Stock granite shock caps keep popping off, help!

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Hey, y'all.
This is the second time my left rear stock shock cap has popped off. The first time I wrapped it with plumbers tape, and that is not working any longer.
Does anyone know what my options are other than buying aluminum shocks? Maybe aluminum shock caps, and if so, which brand will fit arrma granite stock shocks?
Thanks in advance....

Was just looking at some, traxxas green aluminum shock caps for traxxas ultra shocks. Will those fit arrma stock shocks?

Well, traxxas big bore shock caps are too short. :( And I'm putting in a order tomorrow....... looks like I'm about to roll the dice..... lady luck be on my side? Lady luck are you there? Oh, that's just my shadow! Lol!
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And the winner is..... Traxxas! #3767 aluminum shock caps, and #1765 silicone diaphragms. They fit tight, just a little bit short.


Had to cut a couple threads off the shock with a straight blade. CUTTING THE THREADS IS OPTIONAL!


Here they are mounted.


I had to squeeze, a plastic eyelet into the aluminum shock eyes. Will have to find a better solution down the road. But for now, we'll see how they hold up.

Thanks again, @Darren Wes!
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Let us know how they do. Same problem on the mega fury. The shock angle looks like it might be a issue later down the road. Hope not!
One thing I did do was, I added a shock limiter to the shock shafts. I used a bushing out of some old shocks, so the piston wouldn't be hitting the shock cap and destroying the diaphragm.

I also did the fronts the same way but, I need to get some flanged pipe for the aluminum shock eyelets. The rear shocks however are plush now, could be due to the diaphragm? This is a good thing, when the rear hits the ground, its kinda like it's landing on a pillow. :D
Went to hardware store and picked up some nylon bushings, for the aluminum shock caps eyelets, and some washers as well. Much better, allows the shocks to move freely upon compression. Will upload pic in morning when front shocks are done.

For anyone who is going to do this upgrade, make sure you cut and sand the shock threads evenly, so no air can get into the shock and they don't leak.
Much, much better!


M3 washers would have bern a better fit but, hardware store only had M4. And the nylon bushings also double as shock limiters.
Best $1.85 I've ever spent! :D
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I have a set coming in soon. Can't wait to get the front end of this thing back to " normal".
I was wondering, if before you cut the threads on the shocks, if the gap that's there is just enough, not have to use shock limiters?
Also, make sure the aluminum shock cap is very tight on the shock tower. If the shock cap moves to freely, it's liable to pop off because, it has too much movement.
I didn't cut the threads on the shocks and no leaks as of now. Used fuel line to fill the mounting hole up top. Put washers on both sides and a little blue stuff to hold the nuts in place.added the front tower brace that should be factory as well. Seems much better. Ready to break something else now! Haha!
Apparently, I am too hard on my shocks!
Going to shoe goo the caps on, until I order some traxxas 2661 or 2662 big bores. If I get the 2662 I might gave to add a spacer inside the shock to shorten the total length of shock. Does anyone know the measurements of the 2660, 2661, 2662 traxxas big bore shocks?
Thanks in advance....

On a side note: I launch my granite up 4ft and it leaps 14ft out! Very harsh landings! The left rear shock keeps on busting apart, so aluminum shocks are the only answer for my extreme bashing.

Will be ordering the #2661traxxas big bores, they're 4" long. I'll just add a washer from arrma shocks to limit suspension travel.

One more thing, when my shocks were 100% stock the left rear shock cap had popped off 3 or 4 times prior to getting the aluminum shock caps. So, it's safe to say, the threads on the stock shock were stripped and rounded off before I put the aluminum caps on.
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jeesus must be some hard landings - that said highest jump ive done in my fury was maybe a touch of 2metre (~7ft) high. Broke steering servo gears but not the shocks.

Good to know for future - love to jump this car.
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