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I am considering doing two mods to my Granite Voltage.

1.) Changing the Pinion to a 19tooth(or even 25 tooth) pinion, from the stock pinion. Looking for reason to, or not to do this.

2.) I know one negative of changing to a higher pinion would be increased heat for ESC, possibly engine? My plan is to get 2 40mm fans(or maybe just one on either ESC or Engine, whichever would need it more, which I don't know), and hook them into an open pin, if possible.

a.) What kinds of fans should I get?

b.) what kind of connectors/adapters will I need.

c.) Does Granite Voltage have this capability?

d.) Should I do 2 fans, or 1 fan?

e.) What would benefit/need a fan more, the ESC or Motor(or both)?
I know that the Voltage doesn't play well with upgrades, but I'd like to push it a bit more if reasonable, mainly for fun. But, I've never done mods, so am trying to gather a little more information about doing this...

1.) How much postiive change will it produce(I am already on 2S LIPO)

2.) How possible is it(I'm not even sure if it's possible to hook fans into a Granite Voltage)

3.) What drawbacks will it produce?

a.) Lower battery life(I am fine with this, I don't have problems with battery life even on NIMH)

b.) More heat... hoping the fans will deal with this

c.) Acceleration loss? Wondering if the higher pinion will make it noticeably slower acceleration/torque at lower speeds, of it isn't really an issue.

d.) Component wear and tear. Not sure how the pinion will affect other things, and curious about how the added potential stress might affect other components.

I'm willing to veer a little bit into the "stupid" territory, but not too far. I'm willing to red line it, just for fun, and if I have to replace a part so be it. But I don't want to try to do something that is straight up stupid and will break instantly, or isn't worth the benefits at all. Or something that isn't even possible(like if it's literally not possible to easily hook the fans in).

Also, if someone could explain/Link to specific models of fans/Pinion that would be compatible with what I'm trying to do, that'd be helpful.
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Ok… it’s been a while since I dealt with stock voltage electrics. But I had three so remember somewhat. I know that the stock ESC has an extra port. It has the five wire port that the stock server was plugged into and then another one that is made for a 3 wire servo and I’m pretty sure can put a fan also . I ran a 35 mm rocket fan. Those things are powerful.

Problem is there’s not a heat sink made that’ll work for the motor because of where it’s situated. So I cut a heat sink into 1/3rd sections and fit one over the motor, then used thermal paste to stick it to the motor.
It was a lot to go through, but I was using my voltages to learn on before I started messing with 3s cars.

I documented it all in the below thread what I did for a long time on the voltages. Mainly, it’s all about my attempt to go brushless with the voltage but towards beginning of the thread i show what I did to make a heatsink. You may want to review the whole thread as it may answer more of your questions. I experienced and learned a lot with those three cars before I moved on to building 3, 4 and 6s cars.

I did start to run larger pinions after awhile because the differentials are rather weak and smaller pinions, with a lot of torque, would break the inside gears or the outboard drive cups. So I think that would run a 19t through low 20s something pinion. Gave more top end speed but less off the line torque. I did learn that these things should not be run on anything more powerful than 2s. The drivetrain is the biggest limiting factor with those cars.

Thread 'Voltage 2WD brushless conversion, Velo’s learning curve build.'’s-learning-curve-build.39035/
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This is a good deal for a 35 mm rocket fan with a connector that will work. I forget if I used a 35 or 30 mm though. Probably either one will fit. I probably have it buried in that thread I referred to earlier somewhere.

Honiwu RC Motor Cooling Fan, 35mm 21000RPM Cooling Fan, 8.5V Brushless Motor Fit for 1/10 1/12 1/8 RC Sensored Brushless Motor(Red)

Thanks a million, I'll read through that thread too. So you think I should only put a fan on the motor, and not the ESC? Or should I do both? Could I run a splitter somehow to run both?,toys-and-games,85&sr=1-2

And do you think that's okay for the Pinion? Or is there a specific brand or anything else I should be looking out for?

Also was going to buy those clips because I lost mine, I assume they'd be fine too?
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