1. MetalOne

    Infraction V2 night basher.

    Days are getting shorter but that won't stop me from bashing after work. I finished this up a few days ago. I used a GoolRC 12 LED kit and controller and ApexRC blue LED strips.
  2. 20200109_215139.jpg


  3. Arrma Infraction.jpg

    Arrma Infraction.jpg

    Infraction Halo Lights On
  4. Arrma Infraction p2.jpg

    Arrma Infraction p2.jpg

    Infraction Halo lights off
  5. Race Night Staging.jpg

    Race Night Staging.jpg

    Rear Lights Infraction
  6. Clancman

    Infraction Arrma Infraction light Mod.

    Hey guys just wanted to share a light mod we did on my Infraction in case anyone was looking for ideas that work with the unusual design like the infraction. I do a lot of evening running with my rigs so lights are almost always a must but the Infraction’s design presented some different...
  7. Typhon Front Light bar 3

    Typhon Front Light bar 3

    Pic3 of the typhon with the light bar I put on
  8. Typhon From Light bar 2

    Typhon From Light bar 2

    Pic2 of the light bar I put on
  9. Typhon Front Light bar 1

    Typhon Front Light bar 1

    Pic1 of the light bar I put on
  10. Ramjet

    Kraton I hate body mounted LED lights. Anyone have lights that mount on the frame or bumper?

    The LED lights that mount on the body are such a hassle with all the wires going everywhere and the roof mount lights don't last long when bashing around. Does anyone have any resources for LED lights that mount directly on the frame or the bumper so the wires can be tucked in a tie wrapped nice...
  11. Cjmd

    Led light bars

    What's the toughest led light bar one that will survive some mild bashing maybe a roll over or two
  12. HabibiJr

    Talion Led lights for kraton or talion

    Does anyone know of any good led lights or light bars for the Arrma Kraton? Preferably some that can run on 3s and up or that are pretty bright
  13. Wiring job

    Wiring job

    Wiring job with the new lights plus found that hot glue works great on the heavy contact areas to keep the body in good shape
  14. LokoLuna

    Trying to install LEDs to Senton

    I can't seem to find a receiver plug in for the lights. I'm kinda new to the RC world. So any help is appreciated.
  15. biggman100

    Wiring lights to Fury

    Can i wire lights to ch3 on the reciever? If so, will they turn on automatically, or do i need a way to control them from the transmitter? Does anyone make a y splitter so that i could run 2 sets of lights from ch3? The reason for this is i am setting up a truck for my daughter to run. I...
  16. Raji

    Outcast Light Kit Recommendations

    I'm planning To install light kit on my Outcast. Is there any thing I should consider before purchasing? I read That I need some kind of light control Also, is there any recommendations on specific brand? It would be great to post links Thank you in advance
  17. Mad rc 42

    Outcast Arrma outcast lights project.

    Ok. What was used? Power drill, drill bit set, arrma washers, glue gun, old TRD bumper, front and rear lights, zip ties, two screws and bolts, and a lot of thinking "how can I do this in a way thats not going to break off and keep very little modification to the body. Heres what I came up with.
  18. BigShow823

    Kraton And then there was lights...

    I puchased two sets of lights. I plan on running 4 lights up front and 4 in the back i just tested the y adapter and it distributes the light evenly both both sets are bright. How shoud i mount them i need help how do i make these holes? Will the lights draw too much energy from the lipos? Any...
  19. chevyrumble

    Big Rock Big Rock Custom Body, LEDs & more

    Update #1: LED Kit I have only been a member of the forum here for a little while, but figured I would start this thread since I am working on a custom painted body, LED package, and a few other modifications to my Big Rock. A while back now I started fallowing a few different YouTube channels...
  20. Talion With Lights

    Talion With Lights

    Dark days ahead. Lights needed...