1. Army_Vet_Rc_Addict

    Talion My Arrma Collection is growing

    Just added another Arrma car to the fleet picked up the 6s Talion EXB to go with the 3s Typhon, 4s Kraton, 6s Typhon, 6s Notorious and the what will be 8s Limitless and I am hopefully adding a 6s Kraton within the next week or so. I absolutley LOVE Arrma Rc Cars I just can't have enough of them lol
  2. A

    Kraton 8s diffs issue

    Good afternoon, after a full service of my kraton 8s there are a couple of points. The first is the dangling differential cups, the second is the input gear in the bulkhead moves back and forth, along with the outer bearing. I don’t know if it’s worth leaving it this way, and what can be done...
  3. DMDUK

    Early Monring Flight

    My new Kration 8s arrived in August. Here's an early morning flight from a brief jaunt this weekend. ;)
  4. kratonwatch

    Steering peg/post/not sure coming loose(?)

    Hi everyone. I noticed some slop in the front steering (edit: on my Kraton 8s) and wanted to get rid of it prior to installing a new steering servo. I tightened up what I’m calling a post that connects to the linkage from the servo saver. I tightened this piece up snugly and ran it once and...
  5. Frumba57

    Kraton The need for speed

    I recently talked my buddy into buying a K6S, it wasn’t hard. His BLX and my EXB. My roller has the O8S power train, 1250kv and 160A ESC. A little taller gears and the EXB is faster and runs cooler than the 2050kv RTR. But during our BASH session I blew two tires and stripped the diffs...
  6. Theofanis

    Τime to change the battery? after a hit appears..

    Hello, today, after I finished bashing with the kraton, I went to remove the battery from above and see what I noticed (photo), the battery has opened from that side and is slightly bent or compressed I would say... maybe from a hit? It's strange because the battery is always firmly attached to...
  7. DMDUK

    Kraton 8s battery capacity choice

    Morning, What capacity batteries do you run in you 8s Kraton? Thanks. David
  8. ViDiViCi

    Talion Talion EXB from Kraton build

    So, I bought a used Kraton from a buddy & he threw in 2 old beater Kraton bodies, a Talion EXB body & DBoots Katar T tires/wheels... That's all the inspiration I needed. I had already grabbed some Talion 7075 towers from him, intending to use them on my Typhon, but sat on that idea while I...
  9. D

    Another stripped screw, but not your typical “how do I get this out” post

    So I stripped a screw on my Kraton 6S trying to get the center diff out. My plan is to dremel a slot, but since it’s recessed in plastic, I’ll have to cut some of that as well. So my question is which orientation should I make the cut to retain as much structural integrity as possible?
  10. Yazman

    SOLD / FOUND Kraton 6s EXB RTR 1/8 w/ batteries, tires, more

    SOLD for $500 locally 😭😭😭 Hey all! This Kraton runs fantastic and needs nothing at all. Spektrum Firma 2050Kv motor with heat sink and fan, 150a Spektrum brushless ESC with caps, SLT3 transmitter, SR315 receiver, Spektrum S652 servo, 3DRC wing mounts, all bushings replaced with bearings...
  11. M

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB discontinued? Maybe Kraton 6s V6 coming soon?

    UK largest RC shop such as wheelspinmodel, modelsport, etc. they stopped selling that product anymore? Seem like arrma would make new next generation of EXB V2 and Kraton 6S V6? I am sure next Kraton 6S V6 will use EXB parts.
  12. strafefx

    Kraton Kraton 6s exb with 8s power

    Hey Everyone, I recently picked up this used Kraton 6s exb that is 8s capable with a hobbywing 5687 1100kv motor and max 6 esc. I live in Texas and temps have been over 100 so I don't want to have overheating issues but still have a decent bash session. I have 2x 40mm fans installed on the...
  13. TMCCOY

    New Kraton 6S 5V, dead servo!

    I'm not saying I did, but I may have tinkered a bit on the Kraton to learn about it being new to the hobby before using it with some cool parts. On the 1st real session, the servo burned up! I read that the factory spektrum S652 wasn't great, but c'mon! One session? I took the servo apart...
  14. cmoney

    Kraton Another probable diff issue…

    Hey all. I love my Kraton 6s but the diff clicking/grinding is super aggravating. Over the summer I rebuilt all diffs, and shimmed them, but a few drives since then have proved that I have more work to do. I’m planning on taking the car apart again and checking gear wear and diff tolerances...
  15. F

    Kraton Shim Recommendations For Kraton 6s v3

    Looking for shim recommendations and sizes for the Kraton 6s v3. Specifically for the front and rear diffs, as well as the center driveshaft of the gearbox. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  16. F

    Kraton Kraton V3 Gear Box Upgrade Questions

    Good Morning! Now onto my 3rd thread..So as some know I smoked my Kraton into an all-brick mailbox. This could be the best thing that's happened, as it's forcing me to take it all down for damage assessment. So far the front gearbox case is damaged. The internals seem to work, however, at this...
  17. F

    Kraton Integy or Hot Racing Upgrades?

    Looking at replacing my front and rear gearbox with aluminum as well as some other upgrades while it's apart. Just wondering if one brand is better than others. I know M2C has a great reputation for their chassis, so I grabbed one last night after bending my stock beyond repair.
  18. J

    Kraton Help determining sudden issue

    I was out just messing around in my backyard today and my kraton exb was driving just as it should. I did run into a big tree I usually turn around by going around but I was literally going five miles an hour max and it actually kind of just rides up it more than just head on collision...
  19. S

    Typhon Team Associated or Arrma

    Im looking to get a 6s 1/8 rc buggy/truggy one car im looking at is the team associated RC8b3.1e the one im looking at would be $325 rtr with a HiTech servo Motiv MC8 1950kv sensored motor and a Hobby wing XE run xr8 plus esc it would just need a body. or would a arrma typhon 6s or kraton 6s be...