Newbie Question About Rear Bearing Hub Carrier

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For Christmas, I got my son and I a Granite BLX and Raider XL BLX, after reading lots of review about how great these RCs are (especially the Granite). We aren't completely new to RC cars, as we've had a bit of experience with my brother in law's Nero and Senton.

We took the cars out for their first run to a local baseball field. No ramps or ugly terrain. We just were driving them around the in and out fields. Being the first runs with these cars, we were honestly operating them in a very conservative fashion. Some cart wheeling, but nothing crazy, nor particularly fast. Before each car had even drained its first battery, they had both suffered the same fate of a damaged Rear Hub Carrier. The ball stud that holds the camber rod had ripped right out of the right rear hub carrier (see pictures below - notice the "tear" mark). And the fact that this happened on BOTH cars makes me think this could be a defective part. In both cases, they were damaged while flipping due to a sharp turn. That was yesterday.

This afternoon, we went to a hobby shop that had replacement parts on hand. My son and I replace the parts and headed back out to a field with short grass. Within just a few minutes, the exact same thing happened, on my Granite, but this time on the left side. And again, no craziness with driving.

Any ideas what might be going on? I've not given anywhere *close* to the abuse I've seen stock Granites take in the bashing sessions posted online. I know I could buy some upgraded rear hub carriers, but it really seems like the stock parts shouldn't break so easily. Is this just to be expected?

Thanks so much for taking a little time to help out this newbie and his son.


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Awesome. Thanks so much @ajdragon. I'm ordering the longer ball studs and some lock nuts right now. And since I've got a little credit with Tower, I'm going to take it a step further and get the Aluminum rear hub carriers as well. Can't afford to upgrade everything on my Granite, but this seems like a worthwhile upgrade. Thanks again.
Hey. You will be very happy with the team strc upgraded carrier hubs. Before I installed these I could not even get through a battery without that ball stud ripping out. After receiving and installing the aluminum ones I have not had an issue yet and have been thrashing on the truck pretty hard. 100 percent worth it, much more enjoyable not having to stop every 5 minutes to search for dogbone and put ball stud back in. Also I should note I'm still using the stock ball studs
Thanks, @intenseumd . Glad to hear it's working well for you. I got the hub carriers yesterday, and my son and I installed them in our cars. Well put them to the test today (hopefully). FWIW, Arrma has been really solid with their customer service and willingness to send replacement parts.

I lost a dogbone at one point (due to the ball stud ripping out), and bought a replacement at a local hobby shop, based on what the manual says (part number AR310401). But, it appears the manual has the wrong part number. AR310401 is an 80mm dog bone. But the Granite needs an 83mm dog bone (I believe part number AR310402). But I had no idea the information in the manual was wrong until the dog bone slipped out while running the car. It slipped out and tore up the right rear stub axle (AR310400). So, now I needed a replacement for that, and Arrma said they'd be happy to send it out. After doing some research, it looks like the 2016 manual for the Granite BLX was simply not updated to show that new 83mm dog bone part number. I think the part number was for the 2013 series of the Granite BLX.
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