Over the hill!

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Happy belated, man!

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@The_Otherside Just strap in homie. I turned 56 on the 20th and 40-50 will go by so fast you’ll be 50 and wonder WTF? The time starts picking up speed like a freight train going down a 90 degree hill with no brakes. But as long as you never grow up? You’re good. Cause it’s a trap! I’m 56, mentally of a 20 year old. Humor like a 12 year old child and my body has had so many years shaved off my life expectancy that I died 4 years ago. My brain just doesn’t know it. You’re in your prime sir. I wake up every morning wondering “WTF isn’t gonna work today” 😂 I’d sell my Kidney to be 40. Apparently it’s illegal to sell organs on eBay….. 😆
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