1. R

    Granite Granite upgrade to 4s!! Help!!

    Hello everyone hope you are all well! I want to turn my arrma granite 3s into 4s anyone know of any parts I could use in order to allow the entire Vehicle to handle 4s Power? I need to upgrade the motor, speed controller, wheels and drive shafts! can Anyone think of anything else I should...
  2. R

    Granite Help what battery should I use for my granite 3s blx

    Does anyone know what mah battery I should use in my granite because I don’t want a battery that is too big or too small also I don’t want to spend over £30 or 37$! Any help is appreciated thank you!!!
  3. R

    Granite Help!! Differential question any help wanted

    Hey everyone does anyone know if the Kraton and outcast 4s diffs will fit into the granite 3s because I’m hoping that the 4s diffs will last longer! Any help wanted thanks!!!
  4. Adamjr

    Granite Overheating or battery running out?

    Just picked up my first Arrma, a second hand Granite and am loving it! One thing is confusing me though, in the paper manual I got it states the ESC will flash RED if it overheats, but the online manual says it will flash GREEN on overheat? Can someone tell me which one is correct? Got some good...
  5. Gregorinho26

    Granite My Granite Mega 4x4 Build

    I have had my Granite Mega 4x4 for about a year now. Decided to get this one as an entry level rig for my 6 year old son and I to play with in the yard. We have had a blast with it, even though it is not super fast. The thing is built like a tank! My son has driven it very hard, smashing...
  6. B

    Granite BLX Proline Silverado

    My son is 8 and this was his birthday present. He wanted a new body since his was eat up to the point most of it was missing. This is how it turned out, it’s my first one. I bought a Kraton today for me and it’s already torn apart down to the frame. I broke the bumper and a knuckle on its second...
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    Bash Bros
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  9. E

    Granite Reverse to first delay on my Granite BLX? My friend’s Typhon Mega on 2s doesn’t delay.

    I’ve been driving the hell out of my new Granite 3s BLX and loving it. My friend just got a Typhon Mega brushed running 2s LiPO. I was driving his Typhon and noticed that if I’m in reverse and slam it into forward, there’s no delay and it just slingshots forward. It felt great and snappy, and...
  10. timinater

    Timinater’s Granite 4x4 Build

    Might be a stretch to call this a “Build Log” but I will track the additions and changes I’ve made to my humble Granite 4x4. Bone stock: Here’s what I’ve done so far: 17t Pinion added, stock pinion above it Painted my sidewall lettering: how to thread here Built a little storage shelf...
  11. Double back flips! - Granite BLX 3s (unedited)

    Double back flips! - Granite BLX 3s (unedited)

    A nice series of jumps including my first double back flips. Single unedited shot. The ramp is made from cardboard & gorilla tape.
  12. ArrmaGraniteState603

    Granite Throttle End Point Error Granite 3S BLX With Flysky RX\TX

    Hey Guys. Got the Flysky GT3 RX\TX combo. Tried resetting throttle end points, it beeps after I set nuetral and full throttle but when I put it in reverse and try to set it it doesn't beep. What am I doing wrong and also should I reset any other settings with new TX\RX Setup. Thanks!
  13. Gregorinho26

    Help with Diff Oil

    Hi All. Can someone please suggest the best suited differential oil for regular maintenance on the plastic diffs on my Granite Mega 4x4. I am still running the stock 12T brushed motor and 14T pinion. 2S lipo battery. I am looking for a balanced oil....not too thick, not too thin. Thanks.
  14. ArrmaGraniteState603

    Broken Motor Shaft bearing caused friction inside motor housing, is my motor salvageable?

    Granite 3S BLX Bearing at the end of the motor shaft inside the motor housing broke today, causing the shaft magnet thing to rub all over the inside of the almost circuit board looking material that it’s supposed to spin around. I’ve got most of this black soot off the shaft itself but...
  15. ailwynj

    Granite General radio help

    Hi all, Taken delivery of my Granite and had ordered a GT5 trans and receiver to come with it, swapping out the STX2 straight away out of the box. I have set the neutral/full throttle and full brake as per the manual. ESC settings are out of the box... I am finding that if the vehicle is...
  16. Don Keyballs

    Granite Granite 3s rear drive shafts keeps breaking

    Hello all, Do any of you fine people know why my rear drive shafts keep breaking at the hubs? I have broken three at the universal joint once on the left Rear side and now twice on the right rear side. I purchased a new set of stock shafts to replace the original ones. Also contacted HH, they...
  17. E

    Granite Stopping wheelies / Keeping Granite BLX front wheels on the ground

    I’m looking at buying either a Granite 4x4 3s BLX or a Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX. I like the looks of the Granite better but in all the videos I see online, it’s a wheelie monster. I prefer to drive fast in turns and keep the front wheels down, which is why I was considering a Big Rock instead for...
  18. J

    Granite Is the BRCC or Granite as capable as a TMaxx?

    Hey guys I'm wanting to make a move to electric- and away from Traxxas. I've owned a T Maxx and a nitro slash for a while. I really want to pull the trigger and get an electric Monster truck to bash as hard as I did my t Maxx. However I am concerned about the capabilities of these newer...
  19. V

    Granite Arrma granite mega upgrade options

    I want to upgrade from brushed to brushless motor and ESC any suggestions?
  20. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?