1. Crashing and Bashing

    Crashing and Bashing

    Apparently I am hard on my stuff or I just need to learn to switch from one car to the other and not break it. In this bash session, I broke the rear wing mount, the rear chassis brace and bent the rear dogbone on my Kraton.
  2. Alas, poor Kraton......Bashing at the BMX track with the Arrma Kraton 4s. Ends in pieces.

    Alas, poor Kraton......Bashing at the BMX track with the Arrma Kraton 4s. Ends in pieces.

    Pushing it hard with the 4s Arrma 4s Kraton. Took it a little too far and it ended in disaster. All fun. Don't forget to like and subscribe and hit that bell...
  3. P2daO

    Kraton V3 6S, my first build.

    After running my Kraton mainly stock for a few hard bashing sessions I decided that it was time for a solid upgrade on the whole rig. Parts takes some time to get here to Sweden from USA so the build have so far been in two sessions and will be finished in a couple of weeks. + So here goes...
  4. Wildvoodoomagic

    Kraton Kraton V3 Battery Tray Extension?

    I just bought an SMC 4s 9400mah battery and I realized I didnt pay attention on the size of the battery and its gonna be way too big. Is theyre any way I can legnthen the current battery tray? Any aftermarket or DIY suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Surchaufeur

    Typhon Opinion about the 3s t bone racing bumpers

    I recently decided to buy the bullet and get the t bone guardian bumper for my kraton 4s hoping it will reduce the impact on my drovetrain specially my motor mount. I want to know what do yous guys think about the t bone bumpers specially the ones from the typhon 3s? I recently saw a typhon with...
  6. Surchaufeur

    Outcast Dboots backflip lps

    I have noticed when i changed my rear old minikawa lp tires for new ones i had i started to once again have understeer i have a little track (kinda) when i can drift arround. With my old rear tires i was able to slide and have 100% full control on what im doing. Now with the new tires i get...
  7. D

    Notorious Dboots copperhead on Notorious

    Did anybody put kraton dboots wheels / tyres on Notorious to be more stable and can go faster on shorter distance? Thanks
  8. Uplift-RC

    UpliFT-RC - v3 KRATON 6s Monster Truck Build Log

    Hi Guys, this is my first RC build log so bare with me! I have installed or have the parts on order for my 2018 ARRMA KRATON v3 Monster Truck 6s BLX. I was having problems with the stock shock towers that come on the KRATON, they were bending on me when I was just doing small jumps so I wanted...
  9. Surchaufeur

    Arrma kraton 4s build

    Not a massive build for now because my kraton doesn't need much stuff for now in my opinion here is the current state of my kraton 4s I have made a front bumper myselft to prevent my motor mounts from bending until i get the billet motor mount from arrma..🙄 My new stock motor mount was doing...
  10. Surchaufeur

    Kraton Will a t bone typhon front bumper fit kraton 4s?

    I was told trought ebay that the tbone racing bumper from the typhon 3s wont fit the 4s kraton.. but how they both have the same bumper and chassi im planning getting one because bending motor mount non stop is making me crazy
  11. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How to fix broken mounting holes

    My kraton 4s motor today stripped two of is mounting holes i used to mesh my 13t pinion i was pushed to use the mega adjustable motor mount that i was about to sell:/ because with the stock mount i was not able to find the right holes anymore. All of that because of the stupid blue locktite who...
  12. Surchaufeur

    Kraton My bad luck strikes again

    I have slightly bended my motor mount on a nose landing on the bmx track i wa shaving a wonderful day since a long time but now i stripped bpth holes from the 13t motor holes.. and i cant use the other holes because they are non compatible the only way i can use is using the adjustable motor...
  13. Uplift-RC

    Installing some hop up parts on my v3 KRATON BLX 6s

    hERE IS my 2nd pair of stock ARRMA shock towers that I have bent so I decide to go with a pair from a company called #JustBashIt! 1ST, i Installed a center brace in my v3 and a #VOLTAGE HOBBIES servo mount. My new Just Bash It shock towers FRONT & REAR NEW - #HPIRACING Belted Street...
  14. Surchaufeur

    Kraton How much does a diff rebuild cost?

    My friend has a v2 kraton and he just keep having diff issues and he just told me he spend 120 cadandien $ to rebuild is diff... when i saw him the whole diff from jennyrc for 50$ he was shocked. Any suggestions to make is car bulletprof and i showed him the new kraton bpdy for 40$ and i think...
  15. 2 - Ten-Eighty Launch Ramps

    2 - Ten-Eighty Launch Ramps

    Ordered two of these for my v3 #KRATON
  16. D

    Kraton Kraton 4s or 6s

    Having doubts for which kraton to buy the 4s or the 6s? does anybody passed through the same query?
  17. Arrma Kraton 6s and Talion 6s bashing at a BMX track. Big air!

    Arrma Kraton 6s and Talion 6s bashing at a BMX track. Big air!

    #rc #radiocontrolled #Arrma New location out with Jay Young. Worth the trip. Got some great footage. Really enjoyed this session. My Kraton centre diff left ...
  18. Bash Brothers

    Bash Brothers

    Start of the day.....
  19. Bash Time

    Bash Time

    Retro bash....😉
  20. M³ Dual Motor Mount

    M³ Dual Motor Mount

    So you wanna go Full BEAST mode ? M³ Dual Motor mount for arrma v4s, limitless and infraction Hoons 🤘🤘 Limited stock 🤫🤘These mounts are for Advanced users 🙃 Use Google Chrome to translate to English Use the code "RcA" At the checkout for 10% Off Your order 🙈