Wear Marks Inside Shock Body


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It’s a rainy day, perfect for some wrenching… During shock service I noticed this very obvious wear pattern inside the aluminum shock body. Is this normal? Truck only has 15 packs. Cause? Should I take a closer look at other parts? Thanks for all comments and suggestions.

Two guesses off the top of my head:
1) There were contaminants in the oil that caused the scoring/wear (not super likely).
2) that's the side the piston/shaft is biased to. Meaning the shock shaft isnt perfectly aligned with the shock body (probably pretty common) so the piston "leans" against the shock body during travel. Eventually that anodizing coating is going to wear off after enough rubbing. Hows the piston look?
Aww man, was it loose too?
Aww man, was it loose too?
Honestly, I was dumbfounded when I saw the piston all chewed up, so I didn’t do a proper post mortem. The screw seemed a little loose but the piston wasn’t noticeably wobbly.
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