1. A

    4S Granite/Typhon Hybrid Build

    Hey all. I’ve almost finished collecting all the parts for this custom ground up build which are listed below. My one concern for a weak point running 4s is the plastic 3s driveshafts and the differential gears and outdrives that I’ve mentioned problems with in another thread. Would I be able to...
  2. F

    Granite Granite 3s BLX Overheating help please

    So I just got a Granite 3s BLX. It's my first Arrma. I have a TowerHobbies 30c 5000mah lipo with an ec5 connector. On my first run with the truck yesterday, I was pushing it for about 6-8 minutes, then it stopped. I could turn the wheels, but I couldn't move forward or back. I thought the...
  3. Bullfrog1287

    Charlene's done...for now.

    Thanks to me not leaving well enough alone and the fine folks here, Charlene is done (for now.) She started as a Granite Mega and now sports a 3s BLX system, HD inputs, upgraded servo, 15t pinion, and 4s slipper assembly, all tied in with a BLX aluminum motor mount, with a 4s Outcast wing to...
  4. Bmay

    Granite mega diff grease question

    Got some 3s (and 4s) parts for my granite mega from JennysRc Does anybody know I can add this grease to the outside of the new diffs?
  5. Concordeacr

    Granite Motor pinion break on 4s

    Hi member, I just like to know if others members have break stock motor pinion (15t) with the Arrma steel spur gear(4s)? My plan is to install Robinson Racing15T extra hard. (#8715). I run my granite in 4S 3665 motor 3500 kv and blx185 (punch set at level 2) I broke 3 pinions in 4 months
  6. SupraNik1910

    Granite Aftermarket Shocks

    Hey everyone, Got another question for y'all. My left shock bent and i don't wanna bend it so im just gonna invest in a new set. I was shopping around and saw the "Big Bore" shocks for the Senton, will those fit on my Granite?
  7. 2040 RC - ARRMA Granite 4x4 BLX 3s: insane jumps @ Oreste del Buono skatepark

    2040 RC - ARRMA Granite 4x4 BLX 3s: insane jumps @ Oreste del Buono skatepark

    Our Arrma Granite at its finest: you will never see a stunt show like this again!!! 😎😜
  8. Spady

    Granite First couple upgrades for Arrma Granite?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to forum. I have a arrma granite 550, what's first couple of upgrades to do first. Thanks.
  9. BassAndBeer

    Granite What Did I Do Wrong?

    First and foremost, thank you to the guys that make this forum possible. I just joined today, after searching for answers regarding my newly purchased 3S BLX Granite. I picked it up today and I’ve tried running it a few times, but I’m having a problem with the truck losing power. It’s bone...
  10. T

    Granite Upgrading ESC on Son’s Granite Voltage

    Looking for some help. My son saved up money and bought his first r/c truck. It is a Granite Voltage 2W drive with brushed motor. A couple weeks after light use it appeared the ESC went bad. Spoke with Horizon Hobby (which they were very responsive) and they upgraded us to the following...
  11. suchtragedy

    I did a dumb, got any suggestions?

    Hey so there I was working on my Granite BLX adding 3s Typhon arms and I am on the home stretch doing the last rear arm when I do a dumb and put the 40mm hinge pin in the 63mm hinge pin hole by mistake. Well that thing is stuck in there and I can't get it out. I've tried prying with a small...
  12. G

    Granite Granite 3S BLX & T-Bone TBR XV6 Front Bumper

    Hello! I’m new to the forum and I appreciate all this great information. Has anyone installed the newer version of T-Bone’s TBR XV6 front bumper (with the aluminum hinge pin cover) on their Granite 3S BLX? Their install video is not updated and they have been non-responsive to my e-mails. With...
  13. S

    Granite Ordered Granite BLX - excited!

    Hey, I used to mess about with a Tamiya Cosworth about 20 years ago and decided to get my son (6) into RC cars to relive a bit of my youth and avoid questions from the wife ;) I purchased the Granite 4x4 BLX which is like a joint Xmas present for my son and me. I have a 3S and a 2S battery -...
  14. C

    Granite Any decent shock upgrades for the granite 3s 4x4 blx?

    I have the granite and obviously the shocks leak, just wondering if anybody know any better shocks that will fit ? Thankyou, it's the 4x4 3s blx model btw .
  15. Bash day...

    Bash day...

    Skate park and no damage..!!, obviously I'm not doing it right...🤣🤣🤣
  16. Granite..🤔


    Well is it or isn't it..😎
  17. Cr3pitus

    Granite Keep 3s Granite Stock?

    So my wife picked out a 3s Granite as her first RC and has been loving it. I finally drove it a bit and wow I knew it was a good value based off reviews but I didn't realize how rad that little thing is! Aside from the steering which seems reeeeeally slow to me even after swapping in my stock...
  18. C

    Granite Indestructible granite blx 4x4 body?

    Anyone know where or if you can get an indestructible granite body from ?
  19. CptnPewPew

    Granite Help with gearing. 3s Conversion

    Ok, so far I recently upgraded my brushed motor granite to a brushless system with a 3652 hobbywing motor and a 10BL60 ESC. I also replaced the input gear with the hybrid metal/plastic 13T one and the diff hearing with the 37T I think. I just recently started running a 3S battery for the first...
  20. C

    Granite Help what part is this?

    Had my granite out for the first time today and it was pretty wet and muddy and I come home and take the shell off and notice that what I believe is the drive shaft has cracked, i only noticed when I'd finished the run so it could have happened at any time during that run but it was all running...