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Howdy folks,
I got into RC as a hobby this year, and picked up a used Typhon Mega for a steal from a guy at the local hobby shop.
The brushed esc ended up being shot, so I threw in a castle motor and hobbywing esc.
I recently got some 6s shocks for it, next up will be some 3s turnbuckles, the toe in on the front is bad and all the links are stupid loose.

I plan on making this one more of a daily basher type, and upgrade it when I break it kind of thing.
Maybe do some light speed stuff with it.


I want to get some 6s Typhons to get more into speed runs. But gotta sell some other cars first.
You absolutely have the right mindset regarding this hobby and that's fantastic!

In the event that you're looking to get down and dirty with your newly acquired Typhon, consider changing the Boost motor mount and driveshaft. A 3s BLX mount, 3s driveshaft w/support , and 3s Slipper Clutch (as well as a 32p pinion) will help to bulk up your ride. If what you're running is working, GREAT! Run it till it breaks like you said. When things do break, Jenny's RC is the place to get parts cheap.
Awesome thank you, yea I was looking into the blx clutch stuff as well. Didn't realize the 3s had a different driveshalf as well. I will add that to my list.

Is there any upgraded chassis for this platform? I broke off part of it, just the part where battery straps goes thru, I was thinking of just epoxying some aluminum on to it so I can attach the strap again.
No upgraded chassis for the 3s line, that's all 6s line stuff. Replacement 3s chassis are cheap as chips and there are ways you can keep the original chassis going. Look at @Velodromed 's threads for Old Yeller for reference.
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