new custom nero

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just joking around


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Actually looks pretty good, joke or not. Also I have been asking everyone I see with none stock wheels and tires, what wheels are tires are you running and how do you like them?
these are the big oversized trenchers from proline. good traction but balloon beyond belief. it its upside down they balloon enough to flip the truck back over. I have also a et of sweep terrain crushers I use on hard surfaces,looking to get a set of duratrax next. most good aftermarket tires work well on most terrains I have found, I don't race only bash or race the friends and family in back yard course.
I have a review of the Duratrax Six Packs in the tire wheels section, and someone just commented on some Duratrax Road tires. Please read that prior to spending the $$$$
There is still hope. If the Zip Ties or Braid, do what I hope, then these are some seriously huge grippy tires.
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