1. B

    Senton Arrma Senton 3S (pivot ball installation)

    Hello Everyone, I am having a problem trying to figure out how to install the pivot balls into the big bore shocks (top of shock only). Can anyone recommend an easy way to install them? I have tried multiple ways from watching YouTube videos but I can’t get them in without damaging them. I have...
  2. M

    Senton Searching for Typhon 6S Shocks!

    Looking for shocks for my Senton 3S BLX. Anyone have something?
  3. J

    3s Senton Shock Bodies

    Hi everyone, So I have purchased a 3s Senton and I'm upgrading a few parts to make the car suit my style of driving. I'm not a big fan of the shocks. Personally, I feel they look cheap and the leak a lot. I don't really want to upgrade to completely new shocks but I feel like just upgrading the...
  4. 9

    Notorious shocks

    Alright folks, I could use some advice. I'm building a v2 notorious into a tank. Not really, but full m2c chassis and a ton aluminum upgrades. Does anyone have experience with aftermarket shocks? I'm looking for something that a) doesn't leak b) is tougher and c) possibly a bit bigger. Price...
  5. R

    Typhon Best shocks for 3s typhon

    I know you can put 6s typhon shocks on but what else are you guys running? Or are more arrma shocks that are compatible?
  6. Milk Carton

    Typhon Im kinda disappointed at my typhon 3s...

    I knew the stx2 transmitter was bad, but it’s even worse than I thought, but oh well, I knew my typhon was crazy strong, but I kinda don’t even know what happened, first of all, FIRST RUN, the esc cable got between the central driveshaft, and the driveshaft got split in 2, luckily, the cable...
  7. 2morrow Muggins

    Kraton Wheel is dangling after crash into fence post

    Brand New to RC Cars/Trucks...I purchased my first Kraton 4s...As I took it out for my first run ever...I was having a great time just taking it easy and learning until right before i was about to call it quits...BOOM...i bang my front right wheel into a metal fence post. Out snaps the wheel...
  8. W

    Senton Senton Mega Shocks Alternatives

    Hello, I read online that the Typhon 6S shocks are the best upgrade for the Mega/3s senton, they are sold out everywhere tho so I’m looking at alternatives... I found the pro line power stroke but they’re so expensive
  9. W

    Senton Well my shocks didn’t last at all... Help

    Hello! It’s me again... So turns out after 10 packs I found my senton today with the suspension arms leaking oil on 3 of the shocks, last 2 bashing sessions I jump it a lot so I’m guessing that’s what makes it leak, to be honest I’m kinda disappointed on the durability because I haven’t drive...
  10. BogdanPNW

    Kraton Good Shock Upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms?

    As title says, Whats a good shock upgrade for Kraton 4x4 4s with RPM arms? My shocks and A-Arms on the kraton has broken multiple times and i have replaced the shocks and arm suspensions with stock ones. This time ill be getting the arms from RPM and people mentioned to get the typhoon 6s shocks...
  11. C

    Granite Any decent shock upgrades for the granite 3s 4x4 blx?

    I have the granite and obviously the shocks leak, just wondering if anybody know any better shocks that will fit ? Thankyou, it's the 4x4 3s blx model btw .
  12. S

    Typhon Shock advice for Arrma Typhon 3s?

    Me and a buddy get together every Sunday and race (as best we can lol). I’m running a stock 3s Typhon and he converted his Losi Tenacity to a buggy with their race set-up, aluminum chassis and nice shocks. We’re racing them on a construction site that’s kind of powdery/loose sand that’s not very...
  13. Dulb_D

    Senton 3S HR Shock body build suggestions request

    I just ordered the HR shock bodies to replace my leaking stock shocks on my Senton 3S as they seem to be the only thing I can find available and at a reasonable price. Anyone with the same model use these and have any advice on what oil and springs to go with? I would prefer to use the stock...
  14. justin183

    Senton Senton 6s ground clearance

    Hello. Does anybody know if i can raise my senton 6s. I like to jump but it seems pretty heavy and low. I did turn out the set screws in the A arms and tried more heavy shock oil but it still bottoms out when i make a little babyjump. When i take the shocks off the A arm then the A arm doesn't...
  15. 4TFour RC

    Senton BLX shock bleed?

    Hey everyone, fairly new to Arrma as a brand, and I'd like to know if there are any tricks or tips for bleeding air from the plastic body shocks on the 3S line. More specifically the Senton. I can't seem to get that last bit of air out to stop that "pop up" when the shock rod is pushed in fully.
  16. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Rebuilding 4s shocks

    Is this true that when reasembling the shock putting oil shock on the o ring is a bad thing and will make them swell???? Someone said that i just rebuild all of my shocks of my kraton....
  17. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Arrrma 6s shocks upgrade for 4s kraton

    I was wondering if its worth it upgrading my stock shocks to the 6s alluminum shocks. The stock shocks atm on my 4s kraton are doing okay the car doesn't bottom out or leak.
  18. Upgrading my plastic stock Granite BLX shocks to Aluminum Ones!

    Upgrading my plastic stock Granite BLX shocks to Aluminum Ones!

    Got in for my #Granite BLX 4X4 Trucks my new shocks that I am upgrading to! Here are a set of rear #Typhon 6s BLX shocks and I will have the front ones coming in tomorrow.
  19. 4TFour RC

    Senton Senton 3S track bashing

    Hello all, new to the forum and looking to get some potential insight. I recently purchased my first Arrma product (senton 3S blx) and I'd like to improve it's jumping characteristics. I run at my local outdoor race track, and I feel like the shock oils and preload are a bit off for this. Anyone...
  20. Doggpoundsmets

    Typhon Shocks on Typhon doesn't bounce back

    He all Yeaterday went out with nu son to bash with our granite an typhon in the loose sand . Had a great morning. 1st time we put the 2s lipo in the granite instead of the nihm and damn that was a change ! A whole lot of more power the thing gets ! The typhon runs on 4s . Back home I...