1. Camreno

    Big Rock Im not playing around anymore.... Indestructible Body

    Okay well maybe not "indestructible' but perhaps just a little stronger than stock... I bought this RC and on day 2 I broke the body where they all seem to break by just rolling it. Bought a new one and did the following: 2k Clear Coat + Ceramic Coat for easy cleaning. FibaTape cement board...
  2. FH-RC

    Typhon Typhon 6S - Raised Body for 2x 3S Batteries

    Hi guys. I thought I give you a quick info on how I finally solved my issue with fitting 2x 3S LiPos in my Typhon, hoping that some of you can make use of it when facing the same issue. The body was always too low and there was no way fitting these in. Here is the solution: Kraton front...
  3. Holy Cannoli

    Limitless ISO Limitless Body Shell

    Hiya 👋 🚙 💨 I am looking for one of those blue (or clear or maybe other color) Limitless body shells in the standard “formula one” style/shape. I have 50 bucks to part with. Just thought I’d take a shot if anyone had one laying around:) Thanks everybody!! ✌️
  4. Dandolorion

    Shoe Goo and Dry Wall HELL!

    Just got myself a new Senton and before i do much bashing I decided to reinforce the body up. How I wish i never even bothered now. So i picked up some Shoe Goo 2 and dry wall tape. Watched a load of vids and thought it would not be too much of an issue. I have built boats with fibreglass...
  5. Ugly Betty

    Infraction Ken block last picture hoonitruck hoonicorn

    Just one last picture of my bodys from Ken Block, 43ver
  6. Nebula34

    SOLD / FOUND Typhon 3S body - Brand new

    Hey All, We have a brand new Typhon 3S shell. @Ajag is painting my son up a new body and we're stoked! Anyway, this one won't be needed. Typhon Shell: Hoping for $25 (includes shipping) Proline Street Fighter Tires: SOLD
  7. chilly81

    Mojave Big buggy body?

    I actually have a fire team, but same long chassis as the Mojave 6s and all you with stretched Kratons xls etc… And nobody reads the fire team threads Lol I was thinking about putting on a buggy body. So that it’s within the shock towers as opposed to over them like a truck. It looks like if I...
  8. chilly81

    Fireteam Fireteam Voodoo Ranger Rat Rod body panel idea.

    Personally I like how the fireteam looks (except the guys) and the body cage is proving to be pretty durable. But those paper thin crap body panels shred and pop through the bolts (mainly the rear one) almost instantly. No way I'm buying a $50 set of Front/Top/Rear panels every 5 packs, and...
  9. danji

    Senton My Senton 3s V3 BLX

    My Senton brings a smile to my face each time i take it out for a blast but thats quickly wiped off my face once it get it home to clean it. The fun part The bad part So ive decided to try and improve the senton on a budget. Picked up a few bits and bobs so far on the cheap. An Aliexpress...
  10. Nebula34

    Typhon Mega Body - Looking for Green/ Mega

    Hey All! Well yesterday I got the Christmas present I bought for myself about a month ago :LOL:. TBH my son was so thrilled to give it to me (he thought my wife bought it) that it was worth waiting a month to actually drive it - needless to say it's awesome.. ANYWAY, to the point - would...
  11. grihn

    Huge Shoutout to WildOwlWoodWorks

    If you're needing/wanting some paint work done, but don't have the skill or time to do it yourself, you need to get in touch with @WildOwlWoodWorks. He did these bodies for me and delivered exactly what I was looking for. The Senton 6s body is going on a race truck that will see some light...
  12. VinnyMac

    Granite Steel reinforced Granite?

    as an RC newbie, I received my 3s granite a couple weeks ago, since then I have spent $94 on new rear axles (got the arrma cvd upgrades, would recommend) $129 on a good (generic) "pro" lipo charger The seller sold me a zop 6000mAH 3s battery for about 1/2 retail and the truck was cheap to...
  13. vetteman1000

    My New Ride!

    I ordered the body online but put together the rest myself. A lot of Hot Racing Parts, ProLine Lights and Body, Sweep Racing SRC Wheels, Power Hobby Fans, all on my new EXB Talion. What do you all think? Open to all suggestions? P.S. Don't want to ruin its look, so I have a separate set of...
  14. vetteman1000

    Talion Pickup Truck Body

    I am looking for a Pickup Truck body that will fit directly onto my new Talion with only slight body modifications. I am keeping the wing so I would only like to have truck examples that will work with the original wing. Also, please post photos to the front and rear for everybody to see. I...
  15. Claus.lyhne

    Durable body for Arrma Granite - Proline Bash Armor

    Hi all, the body on my Arrma Granite BLX V3 were in bad shape. It was reinforced using the usual shoo-goo & drywall tape solution but it could withstand all my bad landings. Instead of just buying a new Arrma body I looked for something else. Proline makes a very durable body named "Bash Armor"...
  16. grihn

    Mojave 2WD Senton 6s BLX v3 Body

    I'm in the market for a new painted body for my Senton 6s BLX (v3). I'm aware that other 1/10 Senton bodies fit, and that's what I currently alternate to for bashing, but I'd like a new body to keep in good condition simply because of the value of the vehicle. I'm willing to pay more than a fair...
  17. My New Finnisher Body for my v3 KRATON💪💪

    My New Finnisher Body for my v3 KRATON💪💪

  18. ARRMA v3 KRATON  - Jconcepts Finnisher body w/ a set of SRC belted tires

    ARRMA v3 KRATON - Jconcepts Finnisher body w/ a set of SRC belted tires

  19. Probody RC Unbreakable body from Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    Probody RC Unbreakable body from Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    I was just getting sick of breaking my bodies so I decided to pull the trigger on an Unbreakable for the #ARRMA KRATON 💪💪💪💪
  20. Corteks

    Vorteks Easy paint looks fantastic.

    Check out this body I painted. First time ever painting a body. I didn’t want to take much time. So I went solid color with a simple strip down the middle. Used what paint I had on hand so not many options to choose from. I think this green came out pretty RAD. What do you think? What body’s...