1. B

    Added Metal Diffs and Slipper Clutch with 15T pinion. Now wheels lock with no throttle

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of completely upgrading my Granite 3s BLX's drivetrain. As the post states I recently put in the Hot Racing front and rear metal diffs and upgraded the composite slipper clutch gear to steel. I also added in a 15T pinion. My current situation is that when no...
  2. G

    Granite Voltage Fan mount and equivalent brushless motor?

    Hello, first time posting here! Currently, the brushed motor gets too hot after running a single battery. (Too hot to touch for 3 seconds.) Can anyone recommend a fan/mount method that will work on it, live above the motor blowing down? Secondly, I know that the brushed motor will eventually...
  3. MacX3

    Another problem, no forward throttle.

    Alright, so now my servo is working, it turns now, left and right after I redound it. Now I have another problem, it doesn't throttle forward, it does go into reverse. It was throttling forward before binding it. I did unplug the throttle plug and plugged it back in and still no forward...
  4. B

    Granite Slow down Granite 3s BLX

    Hi guys, I’ve just bought 2 used granites, a mega 550 and a 3s BLX. I was going to give the mega to my 3 year old son as he is mad about RC cars but by exb is a tad much for him! i was going to keep the mega and sell the BLX but not I’m leaning towards keeping the BLX as I prefer using lipos...
  5. P0SEID0N2025

    Bent motor plate replaced.

    Uh so i went to my local hobby shop to replace my bent stock motor plate from my granite and the new one is way thicker its crazy! And it has a different slot thing on the side, here are some comparisons. Its almost twice as thick 😳
  6. MacX3

    Which number pinion gear?

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this question for the pinion gear. The smaller the number on pinion gear the faster or is it the bigger the number the faster? I know it also depends the motor and spur gear too. ⚙ I just need to know which the number is the faster and slower. Thanks.
  7. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND Spektrum SLT3 Transmitter + SLR300 Receiver + 3300mah NiMh, Charger, ESC, Motor

    Came from my V3 Arrma Granite 4x4 MEGA Granite. Works great, changing out parts for more speed. Ran about 4-5 times, not ran in water. $32 shipped CONUS (lower 48 states only). No PO boxes. Paypal or Zelle. Spektrum SLT3 transmitter/controller Spektrum SLR300 receiver...
  8. MacX3

    Granite Lubricant or silicone lubricant, to clean my rc?

    Lubricant or silicone lubricant? Which one to use to clean rc. I need to clean my rc, checking the bearings etc. I heard this and that about simple green and WD40. I'm cleaning it by hand, with brush, rag and a compress air can.
  9. MacX3

    Granite First time cleaning after bashing.

    What's the easiest way to clean my RCs, they are really dusty? I saw some mix reviews about using a silicone type like wd40 to spray. Can I use one called super tech spray lubricant? What can I use on the diffs? Most of the dirt is on the front and back of the diffs casing. Any suggestions is...
  10. zbeckwith00

    Mega V3 budget brushless upgrade advice.

    Hello, Granite Mega V3 brushless upgrade advice.... I have poured through the boards, but I am getting confused with all the opinions on top of the difference between the V2-V3 versions. Here is what I am trying to accomplish, all advice welcome. I would like to keep the setup under $100...
  11. pjmofperk

    Granite Granite 3S —Multiple Issues

    I’m not sure if this should be multiple threads or not by here she goes: 1) Last couple of times I ran it the reverse function worked only once in a while, most of the time it didn’t work. When it didn’t work, if I didn’t apply brakes the gears kept turning. Is this the ESC, the radio, the...
  12. S

    New 3s diff binding

    Got a new diff and input gear. Put it all back together but when i put the diff yoke on and spin the diff it feels like its binding. If i take the yoke screws out it spins super easily and smooth. As soon as the yoke screws are snugged up or if i pinch the yoke closed with my fingers it binds...
  13. S

    Granite Granite 3s new blown diff

    Me and 2 other buddies who all have granite v3's got new batteries yesterday. We each bought the Ace gens 3s 8000mah 100c. Today the first time trying them 2 of us blew our rear diffs and 2 of us blew a tire. Is it possible that the battery is too powerful or is this just a coincidence? Also the...
  14. Billy p

    Best driveshafts for 3s models

    Stock Driveshafts are not good for me and for a lot of people as I see. There are a lot of options out there, hot racing, integy, gpm, and arrma upgraded ones. Which driveshafts are the best, the toughest? I think it is between gpm and arrma upgraded.
  15. ghozti3

    Granite Granite blx hot racing input gear diff does not fit

    I tried the hot racing diff in the rear of my granite and it didn’t work because the input gear is too long and it bottoms out in the slipper clutch housing before the motor housing snaps in place? Someone here can help me? I’m not using the hr yoke
  16. C

    Granite 4x4 3s BLX losing power?

    My 3s BLX seems to be sometimes losing power to the wheels and it affects how fast I can go. Regardless of the power setting, my max speed with the throttle fully pinned is sometimes decreased, and it seems like the wheels have a wobble to them when I increase speed. I'm new to the RC world, any...
  17. Sanjeev Garg

    Granite Need help upgrading my Arrma 4x4 Mega 550 brushes to a 3S BLX brushless

    Hello! I am very new to this RC car hobby and I got my first car a few weeks ago. My first car was a Arrma granite 550 Mega brushed 4x4 and after running it a few times I realized that I wanted something faster and more powerful. Since I have a limited budget I can’t buy a new 3S big rock or...
  18. I

    Granite Making the Granite Wider

    Hello. What do I need to buy to make my Arrma Granite 3s BLX wider? If I get the typhon front and rear a arms along with the typhon turnbuckles is that all I need?
  19. I

    Big Rock Big Rock vs Granite

    So I’m trying to decide between a Big Rock 3s and a Granite 3s. I’m aiming towards the big rock because of its size, handling, and air control but I don’t know about it’s grass, dirt, and sand capability. Does it work as good as the Granite in those driving conditions?
  20. Evilpoptart

    Arrma Big Rock Drive Shaft Options

    So I've been going through quite a few of the slider driveshafts on my BRC v2 and I am looking for an upgrade. I was wondering if these driveshafts or something similar would work. Link to driveshafts