1. P

    Outcast Servo saver solved!

    Posted this on fb not long ago and figured I would share here. Did some research and fixed the servo saver once and for all. No box cutting either, just cut the tip of the servo saver and space the servo with 10mm spacers. It's that simple with the right parts. Treal Aluminum 7075 Servo...
  2. Mopsik_Klopsik

    Do I need a center ( t2t ) brace for my kraton?

    Do I need a center ( t2t ) brace for my kraton? Some say it's useless if you already have a thicker m2c chassis and metal braces. But I want to know your opinion.
  3. HoppyHop84

    Kraton I said I was done for a bit... I lied.

    A few weeks ago I made a post showing some light mods I did to my Kraton 6s V5 and said I was going to set this aside and enjoy it and get my infraction done.... Wellllll I didn't do that. I am waiting on my CRCU center brace, front axles and a few other odds and ends ( Including cable...
  4. Blas87

    Kraton Free STL-Somthing for the community

    Hey all. I just bought the exb shock towers and wanted to make something to help take some impact. I made this fir the rear shockntower last night and will make one for the front one tonight. I will upload for free on thingiverse if you have a means to print them. If not reach out to me and we...
  5. HoppyHop84

    Kraton Showing off my Kraton

    I have no friends IRL that are into this hobby so just gonna leave these here lol. Got to a stopping point on my Kraton for now and happy with how I have it set up. Plan on getting my infraction right this week so needed the workspace cleared up. Next up for Kraton is scorched chassis and...
  6. jeremy1264

    Arrma Kraton 6S 3D Printed LED light strip bracket

    I made this LED light strip bracket for the Kraton out of PLA at 100% infill. It's holding up great even after two full days of bashing. Once it breaks, I'll be remaking it from nylon. Let me know if I should drop the files
  7. Blas87

    Kraton STL FOUND for wing mount tabs

    Hey all. I see these are sold as a set but has anyone found these circled parts sold separately. Also what would you call these ( wing mount doesn't wok lol ) id love an aluminum set. Thanks all
  8. ChriswithaC

    Kraton Wow this EXB blew mind mind - Unboxing the Ultimate RTR Truck of 2024 - Arrma Kraton 6s EXB V2 RTR

    Welcome back to another ChriswithaC RC video! Today marks a special occasion for me as I unbox what I consider to be the ultimate RTR truck of 2024, the Arrma Kraton 6s EXB V2. Ever since Arrma first announced this powerhouse, I've been eagerly awaiting its arrival. I've gone to great lengths...
  9. G

    Kraton New servo AVC trouble

    Hey all fellow Arrma fans. Yesterday I installed a new servo in my K6 EXB (Reefs Raw 500) Had a hell of a time, my servo horn wouldn’t want to sit on the servo splines and line up where the wheels were centered. Eventually got it to go on. Went for a test run, and it’s acting all sorts of...
  10. I_Am_Doug

    Help! One side of my QS8 connector looks burnt after fairly easy run…

    After a fairly tame bashing session in my backyard, I found that my QS8 connection felt fused together. The plug was ever so slightly crooked in the socket as well. When I separated them, it looks like the connection shorted or there was too much something going on. Ia this something I should...
  11. JJWRC

    Kraton Noob Advice For Arrma Kraton 6s EXB

    Hi guys and girls so am just after some advice and opinions, so a couple of months back I decided I wanted to get into rc and was looking at cars like The Traxxas Rally Vxl, Rustler Ultimate, Traxxas Maxx ect. However I then came across this beastly looking car and finally pulled the trigger on...
  12. I_Am_Doug

    Kraton Project Aurora - Where the "RTR" means "Ready to Rebuild"! (Kraton 8s EXB RTR Complete Dougification)

    Welcome to what I have affectionately named Project Aurora. Why Aurora? I could offer some really existential or fancy reason but, I painted the body with this purple/green Tamiya pearl coat and it looked like an Aurora to me. Super deep. Here's a pic of Aurora around mid-build before one of my...
  13. A

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb, Xmaxx and Losi Promotomx bike.Which one would you pick

    Considering and assume You don't have either of them You only have budget for one and All of them don't have similarities Which one would you pick and buy at 1st and what is the reason Also humble request to arrange in sequence in order of your buying preference while replying Between...
  14. M

    Kraton Arrma Kraton 6S BLX BEC

    Hello everyone! Recently I bought a Kraton 6S and the seller was using it on 3S for some reason. It came with 2 3S Traxxas batteries. I notice the BEC had wiring cut. It only had 1 Traxxas plug, which I replace with 2 EC5 12AWG. I then tested the car and with 2 3S batteries it had an odd...
  15. Lride Chart

    SOLD / FOUND SOLD-ARRMA Kraton, Fireteam, Outcast, and a Losi Mini with motors and lots of parts.

    RC lot up for sale!!!! SOLD-ARRMA Fireteam- comes with M2C chassis, M2C chassis braces, EXB shock towers, EXB steering, Vitavon Diff case brand new, M2C Ackerman plate, and already installed 1450kv motor with a 20 tooth pinion, also has stock motor included with some extra plastic arms and...
  16. G

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb lower hinge pins

    Hey all, brand new here brand new to the hobby. Only been at it for about 2 months now, but am heavily addicted and invested! Ive got a Kraton 6s exb, Fireteam 6s and a Granite blx. So on my kraton I’ve had a few good wrecks and have changed out all sorts of parts. But one part in particular...
  17. Kowal

    Kraton Kraton 4S vs Granite 4S

    I found a used Kraton 4s for $396 and a nearly new granite converted to a 4S for $322. Which one should i choose? rather, paying extra is out.
  18. I_Am_Doug

    PSA - You can "lock in" your hex hub pins with a set screw already in the drive shaft sleeve!

    Nothing is worse than taking off a tire to only hear the "tick tick" and rolling sound of a hex hub pin making its great escape to the floor. I know this as I have had it happen to me more than I care to admit. Well, I am here today to tell you you can lock that little SOB in with a set screw...
  19. Barmaleus

    Kraton 4s 2.5 front diff binding (after adding more oil and reassembly)

    Hi! New to RC (not new to tinkering with stuff tho). Brand new K4s 2.5, never driven. While waiting for better weather decided to check diff fluids. Took apart the front diff first. Added more diff oil (it was around half-full, strange). Put everything back together. Tightened the diff screws...
  20. theapplepilot

    Kraton Kraton 4S Differential issue

    Hi, I know almost nothing about RC and recently my rear differential has been making a loud grinding sound. I've been thinking about replacing it but I've read online that its better to use anything other than the stock diff. Can someone tell me if i actually need to change my diff or if its...