1. wolfbitten83

    Granite Motor recommendations

    I bought an armma granite 4x4 and I have done a few upgrades starting with the motor. I have both a spectrum 4,000 KV and a spectrum 3300 KV motor with a spectrum 85 amp esc, currently running on 2S, 80 weight oil in the front shocks, 60 weight oil in the rear shocks, 21 tooth pinion 91 tooth...
  2. L

    Granite Granite 3s + Outcast 4s ???

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a great day. I scored a Outcast roller for $60. The rear upper gearbox cover/shock tower is torn in half and the chassis is cracked too 😂. I have a Granite 3s chassis I bought for a spare. Could I swap everything over from the Outcast 4s onto the Granite...
  3. 20230429_180507.jpg


    Arrma Granite 550 Mega
  4. sideswipe

    Granite Granite build

    this is my granite build so far. hoping to get some larger A-arms and a new wheelie bar. i got a streamline wing with the Typhon wing mount, and a Vorteks custom painted body with lowered body mounts. it’s more or less a cross between the Vorteks and the Granite
  5. Woodythedog

    Granite Brushless conversion question

    I’m gathering a few parts to begin the conversion on my bargain 4x2 Granite to brushless. I received my first package from Jenny’s today containing the BLX motor mount and fan and while at the bench I test fit my motor with the fan and the fan keeps the motor from fully contacting the mounts...
  6. arrmarrma

    Granite Used Granite 3s value?

    Hey all, happy Saturday! I found a used granite 3s in my area that looks to be in good condition, comes with an electron pro 100w charger, 5200mah 3s, and a spare set of shocks. there's not a lot of info on the listing besides that but the photos look alright. I talked him down to $175, good...
  7. arrmarrma

    Typhon Will Granite 3s tires fit on Typhon 3s?

    Hello! First post, long time lurker. The Typhon 3s is my first basher, I've had it for a few months and it's been a blast! Lately, as seems to be commonplace, I'm looking at getting bigger tires for flips and better off-road control. I know the badlands are the most recommended, but the price...
  8. oceanrising

    Issue with Etronics Pulse radio and BLX100 ESC -- FIXED!

    I bought a used Granite 4WD 3S BLX, which was stock except for the radio, an Etronix Pulse 3ch somethingy. I bought new 4600mAh NiMH batteries. Perhaps an error, perhaps not. They have been cycled (dchg/chg) twice after I got them. Charger is SkyRC D100 V2. Battery issue. The car runs quite...
  9. Snakey76

    Vorteks Chassis’s mix and match’s

    So was wondering with all these different models in the Arrma family it got me thinking about what models share the same chassis with the Vorteks? As known this knowledge could open up all sorts of modifications and make some nice hybrids.
  10. flatsixconvict

    Granite Granite mega to BLX conversion

    Hey Guys, My V3 Granite mega started off with its stock 15/91 setup and a brushed motor. upgraded to a metal spur and as a noob at the time i listened to my hobby shop and threw in the cheap Onyx 4000kv setup (Way too high KV for a granite). Surprisingly ran excellently. The 4000kv motor held up...
  11. A

    Granite Drive shaft replaced

    Hi all. I just replaced my rear drive shaft on my granite 4x4 with a front drive shaft. The guy at the hobby store did it. I noticed there is a small difference in length. Is this going to be a problem? Thoughts?
  12. graniteharry

    Granite Brushed granite metal spur upgrade plz help!

    Hi guys hope everyone is well. I have a brushed granite (the blue one). I'm trying to upgrade the spur gear. I have a new 91t but the old plastic one was splined and had a bearing on it. Can I get parts to make it work? Maybe the bearing on the sleeve and insert it. Thank u in advance :)
  13. charest2394

    Granite Arrma granite 4WD MEGA optional gearing

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I have bought the Arrma Granite 4x4 MEGA. It's my frist RC car. I added the exact model I have. On the web site it's indicated that the achievable...
  14. flatsixconvict

    Granite Wires Overheating?

    Hello, I have an Arrma Granite That was once a brushed mega running the 15/91 setup. I then threw in a Onyx 4000kv system that after replacing the plastic spur to a steel one, ran just fine. Upgraded from a 2s(7.4v 5000mah 50c) to a 3s (11.1v 5200mah 50c) and still did perfectly. About a week...
  15. Coredog22

    Granite Granite 3S- high pitched whining noise

    Hey Guys, I bought a Granite a few weeks ago. So far I love it, it takes a pretty good beating. Yesterday evening I was running a battery down to storage charge it and put it away. While ripping around my yard, it was standing a wheeling heading out to the street. Thankfully the streets in...
  16. lkinney97

    Vorteks Vorteks 3S/4X4 brushed Granite Question

    Hey all so I had a question that I had been digging into and I wanted to get some additional input. I purchased a brushed granite for cheap in order to upgrade it to a brushless system (ESC and motor are dead) in order to give it to my family. I was originally going to try and just order the 3s...
  17. Q

    Arrma compatibility between 3s and 4s models

    I’ve been researching a bit on what parts I can pull from jennysrc 4s kraton/outcast to upgrade my 3s granite. I already am closely watching the differentials and pinions (new ones are metal-crowned on the 4s) for when they’re in stock, but it looks like I could put the kraton center diff gear...
  18. E

    Senton Integy Snowtracks for Senton/Vorteks/Granite 4x4 Anyone ever done this with a 4x4 Granite/Vorteks/Senton 3S Mighty tempted to get these and give it a shot. My concern is if I just simply remove the center...
  19. KringelbertFishybuns

    Granite No Power on Granite Boost

    I am still very new to RC cars, so please bear with me on any explanations. I bought my younger son a Granite 4x2 Boost. He's still learning to use them, so we keep it at the lowest power on the transmitter and either the battery that came with it or a Spektrum 2Sy. When we take our cars out...
  20. bigbody300

    Granite Granite MEGA 4x4 Brushless - faster PINION gear?

    hi guys new to the forum (i have a talion 6s EXB, and my son has the Granite 4x4 MEGA (brushless upgrade). my question is there a faster PINION gear that can be used on the stock SPUR gear? i am on 2s lipo.