1. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND DFW - Granite 3s Hobbywing Max10 SCT, 5000mah 3s lipo, extra body, spare parts

    Album $220 cash or zelle only, pick up in Lewisville TX. It needs receiver, transmitter, battery charger. Selling to fun rock crawler build. Arrma granite 4x4 brushless with more than $250 in upgrades. -Hobbywing EZRun MAX10 SCT Sensorless Brushless ESC/3660SL Motor Combo (3200kV) -Hot...
  2. L

    Big Rock Motors, Amps, KV, help please!

    Hello all, So to sum this up, I've been trying to make a very over powered big rock for a while now. I started with a TP 4050 2830kv D wind on 4s. It had a ton of power, but overheated too quickly, and really heated up the esc as well. I then tried an old Castle 1515 2200kv on 4s with a 24...
  3. R

    Granite Granite 550 Mega - leaning rear end

    Ran a search and viewed several of the tutorial videos, but can’t seem to figure this out. I apologize first if this has already been answered! The rear end of my Granite seems to be leaning at the control arm. It doesn’t seem to be related to the shims of the shocks, but maybe I have to play...
  4. P0SEID0N2025

    Granite Will the new differentials from the 4S cars fit the 3s cars?

    I keep killing the rear diff plastic gears on my granite and i want to upgrade to metal. I'm wondering if the new gears from the 4s cars will fit when they arrive in stores. I want to do that because its easier to buy the entire differential complete and drop it in. Also the complete metal diff...
  5. BronkoRC

    Granite Screw in the rear differential

    Hey folks, today i made a shocking discovery in my rear diff. The Granite BLX v3 is brand new (only 6 Lipo-packs in). After a quick run on a sand/gras mix surface it started to sound pretty bad. Like a stripped gear or sand in the gears. I stopped driving immediatly to prevent more damage. The...
  6. Vaultman

    Tires for Granite

    Planning on buying some tires for my son's Granite 4x4. It is the MEGA brushed version, and we have upgraded to a brushless motor. Our main uses are off-road (grass / gravel / dirt), and not a lot of jumping (if any... yet). This is NOT a skate park rig! Anyway wanting to get some wheels /...
  7. Rcbasher123

    Looking for tires for granite

    My stock granite tires ballon a lot making driving at high hard and there showing alot of wear for two week old tire im think about getting proline badlands mx28 belted tire any suggestions ?
  8. J

    Granite Granite mega/mst mx1 tire hex sizes?

    I have a granite mega v3 that I've converted to brushless and blew out a rear tire (after alot of abuse, donuts and pavement driving/ I only run it on 2s) .But they are still pretty soft tires so I'd rather try something different. I seen a few people on here recommended mst mx1 tires so I...
  9. TN-RC

    For Sale Kraton 8S EXB parts and Granite Bumper wheelie bar

    Granite front and rear bumpers and wheelie bar. ARA320613 ARA320605 ARAC3444 ARA320609 ARAC9260 $21+shipping Arrma 1/5 Kraton EXB Parts "New" For all of the parts it is the price + shipping. (I'll pay PayPal fee) If you don't see what you need just ask, not all my 1/5 parts are listed...
  10. P0SEID0N2025

    Granite Wires turning weird colors

    So i have my granite with 4s spektrum stuff in it. I recently sent it in mud n stuff but now the wires have turned this weird blueish gray color. Does anyone know why? And if its bad or fine?
  11. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND Mega 4x4 Granite Brushless Conversion Kit - Hobbywing Max10 SCT Motor, ESC, Spur+Slipper, Wheelie Bar, Motor Mount, Pinion

    I had 2 Granites, gave one away so I no longer need this. I already put this same setup in my other granite and it's working great. These parts convert Mega 4x4 Granite to brushless. Should run on 3s 5000mah. I will NOT be selling things separately, only sold as a complete kit. Everything is...
  12. kevykev

    Senton Granite to senton conversion

    Hello all! Hopefully this is the right place but I’m picking up a v2 granite “roller” tomorrow and wanted to convert it to a senton. I have a big rock and Tlr Typhon already and really been stuck on wanting a stadium truck lol. I know I need the lwb chassis and that’s in my cart on Jenny’s...
  13. ARRMA Granite 3S BLX - Little Cutie Basher

    ARRMA Granite 3S BLX - Little Cutie Basher

    Granite has not been with us for a long time, but the memory of him is always alive and will live :) A small king of all ramps from the first rink (at the very beginning of the video) and to the heyday of strength on the Badlands MX2.8 at the end.
  14. C

    Granite blx100 esc cutting out

    Today my Granite started reacting poorly to the throttle control. It was only working for a split second then five seconds dead. Then another jerk. I calibrated the throttle. Now it works a little better but still cuts out a lot. When it cuts out the red ESC light is illuminated for 2-3 seconds...
  15. Luckyboots420

    Hey where to plug blalace plug

    Hi hoping this is an easy question I have a S150 spektrum charger I bought with my arrma granite. It came with a smart battery. Well a friend of mine gave me a battery with a balance port problem is the plug on the battery has 3 prongs and the charger has 5 prongs
  16. archer

    Granite 3S BLX Build - 'Berta style.

    Hey, So I picked up my granite just before Christmas and have been tinkering with it since. Here it is when fairly new, first thing I did was broke the stupid rubber body clip retainer (fixed with green zip tie as pictured) You can sort of tell it's sitting a little wonky here, first trip out...
  17. E

    Robitronic 60a Esc burnout

    So i was driving my bl converted arrma granite mega and after i load the second battery in and drive for a little it made a swish kind of sound i immediately unplugged it and the esc had burned out, its got a arrma 4 pole 3800kv bl motor and a 60amp 3s esc a 100 amp esc is recommended for this...
  18. Mallerdaller

    Big Rock New 3s line?

    Hi there. Does anyone know if arrma will be releasing new 3s models soon? I am considering buying a BigRock 3s. But if there is a new model coming in 1-3 months it might be a stupid idea?
  19. S

    Granite Shock tuning after installing longer (Typhon) arms on Granite

    I swapped my Granite over to Typhon arms and turnbuckles all around, and the performance improvement is fantastic! Totally solved the traction roll problem at high speed on grass. I am wondering if I need to do anything in terms of shock tuning (oil weight, spacers, maybe drill a different hole...
  20. LudeNation

    Diff. Rebuild Stand for all Arrma 3s platforms.

    Printed using a Creality Ender 3 at draft quality/0.28mm 20%infill