Looking for a enigine/ESC combo...

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I have this combo from Hobbyking in my stepdaughter's Granite. It works quite well. They do have other variations with different motors bother higher and lower KV. If you order one, make sure you get the suggested programming box with it. Acceleration is set to low out of the box and just felt......weird. I've got it on the medium setting right now and her Granite will wheelie all day long.

I've strapped my cell phone to it with a GPS app running and it does 38mph on stock gearing. A little over 60kph, I think.

I know it's not quite the same as your Mojave, but here's a few videos of how it behaves in her Granite on 2S. Grass, dirt and pavement. In that last video, I'm the one driving. This was still when the acceleration was set to low on the ESC. If you jump to 5:15 on that one, there's a pretty nasty durability test of the Granite.

@WoodiE :I have looked all over the interweb already...And was looking for some input...o_O
As I am pretty weak at making a decision at the moment...:oops:

@wraith0078 :Mmm...Thx for the tip...I suspect I will go with a little higher KV rating...But it looks good, now lets see if they have it in the EU warehouse...;)

Thx for the input...Anybody else with some?...:)
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