1. ARRMA Kraton 8s V1.5 Running Louise Duratrax MFT XMaxx Wheels Outcast 8s Bumper + Kraton 6s m2c run

    ARRMA Kraton 8s V1.5 Running Louise Duratrax MFT XMaxx Wheels Outcast 8s Bumper + Kraton 6s m2c run

    A run and jump session with the New Duratrax Louise MFT XMaxx Uphill wheel/tyre combo on the Kraton 8s. The K8s has m2c parts added and the new 8s Outcast fr...
  2. Arrma Kraton 6s ripping up the woods

    Arrma Kraton 6s ripping up the woods

    Some clips of my Arrma Kraton 6s ripping up the woods.
  3. 65081D30-948A-47B2-8014-25CC8390B3A3.jpeg


    Stunt in the park DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME
  4. 74F35CF4-70B5-4543-8D16-FB5B5730A1E1.jpeg


    Family says hi to newest arrival
  5. gary.rvp

    Kraton Good servo upgrade for the Kraton 8s ?

    I want my Kraton 8s have better steering any servo recommendations ?
  6. Viking

    Kraton Kraton EXB HD Shock Rod End And Spring Cut

    The other day when I was bashing, my car took a small hill on the property and went flying... as my car came down it went summersaulting. In the process of my kool-aid smile turning upside down, the car lost the spring cup (ARA330608) and the spring went flying. Well I found the spring, but the...
  7. gary.rvp

    Kraton Shock Shaft recommendations?

    I bent my shock shaft in Kraton 8s I bent one in the front and one in the rear, I talk with m2c racing and they only have the front one and they tel me that is going to take like 2 weeks. Any recommendations outside m2c?
  8. The twins...😎😍

    The twins...😎😍

    Well not quite twins, but hey who cares they're still my favourites ..🤣
  9. EXB in disguise 😎

    EXB in disguise 😎

    Resting at the end of the day at the BMX track...👍🏼
  10. At the BMX track

    At the BMX track

    Still fully functional at the end of the day..😉👍🏼


    I can finally say "To the moon" :) After listening to the kids all week asking me to jump the halfpipe I finally gave in, how the typhon landed I have no ide...
  12. lluna2012

    Kraton Help with Center Differential Grinding noise

    Hey all, New to the Forum, and new to RC as well. The Kraton is my first RC, and has been my only thus far. Running on a smart 6s 5000mAh 100c battery. I jumped the car about a week ago and once it landed it lacked in power and had this terrible grinding noise. I know these Kraton’s are loud...
  13. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton Fixed my EXB

    soldered the bullet back on and soldered a battery plug. But I broke my Talion here’s what happened
  14. anthonyslwooko

    Talion Got a new video up and Exb down

    After this video my motor wire came un soldered. I soldered it back up and now have steering but no throttle. Guessing my esc is fried
  15. V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    The Kraton EXB with max6/1650kv setup is crazy. I still love the stock v4. Some goodies coming for it soon.
  16. jedibabaob

    Kraton Arrma v Traxxas jump off

  17. Arrma at an airstrip!

    Arrma at an airstrip!

    Featuring an Arrma limitless which hit 106mph, Kraton 8S and 6S, Mojave, Typhon 6S, Senton 3S and a guest appearance by my old BSD desert storm flux V2 (2S) ...
  18. Loadsofnothing20

    Kraton Kraton EXB solid rear axle option???

    Hello I have read maybe 30 threads on similar things but nothing like a solid axle option for the EXB. I have my exb fitted with a castle 2028 mamba xlx combo running 8s, I don't bash my car. Its more for speed i have had it at 101mph with 34t pinion and stock 50t spur But I'm wanting to try and...