Typhon Typhon diff breakage

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Rich Duperbash

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Broke both center diff planetary gears after high speed flip and land while drag racing my daughter, she was beating me and I accidentally rammed her. Rebuilt with TD planetary shims, still 100k fluid, 50k f/r. No more diff slop. Anyone else ever split these like ceramic kitchen plates?
I've seen them missing a tooth or two but breaking them in half was a pretty good hit!
They split right where gears sit on output shaft pins.
That's where i would expect them to fail if over powered on impact,also if there is gear slop( not shimmed) the extra clearance results in the gears pushing away from each other,rather than spinning.
Thanks guys for your replies. I'm hopeful having rebuilt diff with additional shims will prevent rebreakage. So far so good. See Rich Duperbash utube vids. Typhon likes to jump. Off to breaking other parts..Lol
That has happened to me several times when racing on track with high traction and gap jumps. Don't know if it is because of rough landings/crashes or because of landings with wheel spin/locked wheels.
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