1. P

    Dual Spring On Stock Shocks

    I have a Senton 3s and was wondering if the stock spring spacers can be removed and replaced with a stiffer rate spring?
  2. Ulaan

    Tekno shocks for kraton

    Hi guys, I need your help for the replacement of the arrma kraton's stock shocks with the tekno one. I see on other topics that fix the Eb48. 3 shocks but now it's discontinued and it's difficult found them so do you think even the Eb48. 4 or mt410 shocks are quite the same and I can use them...
  3. melgords

    Shock set replacement for Raider

    Please help. Am in Australia and want to upgrade the shocks in my sons Raider. After day 2 the standard plastic red shock caps cracked. We purchased more plastic caps and they have cracked also. I have been reading the forums and have found that the trackstar aluminium shocks set...
  4. Scar1

    outcast shocks

    hi where can I get arrma shocks from?
  5. slick2500

    Tekno and Arrma shocks information thread

    I felt like all of this info should be in one place instead of spread out over multiple threads. Please feel free to add any and all info that you can to this thread. This post is a work in progress, new info will be added as it is found. You can get the kitted shocks from Dollar Hobbyz...
  6. P

    broke my shock Shaft on my senton mega 4x4

    I broke my shock Shaft on my senton mega 4x4, it's actually the bottom guard I snapped which is the bottom mount. Anyhow I don't think I can even change it...?
  7. Stack15

    4x4 Grainte 4x4 Replacement Rear Shocks

    So one of my new grainte 4x4s came with a rear shock that is leaking oil. I called Arrma and they said they’d send parts for a replacement. Those haven’t come yet and I am getting a little impatient. I was going to order an assembled kit myself but can’t find one. The closest is a kit for the...
  8. Piecejointe

    Shock setup for truggified Typhon?

    I'm having a bit of troube getting my truggified Typhon to behave on the track. It seems to bounce around a lot, and small irregularities seem to be a problem. It is on 2.8 trenchers, and has sideguards and tower from an Outcast. Shocks are at the most outside position to make space for the body...
  9. Snoprosledneck88

    Shock Pistons?

    Do any of you guys change the pistons in your shocks? If so what did you change to? More holes, less holes, larger holes, or smaller holes? I feel like I get some bounce on big air landings. Almost feel like I need to go to smaller hol pistons to slow the rebound. Let me know what you guys...
  10. WTF MIKE

    Upgraded shocks on v2 other than tekno

    I have a v2 outcast and noticed my front shock pins are bent. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and everyone is recommending the Tekno ET48.3 but I’m having a hard time finding a full set anywhere. Is there any other brand people been using that is better than the stock?
  11. servalac

    Talion V3 Ride Height Problem

    I would like to get the front suspension sit so that the axles are horizontal. Even if I mount the shocks in the inner hole on the a-arm and in the lower hole on the tower and turn the collars all the way down on the shocks, it is still too low. Been reading about folks swapping out the springs...
  12. Z

    Batteries, shocks, and charger recommendations

    What lipo s3 battery do you recommend for a armar raider? What after market shocks? And what battery charger would you recommend for around $50.00?
  13. servalac

    V3 Shocks Talion Fluid

    Have not been able to find an answer to this, posting this in the suspension thread as well... Been searching for the recommendation of shock fluid for the Talion V3, in my manual and on Arrma's site it clearly states 2000cst. Is this really true ? I use Team Associated's fluids and when you go...
  14. K

    Arrma Kraton V3 shocks upgrade

    Hi guys! I need your advices for what shocks upgrade to choose from. Actually I already bought some GPMracing shocks but to tell the truth I am not really happy with them. The shocks shafts are 5mm thick, which is great but the shocks rods are constantly breaking. Have you upgraded yours...
  15. servalac

    Arrma V3 shocks, boots twisted

    Hi all, not new to the RC hobby, but new to Arrma, just got a Talion V3, lovin' it. Got a question about the dust boots on the V3 Shocks, is the boot really suppose to look like this ? The boot looks like it's too long and it gets twisted around the shockshaft more and more as you drive, been...
  16. G

    Talion V3 Shock Fluid

    Hello everyone. Been enjoying the hell out of my Talion so far. It is stock apart from running the Pro-Line Badlands on the 1/2" lower offset wheels. I run SMC 4S 90C batteries and just picked up a 6S 50C battery that I have not tried yet. I still need some more drive time, but I'm curious...
  17. 4

    Outcast rear shock replacement?

    hello all I broke a rear shock on my outcast and am trying to find a full assembly ? Can be stock or upgraded cost is not a huge deal want something strong but stock would b fine
  18. E

    Mega Shocks replacement upgrade

    What’s a compatible shock set fro the granite 4x4. Can’t get the shock shafts or anything from anyone. I broke 2shock shafts and can’t find replacement parts. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks guys. I’d like to get a set of upgraded shocks from any supplier.
  19. E

    Shock size?

    Are the shocks on the granite mega 4x4 the same size as the BLX 2wd?. I’ve got to do something about these cheap shocks on my mega. I’m looking at ofna shock option. Thanks guys.tazzzz
  20. R

    Outcast V2 shocks

    Was wondering if anyone knows if the tekno springs fit the new outcast shocks? I need a front spring and was thinking of getting the teknos, but not if they won't fit the version 2 shocks as I'd probably upgrade to those as some point.