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  1. thef91gundam

    Arrma Granite Voltage only steering response and no throttle.

    So while i was waiting for a rear tower for my kraton to arrive, i decided to have fun on my lil brother's granite voltage under the rain. Suddenly it doesn't have steering response but that's impossible because i change the servo with a aftermarket 20kg servo €35 (original was useless). I...
  2. Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    Anyone have tire recos for the granite 4x4?

    I run it mostly on pavement and am also thinking about installing a brushless motor. So basically, I’m going for speed
  3. davetron22

    Ads-7m servo in granite 4x4

    This is my first post. I am new to rc and just figuring things out on the fly. I recently had what I figured to be a servo issue on my granite 4x4 (turned left but wouldn't go right, turning right only brought the wheels straight, neutral had the wheels left). I tried rebinding everything in...
  4. bicketybam

    Granite earned its wings today

    I spent the day driving from park to park trying to find a place to run my Kraton. All of the parks around me are flatter than Florida. It sucks. The BMX track was packed with kids (can't wait for school to start!). One park had a skate park in it that was so tiny it was sad. I feel bad for...
  5. D

    Voltage Granite trouble..

    Ok my granite voltage pretty much stopped running, if I pick it up the wheels begin to turn. I have taken it apart and all the gears and differential are still good. There seems to be a rattling noise when I try to run it and noticed the ESC seems to be vibrating. I am relatively new to the RC...
  6. LuBuDW6

    Granite Voltage New Rims

    Hello All, I've got some new rims
  7. bicketybam

    Brushless Granite 4x4 Speed Run

    Mods: Castle Mamba-X ESC Castle 1410-3800Kv brushless sensored motor Arrma 32P 57T spur Arrma 32P 17T pinion Lectron Pro 3s LiPo 5200mAh 50C Rear diff input shaft mod Upgraded steering servo Proline Trenchers Spektrum DX3 transmitter and receiver I set the steering dual rate to -50% to help...
  8. larrys4227

    Mega Senton/Granite MEGA Hybrid

    I already have a Senton MEGA as well as some other Arrma products. I recently picked up another Senton MEGA for dirt cheap. It was busted and the guy was frustrated, so I took it off his hands. I converted it to a Granite MEGA .... basically bumpers/mounts/body mounts/Tires/Body. It has the...
  9. Vitostatus

    Changing gearbox?

    So I've been doing everything I can to keep my granite and senton 4x4's running. I have a problem finding spurs that fit the gear box. Have the axial 60t steel spur it's been good just chewing pinions. I want to find a good setup and nothing else has worked if I could find a motor mount that is...
  10. zoldos

    Voltage Granite Voltage upgrades?

    I thought about replacing the stock motor with an official Arrma "Mega" 550 brushed version. It doesn't appear to come with this. Would it make a difference? And it is easy to install? What pinion should I use? Thanks!
  11. bicketybam

    Tire Suggestions

    Lost a wheel yesterday and the nut that holds it on is gone. Since I have to make the trip to my LHS, I was wondering what would be a good tire for running in dirt and short grass? I have a feeling the stock tires are going to blow up soon and I want to be ready when they do. Thanks! -Ed-
  12. Stack15

    4x4 Grainte 4x4 Replacement Rear Shocks

    So one of my new grainte 4x4s came with a rear shock that is leaking oil. I called Arrma and they said they’d send parts for a replacement. Those haven’t come yet and I am getting a little impatient. I was going to order an assembled kit myself but can’t find one. The closest is a kit for the...
  13. H

    What battery should I use for Granite 4x4?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Granite 4x4. The clerk at the store had recommended this one for a new commer like myself. I have no experience at all with RC cars and just want some helpful advice/tips. The clerk also said that it would be best if I change the stock 2400mAh 8.4V NiMh...
  14. bicketybam

    4x4 My First Electric- Arrma Granite 4x4

    What's up, people. I am a new to electric Granite owner. All I've ever run in the past is nitro and it's been 6 years since I've run them. When I dug my stuff out of storage I was only able to get my Losi Muggy to run. Seeing that support and parts for it aren't readily available I decided to...
  15. R

    Arrma granite not turning when going forward

    My arrma is not turning left or right when going forward or standing. But turning automatically when going backwards. What can I do?
  16. ptr1ck

    Mega Granite Mega 4x4 Body Options

    My Granite has been taking a beating from my lack of jumping skills. The body is busting out on the back end and I need a replacement. I like the look of the stock bodies but thought of going aftermarket. Does anyone know if the Granite Voltage body will fit on the Mega? Also, please post up...
  17. 82A29980-2F44-4594-B238-39CA2014995B


    Purchased one Granite in early April. Have added a few more since. Had to clean the garage to give them their own space. Love it!
  18. S

    Mega esc bind to new trasmitter

    Need help binding my granite voltage that comes stock with a 3 in 1 esc, to a new flysky remote. Thanks in advance
  19. KrampusKillz503

    Granite 4x4 BL upgrade

    Hey guys, new to RC here. Recently got a arrma granite 4x4 and love it. However my motor just gave out so I'm looking to convert to brushless.y question is, I've been looking at motors and ESC's and I read the Tacon motors are pretty good for the price. However I was speaking to a seller on...
  20. Thumper01

    The Granite Voltage: RC's Greatest Mixed Bag!

    My idea for this thread is to try to bring together all of the Arrma Granite Voltage owners and try to form some sort of consensus regarding this vehicle. The wide range of ownership experience with this truck so far is staggering. It doesn't seem that the Fazon Voltage has had the same variety...