Motor Replaced - Now This (Part Verification Needed)

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So, we got my son's '14 Fury running again. Took it outside for a test run and all was good. Mom and Son packed it up and went to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving break. Today, I received this picture. I am hoping someone can verify the broken part so I can get it and replace it when I catch up with them later this week.

Without the truck right in front of me, I figure it to be AR320203 Chassis Plate. Is that correct? If so I will go with the Aluminum replacement I can get on Amazon for $10.

At first I thought it was the bumper (AR320333), but he said the whole front suspension wiggles.

Are there any other parts that may of be concern here?
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Thanks WoodiE! Since it's the week of giving thanks - Thanks for all you do here. It's an amazing site!

Hmmm, the more I look at that picture, there's a crack in the body in the top left, and it looks like a screw is backing out in the lower right. Looks like I missed a heckuva crash :)
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After an in-person assessment, it wasn't just the lower chassis. Looks like the shock mounts and a few other pieces. :-(

The Fury is parked for the holiday weekend.

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Thanks for the photo. I am getting the aluminium lower front plate asap to prevent the same damage. When my kids are driving the Fury the kerbs and the trees like to jump in front of the car.:D:D:D
Thanks for the photo. I am getting the aluminium lower front plate asap to prevent the same damage. When my kids are driving the Fury the kerbs and the trees like to jump in front of the car.:D:D:D

I definitely recommend getting the aluminum upgrade. From what I can tell its just the shock tower set (AR330303) and is around $8 on Amazon with prime shipping.

I arrived today with the aluminum lower chassis set in hand, but quickly realized that alone wasn't going to fix it when I found the front end was only held on by the body and clips. The chassis is sitting in the box in 2 pieces. I will have the rest of the parts Saturday.

I will say that I believe this is the result of repeated hits to the front, not a single hit. The ~$10 cost for the upgrade would be well worth it and probably would have prevented this.
Here's another "It's the first time I'm dismantling the Fury" question.

I decided to take this opportunity to put in an aluminum front shock brace from STRC. I figure a little extra support won't be a bad thing, plus it looks nice.

It should arrive Tuesday, along with the other front end parts I need. Does this brace replace anything on the front end? Or is it just an additional piece?
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Got the 2013 model one and went to the lhs to return it. They don't have the 2014 model. Will order online and wait for it to arrive.
Finally got it back together. Planning to put it through its paces this weekend.

The hardest part was getting the steering parts all lined up and holding them in their places while getting the upper and lower chassis parts together. For me, putting the upper piece on first, and aligning the bottom was easier. So, I had to take it apart again to do that.

Live and learn.
Looks good. Still waiting for mine. It looks like the Australia post is working with horses and carriages (Slow deliveries)
That must have been quite a crash, or indeed several hits with a solid object! o_O

Indeed the 2011 and 2013 models came default with a aluminium plate (and side plates).

But especially concerning the front shock brace: a tougher material like aluminium does not necessarily mean that the vehicle gets more sturdy.

The Arrma Fury design is different from other brand SCT's, especially if you look at the front and rear shock tower.
Arrma's versions are one or the most complex to dismantle and assemble of any SCT RC. You found that out yourself already ;)

There is a good reason: the "tubular" design out of tough plastic is purposely designed to withstand the most severe impact!
The same reason there is no standard front suspension brace (which there is on the rear shock tower).
This way the top suspension connections can bend and absorb the crash.
Downside of this is slightly worse handling both for th suspension as steering.

But even a diamond can break, as being the toughest material known to mankind.

The aluminium bottom front plate will add sturdyness.

And by the way, is this the MEGA or BLS version?
It is a Mega. I sort of figured the shock tower brace would be more for show, especially in our application. I just figured I had it apart and decided to get one while I was buying parts.

A few runs after getting it back together the servo stripped out. I put in an ADS-7. So it is now a mega with a couple of upgrades and a bling piece. :)

I also bought some shoe goo and fiberglass sheetrock tape to reinforce the body- with special attention to the cracked areas.

The first thing I did on my younger son's Christmas present was swap out that lower chassis plate.
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