Big Rock Got my first Arrma Nero bigrock

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After messing with the shocks again i changed the front shocks orings because of the excessive leaking. Noticed the stock fluid was not 2k but 3k so i had to open all the shocks again.. decided to go to 1.4mm pisyons with 3k fluis and now this thing feels so good. Not too stiff not too soft just perfect. Running kraton 6s front springs on all 4.

I also 3d printed spring perches like the hobao ones but for thr shaved nero rods i did. I didnt think i could make it work but it did. So no more pulling the shock shafts side ways and no more limiting travel.

And for the last mod the skid plate mod not the cleanest work i have gained almost rhe double in suspension travel. I had to untread to 3.6mm each the push rods. I have now summit like ground clearence and suspension agility. Planning on running 3s when crawling.

Presentation video coming soon!
@MrTitanium i did my first test run. I was planning to run for an hour or so but on the way to spot where i ussualy run i lost an extender pin. At first i though it was the clutch that loosened. Put it back togueter then 5mins into the run i smashed into a tree because i didnt see it because of another tree. Hit the brakes but it was too late.

Broke two rod ends and bent one turnbuckle. It took me 1 hour ti get the threads started even with a vice grip in the field. The new rod ends are now 1-2mm thicker. It was getting dark 1 min into the run after fixing it i lose the hex pin on the crashed side. Gave up and went home.

What i have noticed is it is not really drivable all diff unlocked. The wheelie bar is set way too low even at is highest point. I have been thinking putting 1M diff fluid in the center or 500k. Im pretty sure the diff is going to leak a little bit . I hope not too much or my diff brain locking mech might get stuck.
Suspension works amazing i was able to see it work like a charm for the 5mins i was able to run it. I had to lower the truck a lot front and rear is almost fully unthreaded. Because it was jacked up so high and the suspension wasnt working right
i had my first real run with my big rock. I did record for 40mins. Crashed a lot of time because of how the nose is heavy and the brakes were set way too strong. So far i have broken 3 rod ends. I landed on one wheel tons of cartwheels and other than those rods now replaced with bigger ones. One of the wires on my rear diff brain was cut by the axle. Other than that no damage. Only the body gets me worried. After adjusting the punch and the brakes it became great to drive still lacking power to correct in the air. Went crazy on my last pack on drifting and high speed jumps. My old second pair of hrb puffed a tiny bit and flattened once cool. Might have to upgrade the electronics in the future or be more gentle with it.
i had my first real run with my big rock. I did record for 40mins. Crashed a lot of time because of how the nose is heavy...

Yes, they are.

I've bounced more than a few off their nose, lol.
Are you running the stock electronics?
With my built BR, o hell no, lol.
It has a Neu & Max6. I had to lift the esc up to clear.

I run/ran both. Modified & stock.
Always nose heavy. Heck, it's an ex wife weight heavy rig, lol.
The stickers are amazing. I asked the seller if he could change the shade of colour to be more accurate to the originals(way too warm). He told me he was going to change them and send them to me that was in early mai or june i believe. I don't think im ever getting them to be honest. Shipping also went from 1$ to 10$. So from 25$cad to a wopping 40$cad if i want to get the same stickers without any shade correction. Should have just got the same set.
Screenshot_20230801-012115_Samsung Internet.jpg

Other than that the nero has been doing pretty good. I take it out every now and then. It still very nose heavy and i nose dived once last time i took it out. Cracked the front of the body. Still dealing with probody warranty after 3 months so my original body has to be used.
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After driving it for a while i have learned some thing about suspension tunning. I previously had 1.4mm pistons with 3k fluid. Terrible setup? Bigger shock pistons bottom put a lot easier than smaller pistons. Decided to go back with 1.2mm like all the arrmas 6s have. Settled with 100wt because 2000cst was too stiff. Running krayon v5 rears in the rear and kratons fronts in the front. And now its feels like how arrma would have tuned it out of the box. And i can drop it from 3 feet high and not bottoming out! I did run it with the fireteam front springs in the front and it helped against the nose dives i have been complaining about so far. I think that is a thing in the pass for both issues now. I like the HCG chassis and how it handles. Arrma needs to make an hobao mtx style truck
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