1. G

    Granite Granite 3S BLX & T-Bone TBR XV6 Front Bumper

    Hello! I’m new to the forum and I appreciate all this great information. Has anyone installed the newer version of T-Bone’s TBR XV6 front bumper (with the aluminum hinge pin cover) on their Granite 3S BLX? Their install video is not updated and they have been non-responsive to my e-mails. With...
  2. S

    Granite Ordered Granite BLX - excited!

    Hey, I used to mess about with a Tamiya Cosworth about 20 years ago and decided to get my son (6) into RC cars to relive a bit of my youth and avoid questions from the wife ;) I purchased the Granite 4x4 BLX which is like a joint Xmas present for my son and me. I have a 3S and a 2S battery -...
  3. C

    Granite Any decent shock upgrades for the granite 3s 4x4 blx?

    I have the granite and obviously the shocks leak, just wondering if anybody know any better shocks that will fit ? Thankyou, it's the 4x4 3s blx model btw .
  4. Bash day...

    Bash day...

    Skate park and no damage..!!, obviously I'm not doing it right...🤣🤣🤣
  5. Granite..🤔


    Well is it or isn't it..😎
  6. Cr3pitus

    Granite Keep 3s Granite Stock?

    So my wife picked out a 3s Granite as her first RC and has been loving it. I finally drove it a bit and wow I knew it was a good value based off reviews but I didn't realize how rad that little thing is! Aside from the steering which seems reeeeeally slow to me even after swapping in my stock...
  7. C

    Granite Indestructible granite blx 4x4 body?

    Anyone know where or if you can get an indestructible granite body from ?
  8. CptnPewPew

    Granite Help with gearing. 3s Conversion

    Ok, so far I recently upgraded my brushed motor granite to a brushless system with a 3652 hobbywing motor and a 10BL60 ESC. I also replaced the input gear with the hybrid metal/plastic 13T one and the diff hearing with the 37T I think. I just recently started running a 3S battery for the first...
  9. C

    Granite Help what part is this?

    Had my granite out for the first time today and it was pretty wet and muddy and I come home and take the shell off and notice that what I believe is the drive shaft has cracked, i only noticed when I'd finished the run so it could have happened at any time during that run but it was all running...
  10. O

    Granite Dust Cover for Granite BLX

    Hello, Tried my Granite in a gravel pit. Alot of fun, but the car was filled with gravel afterwards. Does anyone know of any dustcover that fits the Granite blx?
  11. sldnx01

    Granite Granite mega servo upgrade and saver

    After a year of totally rebuilding my mega 10 min into a new lipo, it landed awkward on a front corner. Took apart the traxxas servo I had upgraded to, broken teeth on all gears. I need a recommendation on a metal geared servo and which or how does a servo saver work in the granite mega?
  12. Crispybakon0616

    Sticker bomb

    I'm bored with the looks of my granite. I want to sticker bomb the body until I can afford to get a new one to paint myself. Anyone know of anywhere that I can get random stickers for free/extremely cheap?
  13. Crispybakon0616

    Granite Are there any good dual sport tires for my Granite?

    I do a lot of both on and off road driving. But mostly on road with the occasional romp through grass and dirt. Anyone know of some good dual sport tire?
  14. davetron22

    Granite Mega w/ Castle 4600kv motor on 3s

    Any recommendations on precautions, or must have upgrades, for my truck to handle the Venom 30c 7000mah 3s battery I just purchased? I have a 5kg servo, castle motor fan, upgraded aluminum shocks and am running a 17t pinion. Wondering about speed bearing for drive shaft and are there other...
  15. Uplift-RC

    Granite Speed Run on my 100% stock #GRANITE #BLX 3s #4X4 Truck

    I ran it on a Dynamite 3s 5000maH 11.1V 50c Lipo and was able to get 76KM which is almost 45.5MPH! That's not to bad especially if I run it on a better road vs the wet road I used in front of my house for this run. I bet I can hit 80KM for my next run. Also, make sure you stay connected w/ me on...
  16. J

    Can you run a 3s on stock electronics?

    My son has a brushed granite and he lost the battery. I tried one on my 3s 30c lipos from my crawler on it (yes i moved the jumper for LiPo). It runs fine at part throttle but after 5sec or less at full it shuts down. LiPo monitor never alarms and shows full voltage? Any answers. Can you run a...
  17. CofNailz

    Granite Granite Wheel Hexes

    I'm ordering my wife's birthday present this Fri. and she was asking me about wheels. Which would give her more wheel options, leaving them 14mm or switching to 17mm hexes? And if the latter, any recommendations on some good ones?
  18. X

    Big Rock GPMRacing - Wheel Driveshafts

    It looks like GPM has a new CVD wheel driveshaft option for the Granite and BigRock. To the best of my knowledge, the only previous option was the HR version which has mixed reviews and is NOT a cheap option. Here are the new GPM options, I couldn't find these in the US: Big Rock...
  19. N

    Granite Arrma Granite TRUCK ROLL HOOP???

    Hi, has anyone fitted the Outcast 4S roll hoop set to a Granite body? This would be the part:
  20. dtg668.jpg


    I suppose I should put a battery in it and see if it works.