1. justatree

    Mega Fury body on sale ($16.63)
  2. Dreadstar

    Fury body

    Before you ask,no it's not a repaint,rather just my way of customizing the bodyshell so that it's easily recognisible.
  3. Kyzane

    Senton Kyzane's Custom Senton Body

    So my buddy and I decided to take it upon ourselves to fit a Proline Bulldog body, Proline Trenchers, and the Basher set of T-bones bumpers on my Arrma Senton... and here are the results:
  4. uberfinity

    Pro-Line Raptor mounted on Fury

    I just finished painting and mounting the Raptor body onto the Fury. I am very happy with the results, although I did end up "dumbing" down my design due to inept abilities, haha.
  5. SteamRollingGranite

    Typhon Compatible Typhon Body

    I'm looking to get information on what aftermarket bodies will be a near direct fit to the stock body mounts for the Typhon. If a little body trimming is needed, that's fine.
  6. Ryan777

    Senton Senton with custom stickered body

    How is it going guys. I got a used roller off eBay, and started piecing it together. The stock body is a little pricey and im not reel big on its paint job anyways. So i ended up getting a less expensive body. Its a little small, but still looks pretty good. The paint and sticker scheme was...
  7. F

    Metal body posts?

    i broke my front body mounts today. has any one done DIY metal body mount upgrade because I want to do it these plastic mounts suck they just keep breaking.
  8. Rumble 81

    new body for my fury

    What do you guys think? Post some pictures of yours!
  9. upangued

    can a 1/8 truck body fit a 1/10 truck

    this is probably a dumb question but is there anyway to get a 1/8 truck body to fit my arrma granite? this body specifically to make a vintage bigfoot truck. i did see a 1/10 parma body...
  10. upangued

    Arrma Raider body $5.68

    not sure if this is where i should post this, but at rc planet they have a green arrma raider body for $5.68 in case anyone is in the market
  11. wheatjptb

    black bls paint job

    I figured I would show my paint job on my bls. My body is pretty beat up and its a little dirty but y'all can get an idea of what they look like black. It hides cracks well. And gorilla tape blends in well with it, haha.
  12. Rob Austin

    Talion Talion Alternate Body/Wheels

    Wanted something different for my Talion, I fitted it with Proline Big Joe tires, and body from HPI Savage. The body mounts are from Proline the adjustable ones used for Slash. Not sure what color this will be painted. Look as the size difference next to my Slash 4x4. Saw a video on You Tube...
  13. Z

    Senton Arrma Senton body

    Does anyone know what bodies fit the Arrma Senton. I just ordered mine and I hate the color of the stock body and would like a different look other than the stock one. Any help would be appreciated. Thank in advance. P.s. I am curious to what fits my Arrma Talion and my Typhon also lol