1. AristonC

    Kraton 6S V5 - Is this a leaking center diff?

    Being the newbie that I am, I figured I’d take a pic and ask here. I’m seeing what looks like a bunch of oil/grease on this part of the drive shaft going into the center diff as well as on this end of the chassis brace. This is on the Karton 6S V5. I’ve run it a total of three times with...
  2. 1

    Kraton Kraton 6S V5 BLX - Integy Suspension Arms Kit - Pivot Ball Thread Doesn't Match?

    Hello All, I've been having fun with my Kraton 6S V5 BLX and decided to pick up the Integy Suspension kit after breaking an arm. I found that the stock pivot balls seem to be threaded M6X.75 with a finer thread while the Integy kit is threaded for M6x1.0 with a courser thread. You can see in...
  3. Jamart85

    Hobbystar vs Leopard motor

    I'm short one motor for one of my rc cars. Gonna switch around some motors and will need one for my KEXB. Having a Max8 installed, i narrowed it to three motors: Hobbystar 4282 1600kv 130amp Leopard 4282 1680kv 100amp Leopard 4282 2000kv 110amp Right now I have a blx2050kv with the Max8 14T...
  4. ColinLeonard688

    Kraton Arrma Kraton 6s Tire Wobble?

    I recently got new tires for my arrma kraton 6s because I thought the proline badlands 3.8s were too small. I got 4 copperhead 2 tires (stock kraton 6s tires). Whenever I try to go past 1/4th throttle the car starts to wobble like there's water in the tires but I bought them brand new and there...
  5. Dscracing1320

    Outcast Project "All IN" Gets a New Look

    Decided to throw on a new body and tires on the mojavified swbbeast. I love being able to change up the body and wheel setup and basically have multiple rigs in one. Again project "All IN" brings me a smile to my face. Such a beast. I also have a set of UDR Hyrax tires I'll be mounting up soon...
  6. Pageracing

    For Sale Hot Racing center diff cover, GDS aluminum center diff mount, Hot Racing center diff spools, Tbone roll cage and front bumper/skid

    EDIT: HR center cover is SOLD. Still have motor mount and front diff mount. Stock motor mount with a gds center mount and a hot racing center diff cover for sale. All used in good shape. $12 take gds aluminum front diff mount. Tbone body roll cage and front bumper/skid. Good shape. $45...
  7. RC617

    Kraton Kraton 6s V1 Servo recommendations

    My son has a used Kraton 6s V1 and recently he had a servo gear strip out. He rotated the gear and got a little more life out of it, but ultimately it needs replaced. The question I have is does he just replace it with stock or should he get something better. He's on a tight budget so the...
  8. FhRCSweden

    Kraton Rpm arms for Kraton EXB, does it fit?

    Soo, my last arm on my kraton exb just broke. Like similar threads out there we struggle to find lower arms for the kraton exb. They are sold out all over internet. ARA330656 is the number for lower front arm. Its the same arm as kraton V5 blx. So it must be a LOT of people with this...
  9. B55069C5-9B41-4A1D-BF5B-B4072CEDDC02.png


    1/5 exb roller
  10. D0CEE4B7-5365-401E-A54A-80DE2DCB2755.png


    Kraton exb 1/5 roller
  11. shelbyslobra

    Kraton Can you run factory k8s fans off a separate 2s or 3s battery?

    Just ran my k8s for the first time and liked it, however I want to change the pinion to a 23t. I’m pretty sure the factory fans won’t push enough air to keep it cool during a good run. So I was wondering if I could run the stock fans of off a 2s or 3s battery. I’ve tried to look up too see if...
  12. J

    Limitless First "On-Road" RC, Arrma Limitless Novice Build

    About 6mo ago, I got into RC for the first time. Now a half dozen cars later, it's time to try out the on-road scene. Because I have not done this yet, I don't quite know how I'd like to get the RC built up. Originally I wanted an Infraction, but Horizon had a 15% off sale on the Limitless...
  13. RC617

    Kraton ESC (question/confusion) - Ideal LVC for Kraton 6s V5

    Background: So I'm still very new to RC cars and I have been looking into what is the target battery voltage when removed from my RC (Kraton 6S V5), after LVC is reached. From the few runs I have under my belt batteries measure at ~3.8##V. From looking online it looks like 3.7V is maybe the...
  14. R

    Kraton Kraton 4s new wheels. Help!!!

    Anyone know good set of cheep wheels that would fit and be of similar diameter for my Kraton 4s wheels (155mm) as I need a new set. I’m looking for about £30 for 4 wheels. Thank you any help is appreciated!!
  15. S

    Kraton Kraton 6s m2c shock cap leakage

    I installed the m2c shock cap and pistons but can’t seem to get them from not leaking out of caps. Too tight or not tight enough seems to be the story. Anyone have the same issue or a picture of how much thread should be showing after installed correctly? Any info or tips would be great! Thanks!
  16. Giles3005

    Help please. Power and brakes keep cutting on and off for a second or 2. Also what upgrade springs/oil for EXB mojave heavy rig??

    Hi guys. 2 things: - Kraton v4 BLX with flysky gt5 - Mojave exb max6 1650kv with dumbo Some help please... having issues with throttle and break cutting in and our of power. It is very intermittent, sometimes it is okey but most of the time it isn't. Either on the throttle and try to...
  17. RC617

    Kraton Kraton 6s V5 ESC cooling fan programming port question

    Sorry in advance for the very elementary question but I'm extremely new to RC's. I just bought a very lightly used Kraton 6S V5 yesterday, which is my first RC car. The previous owner had a motor cooling fan installed which I removed as currently I don't need it. That being said it's unclear...
  18. C

    Kraton Changed out the stock fluids for a fresh setup

    So moving along with changing the differential fluids. Tonight I switched the factory 10k/100k/10k fluids to 60k/200k/20k. Just going off of examples I find here on the Forum, Thank you!! Geez I have been all over San Diego though, and these fluid weights were as close to what I wanted, lots of...
  19. Coreymonster54

    Kraton Kraton V5 / EXB

    Nothing to crazy but definitely having fun bashing and Wrenching. So far I've added Exb front bumper Rpm skid plate Exb front shock tower Exb rear shock tower 15 tooth pinion Waiting for one of my local rc shops to get Outcast wheelie bar Outcast side mud guards
  20. gary.rvp

    Kraton Any install spectrum s9110 servo?

    I training to fix a s9110 spectrum servo in my K8 and is to tall any one install that can help ?