Kraton Kraton 6S vs Kraton EXB

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A lot of the reviews from what I read say that the EXB was definately better than v4 Kraton 6S. But now that the newer v5 is out, I'm wondering how the EXB version and v5 version compare. Is it more of a sidegrade, or is it still an upgrade? I heard a lot of the improvements that were done in the EXB were also done in v5.

Also, wondering if a lot of the problems that I see in review on Amazon were ever sorted out, like with the "diffs".

Also, wondering if anyone could make a few recommendations for what parts I should fill it out with. I'm in no rush because the EXB is currently on sale for $470 on Amazon, and it was just $380 a few days ago, so I'll probably wait for a price drop before actually getting it. Until then I'm trying to do research, and make sure it's the car I want to buy, as well as get a better idea of what parts I want to fill it out with.

  • NEEDED TO COMPLETE: Transmitter and Receiver, Steering Servo, Electronic Speed Controller, Motor, Batteries (1 or 2)
Also wondering where is a good place to pick up these kinds of parts, I am aware of Jennys RC, but nowhere else really.

My use case is I just like to drive it around my back yard. I don't do jumps or try to push it too hard, because I don't want to break them. I had a $100 granite voltage that I used for a few months before a few things broke, and the cost to fix them would have made it probably cheaper to just buy a whole new voltage. So, I'm hoping by spending a bit more up front, this thing lasts longer, and when I have to spend $50 to fix it, I won't feel like I'm spending half the amount to just buy a whole new car.
It really depends on if you want to pick all the electronics yourself to save money not having to replace all the stock stuff in the future or if you are fine with the stock power setup. The stock Kraton powertrain is plenty fast enough in stock trim on 6s. I did eventually swap out the servo almost a year later. The EXB comes with a 7075 chassis that I hear is only marginally stronger than the 6061. M2C 7075 seems to be stronger. The open vs limited slip diff is open for debate, some like them others don't. I'm sure others will list the other differences chassis braces, stand offs, bumpers ect. but those other little upgrades would probably be changed out in the future for parts better than the Arrma pieces so that was not a deciding factor for me. If you are not going to go crazy with it the V5 should fit your needs. If you really like to tinker and have to have more power a better servo and a more featured radio the EXB might be up your alley.
Given your use case I would just grab the stock BLX RTR, shim the diffs, check the fluids and screws and run it.

Unless you want to put your own electrics for whatever reason, the stock motor and ESC is plenty powerful. The servo might last a few runs or it might last several years, run it till it dies then upgrade. Then in general just upgrade anything you break with regularity.

I don't see a lot of value in the EXB range. The chassis and other metal upgrades are low grade aluminium that I would end up replacing with m2c at some point anyway. The diffs might be nicer but seems they have their own issues. As you are just running around your yard and not jumping, I would save some coin and get the BLX.
I run my Kraton 6s RTR a lot like you plan to do, but I upgraded my Kraton 6s V5 gradually because of personal preference, not need. I replaced the stock servo right away: it's too slow and weak for my liking. I bought EXB shock towers from Jenny's RC, and I replaced the plastic chassis braces with Hot Racing aluminum (I don't like the look of the EXB braces). After a couple of months, I replaced the stock motor and ESC with a Castle MMX 8s and 1650kv motor system. I did a lot more for my Kraton over a three-month period, but there are too many other mods to list here. Find my build thread in the link below.

Look at the last post for the current list of mods.
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