1. bashtillbroken

    Kraton Brand new Savox sw-1210-sg problem in Kraton 6s

    I just bought a savox sw-1210-sg servo and put it in my Kraton 6s v5. When I put it in I thought the servo saver was loose because there was barely any steering. but when the servo centers it will not turn at all until I put stress on it in any way. Like trying to turn it it will turn and act...
  2. Buzzlightyear

    Kraton Notorious body fit on the Kraton

    I have a kraton that I bought with the body messed up was trying to find none ugly truck body's. But I want to know if the notorious body would fit on the kraton 6s
  3. Simon

    Kraton Difference between kraton v5 and EXB shocks

    Simple question. What's the difference between the Kraton v5 and EXB shocks? I have read the rear shocks are slightly longer overall. How about the front? Are there any other differences? Do the v5 shock standoffs fit the EXB and vice versa? Thanks Simon
  4. Cannonwolf

    Kraton Going frankenstein with 6s kraton shocks

    O.K. so this is where I'm at right now. I have decided to double up the shocks on my 6s Kraton v5. Currently have the stock set in stock position and a set of GPM dual spring rate shocks in the secondary mounting location on the tower and attached with a bolt and a stop nut through the new...
  5. Apollo-11

    Kraton Kraton 6s Servo and servo mount set ups

    Looking to upgrade my servo mount and servo in my kraton 6s. Any recommendations? Not looking to spend a paycheck on a servo just to bash with though😅
  6. N

    Kraton Reinforced thicker body can't get pins in

    Hey, maybe a silly question but after reinforcing my j concepts body with truck bed spray, it is a little thick to get the pins in. Are there body posts with longer gaps from the part it sits on to. The whole or would I have to make them myself? I just need a couple more mm.
  7. F

    Getting out a screw

    Hi, I have been trying to take out this screw but it keeps spinning. It’s connected to the part below and it spins with it. Do you have any idea on how to take it out?
  8. Darvid

    Kraton Kraton went for a swim

    So I sent my Kraton for a swim, basically all was submerged up to the rear Tyre from the front end Fell down a creek bank Every thing is running and working. I stripped it cleaned it anyway and WD-40 all the screws and a light wipe with WD-40 of the drive shaft and suspension. should I do...
  9. Fullout

    Kraton 6s v5 (newbie here)

    So I recently bought a Kraton 6s v5 and boy oh boy is she everything I could have wanted and then some! After 4 cycles on the spektrum smart 6s 100c lipos I killed the stock servo.. might have been cause I never calibrated it with the slt3 receiver and just ran it out of the box. Ended up...
  10. F

    Bent chassis - talion

    Hi, I have recently crashed my talion and the chassis is pretty bent. Will I be okay driving with that or should I buy a new one?
  11. Lride Chart

    Kraton Dangerous RCs

    Question to the brain trust. One how do I not hit myself or others with RCs? 🙃. Two has anyone had EXB drive cup issues? I have destroyed 4 now the gears are fine just the cups either mushrooms or breaks in half. I added a 3mm spacer on my shock shaft b/c at full flex the driveshafts keep...
  12. E

    DX5C + SR6100AT problems!!!

    So having issues with transmitter and possibly the receiver, not sure! Kraton 8s drives fine as long as I’m on the throttle but as soon as I let off and let it coast it drives around in a circle to the right. Need help figuring this out when it first bound it connected and immediately turned to...
  13. jaredthercboi

    Kraton Is the kraton like the erevo

    I never owned a arrma before and I am wanting to get a kraton or a outcast but idk if the kraton drives like my erevo 2.0
  14. SixStar

    Kraton 6S First Paintjob and Custom Body

    Not sure what to name this one, or if I even want to name it. Heavily modified Kraton 6S. JConcepts Finnisher 1/8 truggy body marketed as being for the Kraton 6S. I used a Tamiya PS-5 Black rattle can. The guy at my LHS said I would probably need more than one can, so I bought two. I did 5 coats...
  15. C

    Kraton Braking power

    Im not getting much braking power on kraton6s. example: If i rest the truck on my driveway slope (5-10%), while holding brakes on the remote, it still wont stop it from drifting down driveway slightly. also- at full speed on street, takes about 15-20ft to come to full stop. Is this normal...
  16. Kraton 6S breaks an arrma RPM rear arms upgrade

    Kraton 6S breaks an arrma RPM rear arms upgrade

    A big ramp with cold temps and poor driving caused a broken rear a arm.I had previously replaced the lower front a arms with RPM. The front came as a kit wi...
  17. swissralf

    Typhon My Typhon 6s custom XL v5

    Voilà quelques photos après la modification. J'ai du prendre certaine pièces du Kraton here some pictures after the stretching. I used some parts from Kraton.
  18. Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor and Spektrum S9110BL 1/5 Speed Metal Servo.Thanks for watching. #Arrma #Kraton #8...
  19. Darvid

    Kraton Servo upgrade V5 Kraton

    Hi All so I go a SV1270TG (35kg titanium gear) Servo to replace the dead spectrum 18kg one. the the physical size is the same how the teeth number are different. The guy at the hobby shop said I use the new arm that come with the Servo but might need to drill it out to fit. I have not taken...
  20. Hoss81

    What upgrade ESC for my 6S kraton?

    Planning on an upgrade ESC for my Kraton 6S. I've been running a quicrun 150a for like 6yrs. ESC works perfectly but could use more BEC voltage/amperage. Thoughts? 1. HW Max6 V3 2. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/6 3. HW Max8 V3 4. Castle Mamba Monster X 1/8 Reistically ill never run 8s in my...