Big Rock Nero tire replacement

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Arrma RC's
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So yesterday both of my front tires finally died, all the foam in them just went flying during hard pulls, and I'm looking for a replacement. After some searching I found these Louise MT-Pioneer belted tires, which are cheaper and more readily available then PL Trenchers. However, these tires are A LOT bigger then the stock DBOOTS (170x106mm vs 165x87mm). Do you guys know whether this will have a very big impact on the steering D/R? the Nero isn't very maneuverable as is. I also wandered if I have to change gearing when running these bigger tires, and if so, to which pinion gear?
I would stay away from belted tyres,puts too much stress on the drivetrain, I had 6s backflips on my Nero and loved them 👍
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