Senton Best esc for senton 3s


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Ok so I had the hobbywing max10sct but I ran it last night pretty hard by the end of my run and steering was working throttle wasn't so I just thought it was overheated so I let it sit for 45 mins went back to try with a new battery and still no throttle this esc has been overheating every 10-15 mins of running I idk if I burned up the capacitors or something but why would the steering work but no throttle I just saw the hobbywing xr8 sct pro is that one better I have a 3660sl 4600kv hobbywing motor


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Castle Mamba X. I love all my Castle ESC's. So smooth, and generally run cool.

I run the MX in my Granite, and MMX in my Typhon6s and O6S.

Only way to get "better" than a Castle Mamba would be one of the high-end racing ESC's (like Tekin) but those are not waterproof and sometimes don't like big jump bashing.

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