1. Omerta

    Kraton Few Upgrades for my Arrma Kraton.

    Hey Everyone, Few upgrades plan on doing in the next week or 2. Also some new tools and parts. GKA 1 piece (tall) aluminum servo mount MIP metric driver set Stainless steel screw kit Plaig premium v2 bearing kit RPM wing mounts. Power HD glitch buster. Few questions that need help with...
  2. LoriLiam

    Kraton Trying to build a bulletproof Kraton diff

    I wanted to build a bullet proof diff but I have huge difficulty to find following parts. I search by Hobby King and some more vendors but nothing to do... all OUT OF STOCK All these parts are shimms to improve the diff durability... Help me , where can I buy them? BASHER 9655000127-0...
  3. Uplift-RC

    Kraton Major upgrades to my #v3 #KRATON

    First I put in the higher geared pinion. 2. installed a set of Gpm Racing #Turnbuckles front and rear / Added a new #PowerHD Servo/ a new M2C RACING #GoliathChassis, Mitchell Looper's Front Shock Tower and #JustBashIrRC rear shock Tower, Set of #RPMAarms front and rear. I can't believe how nice...
  4. Arrma Kraton 6s BLX.

    Arrma Kraton 6s BLX.

    Sending the Arrma Kraton 6s BLX. Like and subscribe for more content. #RC #arrma #Kraton
  5. 2morrow Muggins

    Kraton Wheel is dangling after crash into fence post

    Brand New to RC Cars/Trucks...I purchased my first Kraton 4s...As I took it out for my first run ever...I was having a great time just taking it easy and learning until right before i was about to call it quits...BOOM...i bang my front right wheel into a metal fence post. Out snaps the wheel...
  6. 20200121_114638.jpg


    Ready to get dirty and it did.
  7. dillon_mitko

    HR diff screws?

    I’m putting a center diff back together for a kraton 6S as I got the HR diff casing for it. I have everything put together and went to screw it on and the screws that were holding the diff together before are too long. I’ve tried other types of screws and nothing worked properly. Is there...
  8. 20200117_192747.jpg


    Kraton ready for action
  9. Arrma but no Arrma

    Arrma but no Arrma

    My Kraton, this pic has no Arrma parts fitted on it..!!🤣🤣😉
  10. Jkwinn

    Kraton Kraton 4s - Talion Shocks

    I have had two shocks break on my new Kraton 4s. I have only used it five times and two of the trips resulted in a broken shock. First time I was trying to do a backflip in below freezing weather and broke a rear shock. The second time my Kraton hit my sons Granite and broke a front shock...
  11. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Weird noise please help

    I’ve been having this problem for a while and have tried everything. My brothers kraton is making a really bad noise. It sounds like gears grinding or something like that. And every time we run it thru it to see if we can get the problem to break itself the center diff always blows. I’ve tried...
  12. MTKraton_almost_bulletproof_basher.jpg


    So close to perfect. There aren't words to describe how awesome it feels to drive this thing.
  13. The Arrma Kraton 4s is a mighty Basher. Great to send this truck over and over and over again..

    The Arrma Kraton 4s is a mighty Basher. Great to send this truck over and over and over again..

    It’s hard to say which is Better, The Outcast 4S or the Kraton 4S. It’s a close call. But man, this thing took a beating. The Kraton 4S is easier to get up t...
  14. V3 Kraton

    V3 Kraton

    All cleaned
  15. 60DEF693-B38E-4F80-A62D-73EBAC5C06A3.jpeg


    Upgraded the Radio on the V4 - Futaba 4PM for the win.
  16. D

    New to Rc trucks and i recently purchased a kraton 6s blx v4

    whats my best option for tires as well as the original tires size and limitations as to what i can replace them with?
  17. P

    Outcast Outcast 4s motor spins no drive

    Hi all first rc car so no experience at all. I'm having an issue where the motor spins but will not drive the wheels. Wheels spin manually and are all connected which suggests the driveshaft and diffs are are ok. The power isnt transferring from the motor to the driveshaft but I have no idea...
  18. 4s-2.jpg


    My new Kraton 4s ready to run
  19. Kraton 6s RR 14T Pinion.jpg

    Kraton 6s RR 14T Pinion.jpg

    Robinson Racing 14T pinion install
  20. J

    Kraton I feel sketchy driving my kraton 4s......? why and whats wrong with it?

    just running my kraton 4s every week, every time i just take it out and either i feel like it's going to break... and it does, like every rc, but it's always the same or similar, usually a screw falls out in the center gearbox and it's happened so many times i feel sketchy when i drive it, just...