Black Friday HW sale. Max 4, anyone?

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Some good deals, but that Max 4 price is crazy good. My DBXL-E wants that thing so bad, but I just can’t scrape up that kind of scratch right now.
Just do it man!!! You'll love it!! And that's pretty cheap...Mike
Dang man, I wish I could! Might never see a price like that again.
Sucks they aren't listing the og max5... I'll be needing one...
They may on Friday. A lot more to come. They said they’d be having daily deals as well, so keep looking!
If those 2in1 Crawler setups go on sale, I'll add a few of those for future projects. I have the new Max 8 G2 waiting for that updated Talion when it's released.

That is the cheapest you will find a Max4 combo, I bought one last year for the same price. It is too niche of a product to go on supper sale because there is no competition unless you spend wayyyy more on MGM (I don't consider Flier Fires to be a comparable ESC, IMO).
, I bought one last year for the same price.
Turns out I lied, I paid $588. Great warranty when you buy direct! I fried my Max4 on first use and got a foot tall flame out of it, like a piccolo Pete firework. This was due to a set screw backing out of the motor pinion adapter.
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AMain dropped a HW 15% off coupon, this am. That's 15% off all HW, plus a general 10% off coupon, re-useable the rest of the week. Picking up a HW combo for the inbound Big Rock. :)
That's just a funny story of testing a 24t pinion for the first time!!!!! 😂😂😂 Got into squirrel mode and dipped off the road for a second...@ full speed...which I'd guess was fast!!! Came out unharmed somehow??? I thought I had pics, but I was actually surprised on what it went through!!!! Let's just say you Do Not Want to get hit by one of these.... Mike