1. R

    Granite Granite wheels comes off when operating

    Hi there We get about 1 battery worth of run out of our Arrma Granite before a wheel inevitably comes rolling off. It appears the tiny screw inside the drive shaft that holds the wheel axle in place unthreads itself repeatedly. Does anyone else have this problem and how can it be fixed?
  2. R

    Granite Need help finding a 25 tooth servo saver

    Hey guys i currently have a granite 4x4 blx v3 and i recently broke my servo apparently 23 tooth servo upgrades are next to impossible to find ,so then i found a 25 tooth servo, another issue is the now i need a 25t servo saver and i can't find any in CANADA i found this one but it loooks like...
  3. B

    Granite Granite 4x4 Gearing (Spur Gear Swap Needed?)

    I've seen similar posts, but not exactly the info I am looking for (maybe I missed it). I am converting my Granite 4x4 Mega V3 to brushless... using ARRMA BLX100 ESC, GoolRC 3660 3800KV motor and 2s lipo... I know I need a new pinion for the 5mm shaft and plan on going with a 17t. My question...
  4. Rasburry

    Internal body support

    Anyone have a good fix for supporting the body of a Granite or Big Rock internally? I've seen somewhere someone had an internal frame. After so many roof landings the body split in half on my BR and flattened out on my Granite. I ziptied the BR back together, and it actually looks kinda cool...
  5. wcndave

    Granite Lipo 2S Burning out Mega 550 12T Brushed Motor?

    My son has the Arrma granite 4x4 brushed. Stock NiMH runs out quite quickly, so we got 2 spektrum 5000 2S LiPos. He ran it for too long I think on first day, (as he now has 13,300 mAh instead of 3,300...) and there was a definite smell. However it kept on running after that, and I explained...
  6. E

    Granite Arrma Granite ESC blinking red

    I just got an Arrma Granite and on the first run the car suddenly stopped and i noticed the ESC was blinking red. I had been using it for about 15 mins and assumed the battery just died. This is my first Arrma and on my Traxxas cars they don't suddenly stop when the battery dies since they are...
  7. D

    Granite Servo Horn / Servo Saver for BLX 4x4?

    Hey everyone! Getting my nephew an RC car for Christmas turned into also getting one for myself and my brother. My brother and nephew have Granite 4x4 BLX 3S in both colors, and I have a Typhon 4x4 BLX 3S. They all share a lot of parts, which is great for when things break, as we can share many...
  8. Big_Granite_Rock

    Granite Street tires for granite 3s

    What is the best street tires for the Granite 3S. I'm looking to have the standard set for dirt and this set for asphalt.
  9. WhatsApp Image 2021-01-04 at 07.39.12 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-01-04 at 07.39.12 (1).jpeg

    Arrma Granite 4X4 3S BLX V3 after running in mud
  10. davetron22

    Battery Quality, Best Choice

    All my lipo batteries, both 2s and 3s, are venom batteries. I'm wondering if that's a good choice? They work great and have been durable but I'm wondering if I'm paying for the name so to speak? I jump my vehicles constantly and run them hard. Also does the c rating really matter? My 100c...
  11. stiles

    Bashing in michigan

    Got about 6 inches of snow yesterday so I went out and shoveled a nice little path so I can keep practicing. Been jumping it pretty good in 30 degree weather and no breaks yet. Well besides the wheelie bar.
  12. stiles

    How do you strap your batteries in?

    I’ve been having problems. I think I need to fill the cavity with foam becouse I’ve cracked 2 hard cases and today the balance wire broke becouse I faced the the wires to the outside of the body and must have hit the side panel in a crash. I don’t want them on the other side becouse I’m afraid...
  13. davetron22

    Granite Granite Blx V3 trouble out of the box

    Fresh out of the box 3s Granite Blx V3. It has never been ran. When pushing it i hear this GRINDING SOUND. I pulled off the motor and spur section and inspected the spur/pinion gear mesh..... looks good. When spinning both tires it feels skittish, like chunky if that makes sense, even with...
  14. stiles

    Learning backflips with my son

    My son has a rustler and just doesn’t cut it for him anymore. I let him use the granite blx and he’s hooked. He started hitting backflips the first day. So now he wants one hahaha
  15. Fun_in_the_sun???


    Arrma in the Keys!!!
  16. RCBro80

    Kraton Odd ESC compatibility question?

    Not sure if this has ever been asked or ever been considered, but here goes. Yesterday I got the flashing green light of doom on my V4 Kraton's BLX185 ESC (I assume that's what it is... 4 flashes, no throttle). Quick search suggests "ESC is either receiving to high/low voltage or is stuck in...
  17. Snowy Winter Bashing - Notorious & Granite (ft Savage)

    Snowy Winter Bashing - Notorious & Granite (ft Savage)

  18. jfox00

    Granite Arrama Granite 3s BLX chassis Replacement Question

    Hi team - First post! I was showing my son how to do a double backflip with his truck off a homemade jump...and the truck literally snapped in half. He was so glad I did it, and not him, because he's responsible for partial payment for parts he breaks :-). Keeps him from driving it too...
  19. Philistine

    Do aluminium central drive shafts exist?

    Hey all, Ive got a new granite blx and Im having a recurring issue with tiny stones getting stuck between the central drive shaft and the plasttic bit that locks in the power module etc. As the drive shaft spins over the course of a run, the stone strips the plastic on the shaft like a lathe...
  20. Typical Siberian Bashing - ARRMA Notorious & Granite With Snow and Ramp

    Typical Siberian Bashing - ARRMA Notorious & Granite With Snow and Ramp