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  1. D

    Bug body on a Notorious...need body mounting ideas

    I'd like to reuse this body I painted up for my Traxxas Rally. I think it looks great on the Notorious/Outcast. I just need to figure out alternative rear body mounts. Would like to see pictures of what you guys have come up with.
  2. VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    In this video Khloe and I test out and review this awesome bug body from Ebay. Check it out here: Not only will we review this VW Bug...
  3. Kingleo619

    Will the Typhon v4 body fit the Typhon v3?

    Was wondering if the typhon v4 body would fit on v3 can’t find that info out if anyone knows leave a link thk you
  4. K

    Senton Ebay Body on the Senton 4x4

    My son wanted a different body for his Senton. He found a collection of very cheap pre-painted bodies on ebay and bought one. The seller was uctopfpv and they had a pretty big collection of short course truck bodies for $30 each including shipping. That seems to be a very good price for a...
  5. Tskluzak

    Notorious Anyone finding that the Notorious Body breaks easy?!

    Hi Guys, so I have had my Notorious for 3 months and only take it out on the weekends. First thing I did is reinforce the inside with a ton gorilla tape. After a few sessions I noticed the body started cracking by the doors. So I added some firm foam on the top to give it extra support so it...
  6. Steveoarrma517

    Need new talion v2 body

    Looking for talion body v2.what are my options.
  7. Custom Arrma granite mega 4x4

    Custom Arrma granite mega 4x4

    Custom body for my Arrma granite mega 4x4
  8. Gt rubicon

    Unbreakable body

    Hey all, just received my unbreakable notorious body from Russia, was wondering what those of you that have one used to cut it out, tips or tricks would be appreciated. I’m thinking about using a Dremel tool with the cut off wheel then sanding? Thanks in advance for your ideas or advice.
  9. scv484

    Granite Third Party Bodies

    Anyone running a third party body on their Granite? I want something different, but an having trouble finding something close to the right size. I almost got a JConcept Ford F150, but it was too long and hung over the bumpers......that's not gonna last, lol. If so, post up a pic if you got one? TIA
  10. Rampant Lion

    Newbie Notorious 6s body question

    I just ordered a blue Notorious 6s 1/8 and I'm wondering which aftermarket bodies will fit without modifications. I see clear, blue and black available, but I'm interested in other custom styles that will replace the stock stunt truck body. Thanks!
  11. larrytokes

    Suggestions for body shell with 11.3" wheel base?

    Has anyone swapped out bodies on a Granite BLX yet? Or any other RC's with 11.3" wheel base? I want to paint a body shell and I'm looking for different options if anyone wants to throw some out there. Thanks
  12. Zgills1

    Painted my first Kraton body today

    Painted my first RC body today. I think I did pretty well. Super pleased with the result, pics don't do it the needed justice :sneaky:.
  13. godfella691981

    Granite Pro-Line Brute Body

    I am just wondering if anyone has bought the Pro-Line Brute Body for their Granite 3S BLX? I am considering buying one but don't know if it will fit properly since it was designed for a Traxxas Stampede. I know I will have to make new holes for the Granite body posts I just want to know if...
  14. Sledgehog Mk II

    Sledgehog Mk II

    New Jconcepts Finnisher body on talion v3.
  15. Peeeenuuutt

    How do you keep these bodies from wearing out around the posts?

    Arrma senton 6s blx... my v2 body never did this, but this v3 body looks like this... And here’s the front: See how they’re becoming circles???? How do I combat this.
  16. PowerDubs

    Cheaper to LWB a Notorious or those body and wheels on a Kraton?

    I'm new here and haven't bought an Arrma yet. I like the notorious body and wheels/tires- but after watching a bunch of videos, I think I want the stability of the Kraton and it's longer chassis. Since they are both the same price initially- I can either buy parts to make a Notorious longer-...
  17. Reliquat

    Unbreakable body for the Outcast?

    Hi guys, I got a Kraton with an unbreakable body and I love it. Those things are soooo much more durable than the stock ones. As I am strongly considering to get an Outcast, I'm alrealy looking for an unbreakable body for it. The problem is that I don't know wich unbreakable body would easily...
  18. Max Attitude

    Aftermarket body or Nero body?

    Anyone with experience of aftermarket holding up better? My stocker is done... The "unbreakable" is somewhat tempting but...$100 and not paintable. I'm thinking the ProLine Silverado or Factory blue or green shell.
  19. Sledgehog

    New Jconcepts Kraton body coming soon...

    Was talking to Jconcepts on facebook to find out if a certain Finnisher body would fit my Talion. A day later he gave me the heads up that a new Kraton body is being released within the next week or so, and should be available at Horizon Hobby soon. Looks just like the Finnisher.
  20. Arrma Notorious Unboxing..We chose the Armma Over the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Review

    Arrma Notorious Unboxing..We chose the Armma Over the Traxxas E Revo 2.0 Review

    In this Unboxing video of the 2018 Arrma Notorious 6s BLX RC Stunt Truck we will invite you into our family and tell you why we chose the Arrma over the Trax...