Typhon all my parts arrived

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Well today is a good day the final peices arrived today.
Fast eddy bearing kit ,New chassis ( ebay ),Durango spring and sway bars f/r ,Front a arms upper lowers , Turnbuckels, front hubs, hub bolts, steering rack all parts, savox 1268sg servo, hub pins , shock rods rebuild kits (all 4 corners ), + some more. Wrecked my typhon a week ago and just now getting enought parts in to rebuild it. $240 later my typhon is almost completely new bout to order carbon fiber towers and front peice under the body mount. Love the typhon spent more on it than i did on valentine's day. don't tell my girl
Happy Birthday to You!!... Super excited for you :D
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Here some pix of the rebuild
And with the final peice i replaced the esc the power switch all got messed up if it moved to the left it would shut down. So being inpatient i when to sheldons hobby in Milpitas and bought a mamba monster x. When i get my two other esc back hobbywing 150a and the max8. Ima do some speed tests with them all for a side by side comparison test to see what the diffrences are the pros and cons.
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