1. wheatjptb

    black bls paint job

    I figured I would show my paint job on my bls. My body is pretty beat up and its a little dirty but y'all can get an idea of what they look like black. It hides cracks well. And gorilla tape blends in well with it, haha.
  2. Rob Austin

    Talion Talion Alternate Body/Wheels

    Wanted something different for my Talion, I fitted it with Proline Big Joe tires, and body from HPI Savage. The body mounts are from Proline the adjustable ones used for Slash. Not sure what color this will be painted. Look as the size difference next to my Slash 4x4. Saw a video on You Tube...
  3. Z

    Senton Arrma Senton body

    Does anyone know what bodies fit the Arrma Senton. I just ordered mine and I hate the color of the stock body and would like a different look other than the stock one. Any help would be appreciated. Thank in advance. P.s. I am curious to what fits my Arrma Talion and my Typhon also lol