to hit 98mph with ys blx combo on a turnigy 50c 6s 5000mah (pic included) Whats the best you have had out of box electrics?
  14. 20211020_161644.jpg


    Little rough on-road workout for Typhon before stripping down and rebuilding to something else
  15. pug

    Typhon My Typhon 3s!

    This is my first video with my Typhon!
  16. milehighspeed

    Typhon DIY 32 pitch spool for 3s BLX

    Hey Arrma 3s BLX owners, seen a lot of people asking/looking for 32p spools for the 3s series so I thought I’d share my own. Have reached just short of 80mph with this on stock elecs with 3s and 92mph with 4s and non stock. Easy and cheap to build, just check out the YouTube. Cheers...
  17. H

    Typhon Hobbywing motor + ESC for Typhon TLR

    Hi! So I just got my first Typhon TLR roller and I'm looking for advice on motor and ESC. Where I live (in Sweden) it's fairly easy to get a hold of Hobbywing products. So that's what I'm looking at. Any tips on the best motor and esc combo? I will drive this car sometimes at the track (not...
  18. milehighspeed

    Typhon GRP tires on Blx 3s 75mm vs 85mm

    First post, appreciating all the info on the forum. Wanting to add GRP belted tires to my Typhon 3s V3 but seeing mixed info on whether or not they fit without modifications. Inside diameter of stock wheels is 85mm and things are tight around the tie rods and steering hubs. GRPs list...
  19. Typhon 1:5 with Katar wheels

    Typhon 1:5 with Katar wheels

    Typhon 1:5 (mojave chassis) with Katar wheels and lots of carbon fibre and titanium
  20. Ginglehopper

    Kraton 6s Beefcake 1/10 Kraton Build 💪 3s BLX Platform

    6s Beefcake Kraton 3s BLX Build. 💪 :cool: So I bought @StephenSchandelmayer's 4s Beefcake Bigrock, (6s really) which should be getting here next week, hopefully Tuesday:D. I ordered a Spektrum DX3 Radio for it from Jenny's, getting it today (along with some stickers). I bought a set of Dboots...