Nero diff brain upgrade

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I picked up a nero at my lhs and it came with free diff brain upgrade! I could not resist i had to have it. So i am installing the smart diff upgrade, has anyone done this yet? I have the rear in and wires routed properly i think, the front is a bit trickier. The instructions show the esc out, i cannot tell if they are supposed to go under the mounting plate or on top, the driveshaft runs under it so i am thinking it is a bad place to put loose wires. Is the esc just taped in or are there screws someplace to remove it? I broke the wires on one of the tiny servos on the back so i am waiting to install center locker until i can secure a new servo, hopefully tomorrow when lhs opens or i hear from arrma about a replacement. Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks
Thank you, i just finished watching one of them when i seen your reply. All set now i was waiting to do center beacuse i broke one of the servo wires off test fitting it. Just ordered new one off tower should be here wendsday, when i got motor and all out i seen clips for front servo wire... and in video i also seen reciver mounted diffrently and brain all makes sense now. The instructions arrma supplies need to be better and this would have been much easier.
well ...thanks...but most of the thanks should go to....Tp-Parts channel...

if you check his other's easy to see...he's the NERO master at this time...
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