Question regarding the shock oil used in Nero

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I have a question regarding the shock oil used in my Nero non Diff Brain.
Last weekend one of the shock shafts broke.
I have replaced it, but now I must add some oil.
The question is which oil must I order? I think it is 1000cst but from which manufacturer?
Or can I use every 1000cts/80wt oil on the market? Team Associated for example?
Must I empty the oil from the shock which was broken or can I add the new oil to the existing one?
Or must I change the oil on all four shocks?
Normally the 1000cts Is the indication of the viscosity, If the manufacturers would stick to the standard norm the 1000 means 1000.
Doesn't matter which brand. The reality is that they all cooking their own meal and it ist better to keep one brand and change the oil of all shocks if you have to use other brand that is actual in you're shocks... At minimum take the same oil per axle and make the same level.
Watch up that you will have no bubbles in the shocks, that will set the function out of order.

In case that the new oil has an thicker viscosity, aobuu can try other shock rod ends, i don´t know the english word for it actual.. ( the round plates with holes in it which comes in the plastic bag and is mounted on the other end of the shock rods inside the shocks)
More holes will make the suspension softer, less holes -> harder. But take care, in case of too thick oil and too few holes you can break you're shocks.
Thanks very much for your detailed answer.
I have ordered the Team Associated Shock oil with 1000cst and I'll try my luck.
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