1. Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    The new design turned out pretty good! Body: Traxxas Slash Paint: Graphite grey and neon orange.
  2. Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 1

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 1

    The new design turned out pretty good! New body and wheels :) Body: Traxxas Slash Paint: Graphite grey and neon orange.
  3. 107632917_10156852715435666_1408660691824827514_o.jpg


    My Arrma X Santa Cruz Screaming Hand K6S
  4. No-no-no-


  5. K

    Mojave Mojave Body Swap

    Let's see some body swaps for the Mojave! Has anyone tried fitting a UDR body? I'm sure it would take some serious modification, but a more realistic look maintaining Mojave performance would be awesome.
  6. Ugly Betty

    Infraction decals

    New 43
  7. Ugly Betty

    Arrma Infraction Hoonitruck

  8. Comp0

    Non Arrma OK? Savage XL Rat Rod

    I've only ever done a few bodies but this by far is my favourite. I hope it's OK to post here. "The longer it takes the better it will be" has turned out to be the best tip I got.
  9. ** QUICK BODY TIP **

    ** QUICK BODY TIP **

    This is how I reinforce all of my RC bodies which will only make your bodies last a lot longer! Here is an example of my stock #v3 #KRATON. I used 2 bottles of #ShooGoo / #Drywalltape and spray on #FlexSeal and wow what a difference it makes holding up!
  10. M

    Body for outcast 4s

    I brought it out for a rip the other day and I guess it was to cold cuz I now need a new body for my outcast 4s 👎🏼 looking for good sites to order from or any suggestions on a new one that isnt the original arrma body.
  11. New Body for my Notorious 6s Stunt Truck

    New Body for my Notorious 6s Stunt Truck

    Material Used: BittyDesign / Tamiya PS-17 - Metallic Green and Tamiya PS-5 Black
  12. adidas303

    I've learned a new painting trick....

    I'm just curious how many others have learned or know about a trick to be able to paint plastic parts!? The painting trick I've recently learned about, needs Etching Primer, which is mostly found at Automotive Stores. So far, anything plastic like A Arms F/R or Rims as examples, can be sprayed...
  13. D

    Arrma Typhon 6s and Arrma Big Rock 3s

    Hi, I just recently bought a Big Rock(1:10) 3s BLX and a typhoon(1:8) 6s. I want to purchase more shields(?!) to my cars. Are there any list, where I can see which shields fits my typhoon and Big Rock? Would a Talion shield fit my Big Rock or would a outcast shield fit my Typhoon? Thanks...
  14. Crispybakon0616

    Sticker bomb

    I'm bored with the looks of my granite. I want to sticker bomb the body until I can afford to get a new one to paint myself. Anyone know of anywhere that I can get random stickers for free/extremely cheap?
  15. Arrma Outcast new paintjob

    Arrma Outcast new paintjob

  16. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How much does a diff rebuild cost?

    My friend has a v2 kraton and he just keep having diff issues and he just told me he spend 120 cadandien $ to rebuild is diff... when i saw him the whole diff from jennyrc for 50$ he was shocked. Any suggestions to make is car bulletprof and i showed him the new kraton bpdy for 40$ and i think...
  17. 20190807_103233.jpg


    Body protection
  18. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... 😀

  19. WaxnDabs

    How to install Senton body mounts on a Typhon.

    Hey everyone so I'm looking for a tutorial on how to add some senton body mounts on my typhon but I cant seem to find any tips or videos anywhere. Does anyone have any idea on what exactly I need to do to install them? The mounts came by themselves no screws or pins nothing, I just have the...
  20. extra heatsink for my typhon 6s

    extra heatsink for my typhon 6s

    Drill some holes in the body and glue some insect screen on the inside of the body.....