Notorious Burgandy 2.3

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This young fella scored a 6s NOTO for his 11th birfday today …
I think he’s pretty excited!!!!!
+7 dad points !!!!

I’ve been called a lot of things !
“Good dad” is my favorite!
Appreciate that !
I started him out with a 4s lipo (included in said birfday gifts) so as to keep the throttle somewhat limited until he gets some practice.
As a lot of you know I have 3 sons .
They can be rather pricey.
I’ve worked my butt off to #1 show them solid work ethic .
But I also tell them every bday and or Christmas not to get use to “gifts”
As one day Dad may not be able to shower you with freakin $600- $3000 “gifts” !!!!
But until that day ….
Let’s have some fun!!!
I gotta give this NOTO props as it has exceeded my expectations.
Middle Man runs it on 4s and it has plenty of chitnget.
The amount of carnage this thing has taken is impressive!!!!!
It’s definitely a different handling rig due to the shorter wheelbase.
But i bet lil Burgandy 2.3 has landed that NOTO on its lid from 25ft approximately 259 times and just yesterday evening finally broke the wing mount !
I wish I would have got one for myself now!!!!
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