1. blklbl24

    Kraton B3RC Racing - Rock "Quarry-tined" Latest YouTube Upload - Check it Out!!!

    Hello Everyone and Good Afternoon, Hope everyone is staying as safe as possible out there while bashing and enjoying the RC hobby. :D If your stuck inside or you just need to get your fix of K8's getting big air this maybe just what the doctor ordered. Come get "quarry-tined" with us out at...
  2. Mr7wun8

    Has anyone here tried these out?

    They're PowerHobby Scorpions/Raptor belted tires. I'm looking for an all arounder. I've seen a few videos that make them look a bit better than Sweeps. I don't jump much (nowhere around) but I haven't built a speed rig either. Any thoughts?
  3. Baron500

    Kraton What wing mount for Kraton?

    What wing do you guys use on the kraton I’ve broke a couple factory ones “what’s Next” what’s the best body for the kraton that’s unbreakable and where ya get them from
  4. Baron500

    Kraton Driveshaft keeps popping out

    My left front drive shaft/dog bone keeps coming out at the left front inside I’ve checked and checked again nothing is lose I run trenchers what’s making it pop out .. I already tightened everything down around it properly.
  5. Tutur74170

    Kraton How long do you think driveshafts differential will last?

    Hello, i decided to buy myself a new toy...the arrma Kraton v4!!! So excited. I saw some having issues with chassis bending, i decided to buy aluminum braces but I'd like to know a bit more about driveshafts and differential durability... I live in the mountains and it's always uphill or...
  6. Takin Kraton for a Walk

    Takin Kraton for a Walk

    Taking the Kraton around the neighborhood.
  7. Clint5969

    Kraton Motor plate washers no good!

    Two motors, the built in washers failed. Hope arrma soon makes them thicker at that part! For now think I am going to start adding something underneath the motor to support it.
  8. Broken..😩


    The broken brothers....
  9. Mr7wun8

    Kraton I can't figure this out

    I've looked around and found a similar thread, but there wasn't an answer that fit my issue. I get a grinding gear noise whenever I brake or reverse. It didn't happen stock, only since I changed the diff oil in all three diffs. I thought it was the rear, so I rebuilt it today and took it out...
  10. Bournemouth RC

    Kraton Arrma Krajave (Kraton XL) Build

    Hi All, Here is my latest build, Arrma Krajave. Mojave M2C chassis, 6s Kraton parts, Kraton 8s Electrics Subscribe to the YouTube channel to see more Part 1 Part 2
  11. E

    Kraton Arrma Kraton 4S or Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL?

    I want to buy a nice 1:10 RC Car, but which one is a better choice? The Kraton 4S or a Traxxas Rusler 4X4 VXL? I will drive it mostly on the road and sometimes in grass. Other suggestions are also welcome. My budget is around £415 (€450) for the car without batteries.
  12. Mr7wun8

    Kraton At this point I'm breaking them for s##ts and giggles.

    Considering the current pandemic, is there a solution available for my Kraton (6S) EATING steering blocks? Granted, I crash into things at a MINIMUM of 30mph (User error lol), is there a stronger non-aluminum option I can have shipped in less than a month without a flesh eating bacteria partying...
  13. SébastienSebior

    Kraton I offered my Kraton a brand new body!

    Some Louise tyres and a Pro-Line Brute: this is my Kraton! more...
  14. IMG_20200319_224701_628.jpg


    Social separation... Yes. This is where I go to have fun while y'all are in the house. I'm about to start bringing one or two of y'all like minded folks along. Not more than 10 though. Lol
  15. LittleFlowRider

    Recommend me an ESC for Kraton 4s

    For Kraton 4s, using 4s. I heard some people like the blx 185, some like the max10/max8. Just looking for some options
  16. R

    Kraton Typhon 6s diffs in talion or kraton

    Can you put diffs from typhon in kraton or talion
  17. My all beefed up 6s #KRATON Including some brand new shoes :)

    My all beefed up 6s #KRATON Including some brand new shoes :)

    just got a brand new pair of SRC All Terrian Belted Tires and they handle unbelievable and zero ballooning. #FLBASHER #ARRMAHOF 6sPower #ARRMAFANSRULE
  18. Mr7wun8

    Kraton Wheelie bar options

    Searching didn't work so I have what might be a silly/simple question. Will a TBR Talion wheelie bar fit a V4Kraton? Is there a better wb option to keep the front wheels down? It looks like the Kraton version...
  19. Dukeofpeckham

    Kraton Best radio / transmitter system for Kraton 6s

    I’m new! Just bought my first proper RC since getting jealous of my sons FTX Outlaw. Seen a load of reviews saying that the transmitter (is that the right term?) isn’t that good that comes with the Kraton 6s as there’s delay. What would anyone recommend as the best one to get? Cheers in advance!
  20. Kraton 6s V3 first jumps on camera

    Kraton 6s V3 first jumps on camera

    First time I was able to get any jumps on camera. Not the best angle, but again my first attempt. Only had the truck about a month now. Stock electronics and...