1. J

    Can you run a 3s on stock electronics?

    My son has a brushed granite and he lost the battery. I tried one on my 3s 30c lipos from my crawler on it (yes i moved the jumper for LiPo). It runs fine at part throttle but after 5sec or less at full it shuts down. LiPo monitor never alarms and shows full voltage? Any answers. Can you run a...
  2. CofNailz

    Granite Granite Wheel Hexes

    I'm ordering my wife's birthday present this Fri. and she was asking me about wheels. Which would give her more wheel options, leaving them 14mm or switching to 17mm hexes? And if the latter, any recommendations on some good ones?
  3. X

    Big Rock GPMRacing - Wheel Driveshafts

    It looks like GPM has a new CVD wheel driveshaft option for the Granite and BigRock. To the best of my knowledge, the only previous option was the HR version which has mixed reviews and is NOT a cheap option. Here are the new GPM options, I couldn't find these in the US: Big Rock...
  4. N

    Granite Arrma Granite TRUCK ROLL HOOP???

    Hi, has anyone fitted the Outcast 4S roll hoop set to a Granite body? This would be the part:
  5. dtg668.jpg


    I suppose I should put a battery in it and see if it works.
  6. dfg668.jpg


  7. dgt677.jpg


  8. dgt7768.jpg


  9. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

  10. AimlessRC

    Granite Truggied Granite

    With a LOT of help from you guys... finally figured out a good setup for asphalt, concrete parks, and clay tracks. Lowered the whole truck an inch and a half by running the front solid spacers on the rear shocks, the fat clips on the front, and skinny clips on the back. Made the truck pretty...
  11. tincho2019

    Granite install brushless motor

    Hello friends, I am still not clear about the meaning of the KV in engines That is why I wanted to ask those who know: which engine is better for the senton mega 4X4? Which car will be faster? goolrc BL3660-3300KV "ESC 120A". goolrc BL3650-5200KV "ESC 60A". Thanks for the help and your...
  12. 72' Chevy Granite

    72' Chevy Granite

    In progress.
  13. Arrma Profile1.JPG

    Arrma Profile1.JPG

    Love how my #Granite BLX 3s just rips through the grass and dirt with these stock Arrma tires like warm butter! I am still trying to get to use to my BLX on a 3s Dynamite 5000Mah 11.1v battery! WOW, is she fast.
  14. D

    Senton Help to decide

    Hello everyone. I had Slash 4x4 VXL 3s Platinum for a long time, but I decided to sell it and try Arrma production (By reading AMAZING reviews). I have several models in my mind and I cannot decide which one should I buy: SENTON BXL 3S GRANITE BXL 3S KRATON 4S The RC will be used only for...
  15. L.N.MIKE

    Granite Do you need to break in brushed motor

    Might be a stupid question but I have only had brushless motors. I just got my wife a arrma granted voltage today for her birthday. Somewhere I had seen before that you have to break in brushed motors and not brushless. I am wondering do I need to break in the brushed motor on the voltage and...
  16. Arrma Granite 4x4 Truck Bowl Bashing Session at Largo Skate Park

    Arrma Granite 4x4 Truck Bowl Bashing Session at Largo Skate Park

    7/19 Please bear with me on this video since it was my first time ever with this truck enjoying the Bowl they have and having a lot of fun at the Skate Park!
  17. Arrma Granite BLX

    Arrma Granite BLX

    List of parts JLB 3670 2500kv motor Hobbywing Max 10 120 amp with cap pack and XT90's Hobbywing heatsink and fan Jx Ecoboost CLS6322HV 21 KG servo Hot Racing adjustable motor plate 18T for bashing and 20T speed Rubber Sealed bearings TrackStar big bore shocks and ZD racing big bore in the rear (Temp
  18. Uz3r

    Big Rock Looking to buy my first RC Car - Arrma Kraton 4S, Granite 3S or Big Rock 3S

    Hi All, Im new hear - I hope I am posting in the right forum! I have no experience with RC cars but my Dad recently purchased an Arrma Typhon 3S. I had a play with it and fell in LOVE so I want to buy my own RC Car! I've done research and decided I want an Arrma 4x4 truck/truggy and so have...
  19. FLSharkvictim

    Granite Running my Granite on a Dynamite 3s battery & WOW!!!

    This is what happens when you run a 3s Dynamite 5000mAh battery and open this truck up on a High School parking lot!! lol 🚩🚩🚩🚩 It literally ripped the bloody threads right off my stock tire! Yikes, this truck is super fast when you're ripping it up on a 3s batt!! Anyways, what kind of tired do...
  20. bicketybam

    Granite Why your motor module might not fit back on

    I ran into this issue a few days ago and it really had me scratching my head. I had to replace my slipper hubs because I over tightened the slipper clutch and broke one of the halves. After I replaced the hubs I couldn't get the motor module to fully seat back into the truck. After an hour of...