1. R

    Is it possible to convert the Kraton to a short course truck (sct)?

    Anyone know if there’s any wheels/tires and body that can be used to make the kraton look like a sct? I have too many open wheel rigs but don't want to sell or trade them yet, nor buy a new rc. Like the look of slashes, traxxas udr, and losi’s new bnd version of their baja rey.
  2. Greeninside.jpg


    Destroyed, and rebuilt!
  3. Greenrear.jpg


    Destroyed, and rebuilt!
  4. Greenffront.jpg


    Destroyed, and rebuilt!
  5. Green.jpg


    Destroyed, and rebuilt!
  6. R

    So is distribution sorted in the UK?

    I am bursting to buy a kraton but like the rest of you parts and models are scarce. I notice some of the UK shops selling the kraton again, does arrma have a new distributor? Are our woes over ?
  7. Toddys

    Simultaneous blown stock kraton tires

    While running over the weekend on 6s, both of my front tires blew at the same time. I have 20 K front 100K Center and 50k rear diff oil. The good news is hobbico is sending me a set of backflips under warranty. I'd like to avoid this occurring again so I plan to put 200k in the center diff and...
  8. Toddys

    Servo saver immobilization

    Noticing a good amount of understeer over time after tightening the servo saver. Upon inspection I noticed the servo saver opening up not allowing for the translation of steering to the wheels. I have additional servos (and a new uninstalled saver) and was about to install one so I'm not worried...
  9. stuartd

    Have a Talion. Looking at getting a Typhon or Kraton.

    I've enjoyed bashing my Talion so much that I'm looking to pick up another Arrma. I can get a new Kraton or Typhon, but not both! I'm torn a bit. I originally wanted a Kraton and went for the Talion as I wasn't able to get one at the time. However, now I have the Talion I'm thinking that it and...
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  11. R

    BLX Steering problem

    My kraton has a savox1230 servo..stock tires..and I'm running on 6s..I've noticed that my turning radius is very wide i can't give it any gas while turning..not even a little or she understeers like crazy..someone said i needed a bec for my servo because the servo was cutting in and...
  12. ThatDrewGuy

    BLX 3D Chassis brace

    So there is a few different 3d printer files for Arrma's out there. I really needed a chassis brace after bending my chassis in half. I found one file for the Talion stock shock towers. Well The Kraton needed the brace. So figuring that they are close, but not the same, wanted to see how they...
  13. BentKratonChassis.jpeg


  14. BattleShrink

    BLX Flexproof body mod

    So the chassis flex has totally destroyed the rear end of my stock body. If you don't want to keep buying bodies or make a tower-to-tower brace or stop jumping and doing backflips, then I have the mod for you! All you need is a body with the area around the rear body holes disintegrated, a...
  15. E

    BLX new kraton spring rate

    What is the stock spring rate on the kraton v3.....thanks
  16. ironhead79

    Battery weight??

    Have some SMC batteries all 3S, x2 7400mah 90c these combined weigh 2lb 3.9oz. Been running these with no I'll effects. I also have 2 3S SMC 10500man 90c with a combined weight of 3lb 0.6oz. Haven't used these yet, will the Kraton be able to handle this weight. I don't bash ever, this is my...
  17. Ulaan

    Tekno shocks for kraton

    Hi guys, I need your help for the replacement of the arrma kraton's stock shocks with the tekno one. I see on other topics that fix the Eb48. 3 shocks but now it's discontinued and it's difficult found them so do you think even the Eb48. 4 or mt410 shocks are quite the same and I can use them...
  18. R

    BLX Kraton turnbuckle

    Busted my ball cup on my kratons turnbuckle..does anyone sell aluminium ball cups that will fit the kratons turnbuckle..I'm trying not to go back to plastic if i don't have too..
  19. R

    BLX My Kraton has lost reverse

    Ok..last outing my kraton was running but lost reverse..i was told to bind the receiver..started the process..pushed and held the bind button..turned car on..receiver blinked once..turned transmitter on .. but led never started blinking..instead the esc started flashing red and i lost throttle...
  20. FSHFYouTube

    Black and Green Kraton Discontinued?

    So it look like the Green and Black body Kraton is discontinued? HobbyTown list the Green and Black as discontinued / Amain has it marked clearance. Is another color coming or what's the deal?