Simple shock holder...

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In case anyone is looking for something to use for shock oil changes rather than purchasing one.
Thought I'd share this.
Built it about 12 years ago when I purchased an Emaxx, my first RC.

No cost, made it out of spare scraps of wood I had lying around.
Holds all 8 shocks nice and level.
I have a few of these for the different shock diameters I have on my different RC's.

P1020524.JPG P1020526.JPG P1020533.JPG P1020534.JPG
Been thinking about making one of these!
Nice thing is that you can build them to suit whatever you need, rather than buying something 'one size fits all' off the shelf. Couple of pieces of 2x4, couple of drill bits and a few screws or nails and away you go.
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