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Senton Sensible maintenance and upgrades for senton 6s


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Hi, this is my my first post here at the arrma forum and I'm very new to the RC world. I started out with cheap 1/18 and 1/16 scale cars last year and quickly tired of fixing broken plastic parts. I loved the senton the minute I saw it and was especially interested in the durability as my kids also use and abuse it!

So far I've blown the foam insert out of one tyre (guess I'll have to buy a new one) and lost the transparent 'spolier' which doesn't seem to have affected handling.

One thing I'm less pleased with is how easily it bottoms out on jumps. Not sure if there are any easy mods or replacement parts to beef up the suspension a bit?

Also I wondered what maintenance you guys do to the Senton? I've been driving in wet areas and also a little on sand/grit/gravel which has tightened up the travel on front and rear such that it doesn't always return to full height after I press the chasis to the floor. I figure I'll need to strip it and spray with wd40 or similar.

Also interested to hear of any other mods that people do in terms of aiding durability rather than making it go faster... the thing is already fast enough for me on 6s. I see people mentioning shims on diffs and shocks but don't understand what this achieves!

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any advice

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