First full weekend with the Fazon :)

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So Christmas day on 2nd run and I broke a Front Out Drive UV joint. Got a set of HD's and slapped them in..

Fast forward to this weekend and I gotta say I love it! I got probably 8 runs in with 4 on 6s and 4 on 4s. This booger is just fun. It was all back yard bashing and such. I did take to the the field where I race my drones and there was some serious bashing fun there as well...

I was extremely worried about durability after breaking it on only the 2nd run. So far so good though! I did raise the body up a bit and it now will wheelie on 4s. My Fazon's body didn't appreciate that.. oh well, they don't stay looking brand new for long...

Love this things... And it is the best looking MT in RC!
Sweet. My first weekend also. I was just trying to put some runs on it, break it in.
It really is a fun rig!!
Sweet. My first weekend also. I was just trying to put some runs on it, break it in.
It really is a fun rig!!
I learned a LOT about this rig when I got it. My Nero is brainless because I wanted to avoid issues and I don't drift or climb. I learned after breaking a few pins with center locked that esp on pavement - not to hammer the throttle popping wheelies. Ive since got a jar of pins lol. I also was lucky that Tower had a typo in the initial Fazon tech notes. They said that the Fazon gets the same HD UJs as the Big Rock along with the HD Shocks. SO I got it 559$ with my 100$ off. Well it only came with the 12mm UJs - which I never had any issues with as the Nero was brainless / blast mode full time. Well Tower sent me 6 packs of UJs on the house - enough for my Nero too!.

With the SRC Terrain Crushers - the truck handles razor sharp and with center locked it will approach 55mph with the stock pinion. With the Backflips - its unstoppable in snow , rain, wet such, wet grass, etc. I remember lifting it up a bit as i found it too low off road and I have jumped this thing twice and leave the Kraton and Nero for the jump ramps. This thing flew 40ft directly at me it was going so fast....ahhh have the clip...Its after I jump the Kraton a few times .... 2 perspectives...

Top is Gopro4 Chestcam Bottom is 1st person GoPro5 4k



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