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    Leopard 58113 v2 1050kv - BL5 Combo - K8S EXB
  2. Jamart85

    Hobbystar vs Leopard motor

    I'm short one motor for one of my rc cars. Gonna switch around some motors and will need one for my KEXB. Having a Max8 installed, i narrowed it to three motors: Hobbystar 4282 1600kv 130amp Leopard 4282 1680kv 100amp Leopard 4282 2000kv 110amp Right now I have a blx2050kv with the Max8 14T...
  3. Crash

    Leopard or hobbystar motor question

    I've never run leopard or Hobbies Star Motors but they seem to have a pretty decent track record. For those of you that are running these, can you run the 4092 at 1480 KV with the kraton blx185? I'm doing a rebuild right now but most of my attention is going to be on most everything except the...
  4. M

    Leopard or hobby star 4082 vs 4092

    I'm trying to find the right balance between power and heat for a Kraton. My stock 2050kv motor is broken so I want to replace it with either a 4082 motor at 1600Kv or a 4092 at 1730Kv. I may occasionally run 4s but primarily bought this truck to run 6s. I want something that will run cooler and...
  5. TalionSWB

    Kraton Leopard 4092 1730kv vs 2080kv on 6S?

    Hi Im looking to upgrade the stock BLX 4074 2050kv motor to a Leopard 4092 but not sure whether I should get the 1730kv or the 2080kv Leopard 4092 motor to run 6s Lipo. I know you can gear up the 1730kv but why bother gearing up if you will get the same amount of torque as the lower kv leopard...
  6. Stitch

    New Motor Leopard 4282

    After the Big Rock's combo was not working anymore. I don't know what exactly fried esc or motor. I went for the Leopard 4282 with a Hobbywing Max 8. This combo is awesome, extremely smooth and powerful. It is a great improvement and doing backflips is much easier to control. The motor stays...
  7. justatree

    New ESC, What is timing?

    I wanted to know what timing is... btw I might get a Leopard 60a ESC just to run my fury when my BLX80 is being sent out for warranty. Is it powerful enough? I want something cheap right now... I would not be running the motor leopard gave, but esc an program card I will use [CORRECTION TO THE...
  8. Lor Fury 6s

    Fury on steroids

    I just purchased a alum red motor mount and I was wondering if it would hold a leopard motor 4092 model 930kv? The motor it has now is a 4076 model 1400kv it's a little smaller and the regular mount has held up fine. Will find out soon!
  9. K

    Need help choosing new motor for Senton

    There are so many options, and my newbie self can't quite decide/ figure out what would be best. Leopard 4274 Leopard 4082 Leopard 4092 Castle 1515 Castle 3376 ??????? So many options...... I would like to keep it around 100 bucks though. Thanks for the help! I'd like to order by tonight...
  10. Albert84PL2005

    Leopard Motor came in

    My Leopard SKYRC 380 motor came in works like dream had to break er in