1. J

    Granite Arrma Granite input gear stripped.

    Hello Forum members! I'm a new Arrma driver. Got a Granite Mega 4x4 brushed as a present. Upgraded to a Hobbywing Max10 G2 80A esc with a Hobbywing 3652 3300kv sensored motor. 3S BLX slipperclutch assembly and Bashing PRO 6800Mah 120c 3S. Stripped my rear input gear (see greasy picture below...
  2. J

    Granite Input gear problems :(

    Dear Forum members, Im new into to hobby since my wife got me a Granite 4x4 Mega Brushed. Been through a few upgrades; Hobbywing max10 G2 80 ESC and an 3300kv motor. 3S BLX metal slipperclutch assembly. Running 6800Mah Bashing Pro 120C 3S. Ive stripped my composite (i believe it is) input gear...
  3. Deceased

    First time painting my Granite

    What do you guys think of this paint job?? Im also planning on doing the tape mod to the body so it can last forever. I have some special 3D printed air intakes coming soon. So I’m super hype for that! Btw I still have the plastic film on it I haven’t removed it. I used Metallic blue, lame...
  4. Thumper2004

    Looking for SVG Files to cut Vinyl wrap for Clear Granite Grom shell.

    Does anyone have or know where to find an SVG file for the Granite Grom? My daughter wants a pink one so I got the clear shell and plan to wrap it. As she changes her mind on what she wants I can adjust the vinyl. Thanks for the info in advance!
  5. Deceased

    Functional Air vent/intake for Granite

    Hello everyone!! So I been looking all over the web and I cant seem to find like a functional air intake/scoop for the Granite like a lil roof scoop or some that can be installed in the hood or on the side of the body for better air flow. I don't have a 3D printer otherwise I would have tried it...
  6. D

    Limitless Speed limiting transmitters - down to 10%

    I’m looking for an inexpensive speed limiting transmitter for my Arrma Granite. I have a 3yr old son who is dying to drive the car by himself and the 50% stock limiter is still too fast. What’s the cheapest & easiest way to limit the speed for him and then immediately be able to flip it back to...
  7. J

    Granite Brushless noise - is this normal?

    Hi All, I got an Arrma Granite Boost last month which I've been upgrading. I just installed the brushless upgrade which has the power module fully assembled. I've heard that these motors can be a bit noisy and make a clicking noise from the magnet, but wasn't sure if what I'm hearing is...
  8. Deceased

    Lunsford titanium turnbuckle

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows about this kit. I saw it on a different thread and I wanted to see if this is compatible with my granite with wider RPM arms. I also have the 5525 end rods from Traxxas would that also fit with these turnbuckle? Or would I have to go with the OEM ones from...
  9. A

    Vorteks Vorteks 3s,Granite 3s or noto/outcast-which should I buy

    So, I am planning to get a new rig for myself. I currently own Typhon 6s,Erevo 2.0 6s,Maxx 4s and Losi promoto MX bike. Thinking to buy a new RC rig Was going thru video of Arrma Granite, vorteks and Notorious/outcast 6s Now I need to have some more suggestions I would like the rig to be...
  10. Deceased

    No power to 1 rear wheel

    Hello Im currently having a problem when I do 100% throttle and all of sudden break only my rear left wheel still keeps on spinning while the rest of the 3 are completely stop. Does anyone has an idea what can be causing that? I have a full Hot Racing rear differential I have it open at the...
  11. Deceased

    Front Wheels ballooning Granite

    Hello everyone, I need yalls guy help asap I just changed the Spur gear bc it was completely trashed and the same thing with the pinion too. So I replaced them thinking it would fix this whole front wheel ballooning issue and it seems like it hasn't. Does anyone have any idea what it could be...
  12. Kowal

    Kraton Kraton 4S vs Granite 4S

    I found a used Kraton 4s for $396 and a nearly new granite converted to a 4S for $322. Which one should i choose? rather, paying extra is out.
  13. NoHardFeelings

    Granite Granite, new servo problem

    I have a Granite that is practically brand new and the servo died. I got a couple of cheapo replacements on Amazon, one for the Granite and another for my Big Rock. These are the ones:
  14. Deceased

    Granite NHX motor fan options

    Hello everyone, I need your guys help so Im stuck on these two type of fans I have an Granite with a CC 1415 motor and I want to get one of these two NHX fans I heard they are really good and well I want to try it. my granite is a 1/10 scale but the description for the NHX fan are 1/8 fan scale...
  15. R

    Granite New Granite 4x4 Motor or Servo?

    So I've had this Granite Mega 550 less than 2 weeks and already broke something. I've reached out to Amain, but just wanted to understand what this could be. It sounds like metal grinding, so I'm not sure if it's the motor, the servo, or something else. It sounds like servo's are common...
  16. wolfbitten83

    Granite My granite rebuild

    I've modified my granite mega with 150 amp 3-6s arrma esc,3600kv surpass motor, 15/52 pinion and spur with hot racing slipper delete, metal out drives and diffs, wide arm kit and pro line badlands, modified suspension, pro line body mounts with Velcro along the sides to help rigidity, and rear...
  17. Deceased

    Granite 4x2 17mm hex

    Hello everyone is there a way I can get 17mm hex for my arrma granite 4x2 I want to keep it rear wheel. When I was installing the 17mm hex on my truck I notice the back axles have a different shape axle so I was wondering if there's anything I can do to add those 17mm to the rear ones. The rear...
  18. cancelthefuture

    Granite 6s Granite Mega

    Well it finally happened, I threw the Outcast 6s EXB electronics into the Granite with the help of the new center diff module. I had to cut up the rx box to fit the 4074 on top of the new center diff motor mount. Geared up to 20 tooth pinion to compensate for the lower KV, have the ESC zip...
  19. R

    Granite Grom Fan Options?

    My gf, a close friend of mine, and I all just walked out of our LHS yesterday with 3 groms (one of each color). We seriously got an hour or so run time on these little groms. That isn't an exaggeration. We have really tight knit, shallow carpet in the basement and we made a few jumps out of the...
  20. Mini Granite Leak

    Mini Granite Leak

    found by @Irussi750 in this thread: