6s exb v2 wing mount assistance

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So I have been getting some requests for an updated version of the wingmount on these. I can’t seem to get my hands on one. Does anyone have a broken one or one I can buy off them? Would also need a couple people for testing. Any help is appreciated as always.
I got one if I can find a new one I'd send u split down the center and separated the left and right half
@3d-rc.myshopify.com Has anyone sent you a wing mount yet? I will drop my broken one in the mail tomorrow if you still need it.

I can print TPU and do CAD so we could speed up the prototyping process.
I sent a broken one that was delivered this past Friday. Hopefully, it's in good enough shape to get the measurements needed to create a more durable option. And just as important, an option that's not back ordered!
Horizon hobbys I think wasn't backordered