1. R

    Laws based on RC cars in the UK? (Any help wanted)

    Hello hope everyone is well during lockdown and the corona virus situation after driving my car in a few places e.g. the local park and fields I was thinking about weather there are any Laws beard around RC cars in the UK. Thank you! (Any help is appreciated)
  2. 107632917_10156852715435666_1408660691824827514_o.jpg


    My Arrma X Santa Cruz Screaming Hand K6S
  3. simonthomas13

    EXB Motor and ESC Combo

    Hi all, I'm giving myself a right headache trying to decide which ESC and Motor combo to install in my EXB when it arrives late August (In the UK). This is my first roller so my #1 priority is something simple to install, i'd like to avoid modifying anything if possible. I'm not after the...
  4. Kraton 6s V4 Backflip

    Kraton 6s V4 Backflip

    What it says on the tin.
  5. Arrma Kraton EXB #3

    Arrma Kraton EXB #3

  6. Arrma Kraton EXB #2

    Arrma Kraton EXB #2

  7. Arrma Kraton EXB #1

    Arrma Kraton EXB #1

  8. gary.rvp

    Kraton Diff fluid recommendations

    I have a K8 and stock sistem with 23T pinion. I all ready have ear plug for the center diff I want recommendations front and rear? And other question any problem with ear plug, the one that have used?
  9. B

    Granite BLX Proline Silverado

    My son is 8 and this was his birthday present. He wanted a new body since his was eat up to the point most of it was missing. This is how it turned out, it’s my first one. I bought a Kraton today for me and it’s already torn apart down to the frame. I broke the bumper and a knuckle on its second...

    Kraton Dusty Motors Kraton protection cover (blue)

    Got this today thought I'd share some pics of how it looks on my Kraton. Install was easy and it fits well I'll let you guys know how well it holds up after testing my main concern will be heat especially now that summer weather is upon us

    Noble NB4 Questions

    Hi everyone I recently received my skyfly noble nb4 and have to say.. Wow I'm in love this remote is wicked awesome! I do have some questions that maybe some fellow NB4 users can answer. 1st off when I installed the FGR4S I had issues with the throttle after searching through some threads I came...
  12. ares87

    Kraton Reverse gear and brake issues

    Hello everyone, this week I bought Kraton 6S, this is my first ARRMA RC Car, but unfortunately I noticed a problem with reverse gear and the brake. After I press the throttle, I can't always brake the car and when the car is stopped, the reverse gear it does not always operate, I have to press...
  13. gary.rvp

    Kraton Steering problem what to do?

    I change the servo that horizon send me. But I try everything in my knowledge any suggestions? It go good right but not left. I att videos.
  14. H

    Kraton ball joints play kraton 4s video showing play i think this has lead to the play in my steering (about 25 degrees) but some have told me its the servo saver which ive looked at and doesn't seem to have much play. really i would like to find a kit of sorts with replacement ball joints as every...
  15. H

    Kraton kraton 4s problems, diff and ball joints

    i have had this kraton for about 2 months (one of which i was wasnt on parts so it wasnt used) and during this time i have ran about 8 batts though it (4s) and stripped 2 rear diffs (ring gear both times [i think im typing this just after my 2nd diff blew but it feels the same as last times])...
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  17. Aeternus

    Kraton Kraton Pinion/Spur Loud out of box?

    Hey Everyone, My Kraton just arrived (can't drive it yet, lipo order didnt ship :() but I was wondering if your spur/pinion was loud fresh out of the box? Just rolling it around isn't particularly smooth (if I give it a gentle nudge, it'll roll a few feet then sort of "catch" and stop when the...
  18. Fetch007

    Question about binding a DX6R and SC6100AT on my Kraton

    Hey Guys, Newbie question for you....I got my Kraton 8S a couple months ago, ran it about 4-5 times, then it stopped responding my my stock DX3. Long story a replacement ESC from HH. Now, I upgraded to a DX6R. It binds to my Kraton but only in reverse, otherwise the controls are...
  19. Light in the night

    Light in the night

    Kraton 6s v4
  20. Night light

    Night light

    Kraton 6s V4 light kit