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How has everyone faired with there arrma vehicles? Would you say they're overall a durable rc product? What about warranty when they've broke? Have you been treated fair? I have a granite blx myself and have broke a few things (body posts, diff(2013 blx) bearing holders, servo, and just yesterday my idler gears) arrma has been good so far in just sending me spares and letting me fix it which I think is reasonable. But I'm beginning to wonder if I got a lemon or I just push it to hard? Anyhow I'm sending the truck back to Arrma for them to fix this time and hopefully it'll come back better. All troubles aside this truck as an absolute blast when it's working right I can say that for sure :) what's others experiences been like? Be sure to tell us your model (granite, kraton, fury ect) and what version. (MEGA,BLS,blx)
2014 Granite BLX

I went through wheelie bars and motor guards like no one's business when I first got this thing. It was the middle of a cold Michigan winter so maybe that played a roll? I got sick of replacing them so I built my own rear bumper/wheelie bar and have been fine back there since. Maybe it is my fault for landing on my ass so much? I have also broken two servo saver side steering pins now, both while cart wheeling. IMO those should be stainless and not tempered aluminum. Nothing else more than once and, for what I put this thing through, that seems pretty reasonable. I find a good barometer is to bash with others. How do you hold up compared to them? Mine seems to fall somewhere between above average and the best around. I'm not pointing any fingers, but sometimes broken parts are due to the person driving or maintaining the vehicle.

Warranty wise, I have never been told no by Arrma. I even told them my first steering pin failure caused a crash (kind of true) that broke other parts and they even replaced those. The thing that steams me is the part supply issues. Free parts are great but not when you have to wait months to get them!
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@Dustin Mustangs : are you sure it is a 2014 model?
What is the color of the shock caps?

Indeed many Granite (bigger wheels = more stress on the parts) owners are complaining about these steering pins being made out of aluminum.

Cold temperatures do influence the toughness and flexibility of plastics in a bad way. It becomes more brittle.
Nevertheless I notice some downgrade of quality with the change of production facility of all plastic parts.
I agree for sure about the cold weather affecting the plastics. I'm from ontario and also broke parts last winter lol I've basically come to the realization the ramping is not happening during winter months unless it's on a very small scale. Ive never ever had and issue with tgose puns you speak of up front surprisingly. Ive carwheels many times before at 70+kms and only ever popped a dogbone or broke a hub carrier. I do my best to maintain the truck as far as looking it over often and changing what's broke or going to break. I also check/replace fluids when necessary, make adjustments as needed ect. Not sure how else to maintain it? Anyhow don't wanna get to far off topic. Maybe all the whoopins I've been putting on it are catching up. I think I'm a decent driver but perhaps I'm not as good as I thought :eek:
I wasn't meaning you specifically, @slothkigg. Obviously following the regular maintenance schedule is a big one, but also things like proper slipper clutch setting and braking/reversing technique for those with repeated tranny issues. Or landing technique for those that keep busting up the rear end like me.

And, @Unusual RC, mine has the red plastic caps and its body has the current generation paint job. Pretty sure that is 2014 spec.
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