Senton Short coarse tire options

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Northern Michigan
Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
so I got my senton last week and stock tires weren't glued worth a damn and one blew off the bead within a few minutes on 6s.
So my plan was to get some 1/8 buggy wheels and tires but I'm wondering if there is a better sct tire option I could put on my wheels as I'm not the biggest fan of the way the 1/8 wheels look or the stock tires the senton came with.
Thanks in advance
I love the Badlands and Trenchers (both made by Proline) in any size. They are great for the rough terrain I almost always wind up riding on.
My Badlands on buggy tires hold up to 5s no problem on 2400kv Traxxas Slash and up to 6s on my Typhon. I have a 2650kv in my Senton so I can't run higher than 4s. I bought them used and they appear to just be glued on as normal (I don't think they are taped or anything).

I like the buggy tires because they are a little bit taller than stock short course tires and can easily be found in 17mm.
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