Talion Servo Problem..anyone else experience this???

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Hey guys, So first good session on my new talion on a dusty, sandy, and wet track in my backyard, and i started to notice that sometimes my steering cuts out when the car is not moving. like when im trying to turn around, i would have to give it some throttle to get the front wheels to start turning. and so i took it off the track onto hard ground and i got it to do the same thing. i would turn all the way and nothing would happen..a couple seconds later it starts to work.... So..could it be a servo issue or esc issue.......thanks for the Help!!
Can you hear the servo trying to turn the wheels when this happens? If so, it could be the servo saver is set too weak.
If you can't hear it, then it could be that the servo has crapped out on you and is drawing too much power.
Do you have a different servo to swap out and try? That's what I would do.
no i couldnt hear the servo even trying so thats why i questioned the ESC. so they swapped the sevo and all was good..Untill...my car started acting up again, wheels werent turning all the way and car started to move on its own slowly, and the lights on the esc were dimming out and flashing. so i thought maybe my batteries were super low, i went home and saw that my lipos were at 3.85v which isnt too low. after i got home i plugged in my batteries, turned the car on and started to turn the wheels, then it jolts forward without me touching the throttle....my car is at the shop right now, they are changing the ESC...
alright so even with the new esc the shop said it still was acting up. turns out the servo that was on there was drawing power and messing things up. 3rd servo now and working good :)))
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