1. wheelie time 💪 Arrma Talion Kraton beast 💪🤘👍

    wheelie time 💪 Arrma Talion Kraton beast 💪🤘👍

    Max6 on 6s
  2. DSC_2721.JPG


    my Talion/Kraton with Max6 4985 combo and Belted wheels
  3. New Arrma Talion/Kraton Max6 8s

    New Arrma Talion/Kraton Max6 8s

    My new Talion/Kraton with Hobbywing Max6 8s, belted Katar, outcast body and a lot of Exb Partsready to bash and go fast
  4. U

    Kraton Gear Mesh Problem - Help Replacing Pinion

    Independently, the pinion & the spur spin smoothly, but seemingly no matter how I position them together, I get some very nasty noises. I actually had the LHS swap out the pinion when I had it there for help with a transmitter-pairing issue. They goofed something up, and definitely didn't test...
  5. ARRMA v3 KRATON  - Jconcepts Finnisher body w/ a set of SRC belted tires

    ARRMA v3 KRATON - Jconcepts Finnisher body w/ a set of SRC belted tires

  6. F

    What Electronics? (Kraton 8S EXB)

    Hi guys, was looking to buy a Kraton 6S EXB, but figured I could get the 8S. What would you recommend? Thanks! (y)
  7. R

    Kraton When will Kraton V6 be launched?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and to RC cars. I'm looking for something to go bashing with and want a car that is durable, fast, big and has good control (I hate cars that are always doing wheelies). Based on my research I think the KRATON 6S BLX Speed Monster Truck will suit me. I don't have heaps...
  8. Probody RC Unbreakable body from Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    Probody RC Unbreakable body from Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    I was just getting sick of breaking my bodies so I decided to pull the trigger on an Unbreakable for the #ARRMA KRATON 💪💪💪💪
  9. psychoswat

    Infraction Infraction V2 to Kraton 8s electronics upgrades Questions

    Just got the infraction arrived in the mail today, pretty excited for the new project. Looking to upgrade to the tried and tested K8s power system (firma 160/1250 kv) Not doing any speed runs just drifting and bashing, however would love to have just a little bit more top end speed. What...
  10. GiantNinja

    Kraton Kraton exb 1/8 6s driveshaft upgrade options?

    Does anyone know if there are any driveshaft upgrades (specifically the front) that are of the CV splined type for the 1/8 scale kraton exb 6s? Basically looking to see if there's an upgrade like this one from hot racing for 1/10 scale trucks ATF288RC High Performance Cv Splined Driveshafts...
  11. H

    Kraton Are stock 6s electronics (motor/esc) any good?

    I've got a super-sized 1/10 scale basher that i'm thinking could make good use of the larger motor and lower kv from the 6s setup (2050kv and 150A esc). It's currently running a 3150kv motor and 130A esc on 3s and I have it geared to suit my speed. I'd plan to run the new setup on 4s and gear...

    Kraton Kraton 6s, Throttle but no steering? Why.?

    Hey long time reader, First time poster, On my blx Kraton I took a minor tumble wumble and lost all steering, I have full control over throttle yet no servo movement whatsoever, I have swapped in and out several different 15kg servos, receivers and transmitters all to no avail. Just...
  13. jgbeasley1

    Hydro dipped my Kraton

    This was a first for me.. just winged it, but I think it turned out okay. One issue I had was that after the paint dried for a few days, I put the shoe goo on and it started to pull some of the paint out a bit in spots. It looks like it has some waves, but not too noticeable.
  14. September 7, 2021

    September 7, 2021

    Rotation noise
  15. A

    Kraton Kraton taking the pain

    My new buddy holding up just fine.
  16. SaltyLocal

    Kraton My Build Thread - Kraton 6s V5

    Teared down my K6s V5 this evening and decided I better start a build thread before I get to far along. Nothing crazy or over the top, but being this is my first hobby grade RC, I feel I’m slowly getting it (kudos to all you helpful members). Mid summer of this year, I purchased my son a Big...
  17. bitchintalion88

    Kraton 8s with new dboot backflips

    Took the Kraton out on a local bmx park and was launching some good airs thru two sets of batteries when I noticed the front rims completely blew apart. I would of assumed they could take a lot more punishment then a dirt track could offer. There goes another $50 down the tubes🤷🏻‍♂️ What do you...
  18. FrazierMedina

    Kraton Kraton 6S EXB Rear Input Gear Bearing Explosion

    I just got a Kraton 6s EXB and swapped in a Max 6 1650kv combo and ran it for the first time yesterday with a 12t and 14t pinion and noticed some clicking when I hit the brakes towards the end of the run and thought nothing of it. Flash forward to today, I put on a 20t pinion and was bashing...
  19. Mauzyrock

    Kraton 6s kraton exb front right drive shaft keeps coming out.

    Hello friends, My 6s kraton exb front right drive shaft keeps coming out. On hard angular hits. I should not have to remove parts or add parts to solve this. However, here I am, doing both those things. Any suggestions? Thanks Mauzyrock rc


    One of my favorite pictures of my KRATON ripping a double over ARRMA 8s Outcast