Mojave New Mojave Owner - Battery Question

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Excited new Mojave owner!

Tried looking up info on running 2 - 3s batteries but couldn't seem to fit my usual 3s batteries stacked. The little plastic holder that slides up and down seems to be stopping me. Can I just remove this? Or are most running a single 6s battery? Already can tell by the handling this is going to be one of my favorite cars.

Also can anyone recommend any mud guards to keep the grass out? 1st run grass stopped up my esc fan and would like to keep as much out as possible. Going to make a custom cover but wondering if there's a solid option.



You can remove the battery slider but I’d recommend single 6S packs. It’s basically an off-road infraction, enjoy 😊

Several options on a debris screen and I run notorious front mudguards and typhon rear mudguards on mine.
I've only ever run 6S big boys. Dual batteries have a tendency of going out of balance. Single packs are easier to maintain over time. Spektrum, Zeee, and Gens.

P.s. That battery thing pops right off. I never used it because I couldn't get the dang thing to stay on.
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When I stack two 8000mah CNHL lipo’s I take the plastic holder off. When running two 8000mah GensAc3 lipo’s it will just fit (those are a bit smaller but longer).

As for mudguards: Scorched inner fenders👍
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