1. B

    Are Kraton shocks the same as the Notorious shocks?

    Wondering if the arrma Kraton shocks are same shocks that are on the Notorious. Size and legth what not.
  2. Saltystevo

    Backflip tires

    Where can i buy outcast backflip tires for my kraton at a good price? And do they come without the rims ? Thanks guys
  3. Z

    Painted my first Kraton body today

    Painted my first RC body today. I think I did pretty well. Super pleased with the result, pics don't do it the needed justice :sneaky:.
  4. KratonKing88

    1/8th scale tracks in San Diego Area?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone living in the San Diego area knows of large tracks/ areas to drive my Kraton at? I've been to fiesta island which is the only spot I've found so far. SDRC raceway seems to be geared more towards 1/10 scale and doesn't really have what i'm looking for. Help!
  5. L

    kraton v3 and what radio

    what radio and receiver do you use in the kraton
  6. Kraton in "Just a lil bit Psycho"

    Kraton in "Just a lil bit Psycho"

    Just some raw footage of my Kraton doin' what it does on a snowbank and slushie parking lot (while the kids get in some sledding). Had to get it in, we're ce...
  7. C

    New Kraton owner, is she ready to go??

    New to Arrma, but been in R/C for, um, every I think. Picked up a new Kraton and after ready through the wonderful forums here I did some tune up items. Added Dboots Backflip wheels/tires. Changed diff fluid to 30/100/10. Wanted to do 20 in the rear but the store was out so I'll run 10 and...
  8. Blaz3atrail

    Cap Pack

    Does a cap pack help to reduce heat in any way would it help to install one i understand what they are meant to be used for but i was just wondering
  9. Deereman7

    Arrma Kraton or Traxxas E-Revo?

    I was at my hobby shop today and got my hands on a kraton 6s. They were only running 4s. It was cool. Handles nice. My granite is my first rc. They also had a Traxxas E-Revo. Man it was sharp! It was new so I couldn't test it. But the guy was telling me how great the revo drove and lot more...
  10. Obeydefiant

    Grinding with wheel power when on groumd

    Hello .I'm having a problem with my kraton. when I press the throttle I get a grinding sound and very lil power to the wheels . I know it's not the motor it's just that the power is not going to the wheels when under it's own weight when I hold it off the ground the wheels spin as they should...
  11. Lazy Bushman

    Cracked lower suspension arm, what else?

    Hey guys, I was out yesterday bashing and a tree hoped out behind another tree and ran into my Kraton. Result is I need to order a replacement lower suspension arm. What other relatively inexpensive parts should I look at buying now to maximise the route on the freight cost, while I am at it?
  12. 20190110_192427.jpg


    Fittment try. Looking good. This shroud is for kraton and talion. But seems to fit outcast too.
  13. 20190110_172326.jpg


    Time for more clean ride.
  14. T

    ARRMA Kraton or outcast??

    Ready to buy a Kraton but want to get some quick differences between the outcast and Kraton? Also how are both better than erevo?? Thanks.
  15. Size15s

    A new beginning šŸ˜

    First day out with my Kraton I broke the front bumper, gear casing, damage the shell and generally scuffed it all up. It was a blast! Today I placed an order to the other side of the pond, grand old US of A! TBone Racing Thrasher bumper, wheelie bar and mudguards. Hope it don't take too long...
  16. Size15s

    Maiden voyage

    Had my first spin with my new Kraton today. Wow, Jesus H Christ this thing shifts. Flipped, scratched, crashed and mudded up. What an awesome time. Batteries on charge for round 2 after work tomorrow!
  17. Hippos21

    Better ESC Fan!

    Hey guys only run my Kraton maybe 6 times but itā€™s blown all the blades off the ESC cooling Fan is there a better fan unit or upgrade for the factory ESC?
  18. Size15s

    Player 2 enters the game

    Hi guys. My Kraton V3 turned up a week early, now have to wait for the battery to arrive. This is gonna be a long wait! Let's see them Kratons! More bashed and upgraded the better!
  19. phildogg

    116mph Arrma Kraton!

    Fastest pass on my newest speed project..
  20. X

    Setup for better handling

    So if I wanted to make my Kraton setup for a better racer against my friends, what changes can I do to it. Now I think it understeers alot! Especially on high grip surfaces. There's nothing wrong with it, not the servo or saver either. Just want to know how to make it as good as it can be for...