Kraton Body doesn't fit

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So I bought a used Kraton:

Shocktower was gone, rear wing was gone...

I bought the parts and I assembled it.

The only problem I have is that the body doesn't fit unless I use some rings.
Did I assemble something wrong?


ARRMA Alu Chassis LWB (Black) for Kraton-Talion AR320197.jpg
Since you bought this used, does the chassis still have the front kick-up? Some bone heads straighten this, thinking the bend is from a crash and not supposed to be there.
Did you run it already or did the person send it full of dry grass ? Lol, just kidding.

It looks like it was in a serious crash in the pictures with all the grass. It appears to be bent up pretty good. It doesn't take much to throw off the body post locations.

What about the sway bar in the rear... That looks like it's a little questionable also.

It looks like you purchased a relatively clean Kraton that needed a new rear end. Well... the next few pictures looks like it's all crashed up. Get it all back into shape and look into making a chassis brace. They help to stop the body posts from getting out of spec. A bad crash is another story. That may require new parts or a date with a hammer and a good heavy vice.
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Hahaha, the grass is my job :)
I'm also working on the diffs. Thats why I looks like it has crashed.

The front kick-up seems to be there. When I bought it, it looked like the car had been used as a donor, since there was not a single scratch on the plate....

Well.... since the car works, I will continue to run it and when I meet someone with the same car I can compare them.
Ahhh I see. I would say you bent the rear shock tower back. I did that to mine, it doesn't take much to do. That's why I don't run a wing or a truggy body.


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My lexan is the Parma Grave Digger. It's painted black from the under side with bed liner, then just the top has some bed liner on it. The inside is lined with some gorilla tape. Then I used Pro-Line body screws rather than cotter pins. They seem to do no damage to the body in crashes.....cotter pins sort of rip up a body if you don't put the plastic discs under them. I have a few bodies that are lined with shoe goo and dry wall mesh.....then the real weak areas are coated or filled entirely with hot glue.....I have a Pro-Line body on my Slash that never gives up. Took me a long time to make it what it is. bullet proof. My longest and most time consuming work is in the bodies....they do protect and absorb tremendous impact. I can't stand RC's with exposed upper shocks and shock towers.
Which bed liner product do you use? I'm looking to do a military style body and think that would look sweet. Thanks!
Which bed liner product do you use? I'm looking to do a military style body and think that would look sweet. Thanks!

I've been using Duplicolor bed armor. it goes on best out of a fresh can. Looks weird until it dries. sometimes I'll do the lexan in silver the regular way from the inside. . Then I'll sand the outer lexan real rough. I'll tape the windows with frog tape . Then spray light coats of the bed liner. You have to remove the tape right when the spray liner flashes. Pull the tape away so the bed liner doesn't get on the clear window. It has to dry for about 3 days. If I get road rash and it does scratch all the way through. it looks cool because of the silver under. You can also touch it up if you have to. Just use a bush or spray more on it. Off road.... it never rips all the way through. A long skid on pavement.... it will just start to. This body here gets beat bad. It's all shoe goo under it.... it's the original body on this rig. Good 3-4 years of beating. Stickers will stay on rather well also. You could do OD green right in top of it.... then spray the star on or something.

The entire rear of that body is a solid pour of molten hot glue under where the body posts go. Poored right over the mesh. It never rips apart now. Also... the rear pro-line body screws... I converted them to a low profile type of screw. So nothing can sheer them clean off.
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Well, i mesured the length between the shock towers and in my Kraton it's approx. 38,6 cm
I wonder if thats different compared to other Kratons

Oops, wrong picture


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