SOLD / FOUND Senton 6s blx... Nice!!!

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The FBI bought several (a hundred or two?, I forget) back in the day, they weren't badged but I think that they had the same tires (speed rating) on steel wheels. There was a writeup in Autoweek, I couldn't find anything on them the last time I looked.

Wow! Cannot believe this is still available…..
Me either !! Mike is a great guy , his stuff is always quality , for this rare discontinued truck , that is a great price with shipping IMO !!!
And if I may Mike , like to ad for interested parties , Mike got this truck from me as a roller , no body , tires , or electronics . I got it from a guy who bought it brand new who was thinking straight line drag racing , he put a different body and tires on it , he only ran the truck 1 battery pack , hence Mike saying lightly used is an understatement as it was only used once , because I never used it . Couple of scratches on the bottom is just from the paved parking lot . The outdrives and dogbones look they never even turned !!!!
GLWS Mike , this is as others said , as close to brand new as you can get for a Senton 6s !!!
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Wow! This is still avail!?! What’s going on w the world today! I’ve got a brand new v2 S6 up here for sale that nobody wants either!! I’ve got 6 sentons 6s and i may just pick this one up if nobody grabs it!!
Deals can be made!!!!! I posted up a bunch of new in package Senton parts too!!!!.... Mike
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Hey guy's I have this Senton 6s here... It's been lightly used, has a brand new set of senton wheels and tires, brand new agf servo, blx 185 combo, 18t pinionView attachment 312135View attachment 312136View attachment 312137View attachment 312138View attachment 312139View attachment 312140View attachment 312141View attachment 312142View attachment 312143View attachment 312144View attachment 312145View attachment 312146, new style motor mount and very good condition 6s body... No rx/tx included, add your radio and batteries and rip it!!!! Looking to get $500 shipped in the states.... thanks Mike
would you sell it without any electronics, and if so how much?
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