1. Wooden ramp II: Return of the double back flip

    Wooden ramp II: Return of the double back flip

    Couldn't do a double back flip with my first wooden ramp. So I made it a bit steeper for version 2
  2. Wooden ramp for the Arrma Granite

    Wooden ramp for the Arrma Granite

    Finally built a proper wooden ramp for my Arrma Granite
  3. ARRMA Granite 3S - Flipping Around the Ramp

    ARRMA Granite 3S - Flipping Around the Ramp

    Granite BLX - Flipping all day long.
  4. marshy22

    Typhon 3s drivetrain gone tight after crash

    Hey, I’ve just had 2nd blast with new typhon 3s and hit a curb straight on not overly quick and bumper took the hit and show no sign of damage but now it feels like all the gears/drive train have gone tight. Only gave it quick test after crash but soon as you back off throttle Is slows the car...
  5. B

    Granite Arrma Granite BLX wheel keeps falling off

    Hi Everyone, I purchased the Arrma Granite BLX 4x4 at the beginning of the month after a long (30 yr) hiatus from RC cars. It's been a great hobby to get back into during the pandemic and it also doesn't hurt that I'm using my own money instead of begging mom and dad for parts like back in the...
  6. Edough13

    Granite Fun Friday bashing around my property

    Smashing the Granite around on a smokey Friday afternoon. #ARRMATOUGH only cracked an A arm on that nasty cartwheel hauling A$$. Click the 👍 and subscribe for more videos, thanks guys!!
  7. S

    Granite MEGA 550 stops after 10mins use

    Hi all, 2nd new boy question. With fully charged batteries. 2400 and 5000mha NiMh on my brushed mega granite. Within 10minuets of use. I get the red flashing led, which I think is an over heating esc. Would that be right? What options are suggested to increase the runtime ? Thanks Mark
  8. IMG_20200820_184113946.jpg


    Granite reppin ARRMA FORUM and with some new stickers
  9. W

    Granite Granite Leaky Shocks Quick Fix

    Hi, I bought my granite couple of months ago and like lots of people my shocks leak. So I found a quick and simple fix that's worked for me which is to put some plumbers tape around the thread and so far I'm happy to say no more leaks. Anyway just thought I'd post it in case it's helps others.
  10. Resu

    Granite Granite new look

    Just wanted to share my new Granite body my brother painted for me: I've never used it yet for bashing, do not want to destroy it :giggle:
  11. J

    Granite Where Can I Find a Single Shock Replacement for my Granite BLX

    I don't want the whole set of shocks, just one for the left rear? Is there anywhere I can get that?
  12. B

    Granite Dented capacitor on esc battery leads after bench collision

    So was driving my granite 4x4 blx at a skatepark and jumped into the bottom of a concrete bench crushing the top of the body, motor fan and denting one of the capacitors on the battery lead coming out of the esc. Is the capacitor neccessary to replace? It still seemed to run fine as I didn't...
  13. TheDad904

    The Weirdo

    So I've been a bit busy, bashing, fixing, repeating, etc. Currently waiting on my Hot Racing rear shock bodies. Bought a new body, Red/Black, creased the roof within 10min, said F that, gonna keep it aside for lights, mods, etc. Took my beat up Red/Blue body and turned it into "The Weirdo"...
  14. Upgraded o-rings for 3S shocks

    Upgraded o-rings for 3S shocks

    Upgraded o-rings for 3S shocks
  15. wanderer.77

    Granite T-Bone XV6 Front Bumper Mega installation

    Just wanna share with you guys my impressions with XV6 bumper on my granite..I just followed their instruction here on their youtube channel: T-Bone XV6 installation and no problems at all..installation about 30 minutes. I read lots of complaints and scary experiences here, maybe I was just...
  16. Granite 3s Upgraded Double Backflip

    Granite 3s Upgraded Double Backflip

    Upgraded my Granite 4x4 to 3s capable. Dropped in a 7500mah 50c 3s battery for this double back flip. Ruining a 17t pinion with the stock spur, upgraded serv...
  17. Edough13

    Granite Some short video bashing my Granite

    Just some short videos bashing my Granite around our property. Video credit to my kids 😂
  18. Wiiiiide granite!

    Wiiiiide granite!

    Granite Mega/BLX with Typhon 3s suspension arms & composite links.