Infraction Not so much of a build, just bolt-on parts

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Sherwood, OR
Arrma RC's
  1. Infraction 4x4
Infra3s, my first Arrma. Added a CF center brace, aero chassis bits mainly to keep rocks out, silver letter Hoons dBoots, bed louvers simply because they look cool, and a big honkin' 3s 9000mah 120c pack. Cut some air vents in and used aluminum window screen to cover them from debris. I've got HR aluminum pillow balls and bell crank on the way, along with an aluminum front bumper for better nose protection/durability (the 3d printed splitter already broke) but probably won't do much more than that... this thing is crazy fun right out of the box! I may do a different body at some point, the new Z body fits and looks hella slick, but honestly I got the Infra over the Detta mainly because of the looks and the better ride height. I drift bash this thing all over my work parking lot and around the house, so the Hoonitruck feel fits my driving style perfectly. I'll update as more parts go on, thanks for checking out my "build" thread! :ROFLMAO:


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