1. Supasteve

    Need help wanna drag race a kraton

    What kinda diff spur tire size can i run to get top speed on pavement with stock motor and esc I am running 22 tooth gear with stock diff gear i believe is a 50 tooth and the smallest tires i can possibly fit I have a 43 tooth im thinking bout changing to
  2. Montenegro1

    TBR Lead Time

    Hey everyone, I ordered a front/rear bumper and wheelie bar from TBR for my Kraton 8 days ago. I still haven't received an email from them that the items have shipped. Since I've never dealt with them before, I was looking for some feedback. Does it typically take this long to receive...
  3. Supasteve

    Wanting to reach top speed on pavement with stock motor and esc

    A have a factory v3 kraton that i wanna drag race i have changed to smallest road rim/tires that will fit and added biggest pinion i can fit next i am thinking of locking center diff and going down to 43 tooth main diff gear but haven't done
  4. Ktc888

    Nasty noise from center differential

    Sound like the centre diff I have had it all apart. Teeth are all perfect (checked it over and over again) Thought it might be the pinion slipping on the motor but it's nice and tight Opened up the diff. All cogs inside are great Any suggestions would be appriciated
  5. D

    Turnigy Graphene Panthers

    Anyone using these LiPos? And if so what are your thoughts on them?? Got a new Kraton and wondering the best battery to use. Thanks in advance for your advice
  6. paulybatz

    Outcast Parts

    Definitely need a servo mount Anything else anyone has around??? Got a bunk kraton on eBay too, so any parts especially wheels /tires I also have a kraton.
  7. Goliath76

    New Kraton V3 or Build from Roller

    Howdy Arrma Forum Crew, I have been anticipating buying a new RC for some time. Coming to the hobby on a bit of a whim about a year ago I started with Traxxas, but am looking for something a bit larger scale with more opportunity to bash. I identified Arrma as my desired path by reading here...
  8. Sledgehog

    New Jconcepts Kraton body coming soon...

    Was talking to Jconcepts on facebook to find out if a certain Finnisher body would fit my Talion. A day later he gave me the heads up that a new Kraton body is being released within the next week or so, and should be available at Horizon Hobby soon. Looks just like the Finnisher.
  9. E

    Steering Block Troubles

    Has anyone had any troubles getting the steering block off. I snapped mine the other day and the dog bone part won’t come off. I have read that there is a set screw that poos out the pin, but I don’t know where that is. And the only hex part of it won’t budge even with heat and pliers. Any thoughts?
  10. Boostedpig

    Kraton Shock Oil

    What is the stock V3 Kraton oil weight? I'm running a large heavy 7400mah 6s lipo so I should run heavier oil correct? What weight oil should I buy?
  11. ARRMA OUTCAST (3).png

    ARRMA OUTCAST (3).png

    The Boyz getting excited to go outside and play...
  12. NitroStar

    Gearing setup for 4s

    Before I start trying gears, this 4s vs 6s is new to me. So, if the stock 12 tooth is good starting point for 6s, then what would be the same good starting point for 4s batteries? Same pinion (seemed slow compared to my 8th scale buggy with 1900 kV motor), or the larger 14 tooth?
  13. G

    Strong dogbones for Arrma Kraton?

    I just bought a kraton,I'm new to the hobby and I was just doing some mild bashing. I bent both front dogbones. Probably only jumped the kraton about 3' in the air. Are there stronger 1s or do I need to buy 30 of them because they just bend all of the time. Thanks
  14. Ktc888

    Will this ESC fan fit the Kraton?

    Hiya guys. Was just wondering if this ESC fan would fit my kraton?
  15. nytro97

    Kraton vs Losi LST 3XLE

    Have had Losi's in the past and am thinking of jumping back in..... Have been looking at the LST 3XLE and the Kraton V3. What's the opinion out there, anyone have both. Or are the in two different classes. Thanks, Tom
  16. E

    Paddle Tires?

    Has anyone tried putting paddle tires on a Kraton. If so what brand did you use and did you have to mod anything to get them to fit?
  17. JohnSulouff

    Ceramic bearing kit for Arrma Kraton?

    Is anyone out there know of any companies making ceramic bearings for the arrma kraton
  18. paulybatz

    Lipo use and maintenance

    I am not Sure what to do with the battery. I got the setup second hand. Not sure if the battery is 100 % How do I check it Also how do you maintain a battery / etc. I charged it last night. Ran it last night for about 5 mins and today for 10...still has charge. Not sure if you just leave...
  19. E

    Best Kraton Gearing?

    I have a V2 Kraton and although it has been great, I am looking to get more out of it. I am sort of a noobie when it comes to this and am running my Kraton basically bone stock with the only upgrade being Backflip Tires because the original ones ballooned so much they spun off the wheels, and my...
  20. Ktc888

    Cleaning a kraton?

    How do people go about cleaning a kraton. Can we just blast it off with a hose or would a full strip down be more beneficial? ?