1. DSC_2010.JPG


    Today's paint 😁
  2. DSC_1965.JPG


    My Infraction
  3. DSC_1995.JPG


    My brand new Limitless
  4. IMG_20201115_112334_872.jpg


  5. Markus Madsen

    Newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body

    What do you guys think of my newly painted arrma Keaton 6s body
  6. Uplift-RC

    Hydro Dipping by Honey Lu Lu!!

    Has anyone seen this women and how she dips her rc bodies with paint?
  7. No-no-no-


  8. Yas

    Arrma Notorious Motown glam!

    First go at painting a full body shell! I used CoreRC polycarbonate paints. Pretty happy with the results. Let me know what you think ?? Metallic silver backed with a true chrome Better move cat! Looking slammed Some imperfections but still learning for next time. Link to my...
  9. Ugly Betty

    Rims Painted

    I update the rims set,waiting on the tires arriving may 1,after that the street,Update ken block sign pic frame,hope u guys like it
  10. Undercoating


    Switched to Permatex Rubberized Undercoating. Used the entire bottle. It might STILL be drying. Covered it with a coat of the Chrome just for fun.
  11. Juggernaut Theme Side.jpg

    Juggernaut Theme Side.jpg

    Infraction Custom Theme
  12. Juggernaut Theme Rear.jpg

    Juggernaut Theme Rear.jpg

    Infraction Custom Theme
  13. Juggernaut Theme Front.jpg

    Juggernaut Theme Front.jpg

    Infraction Custom Theme
  14. Juggernaut build front 1.jpg

    Juggernaut build front 1.jpg

    Custom Infraction body
  15. Mmmm Paint..?

    Mmmm Paint..?

    I really can't decide which one to use first.!!?
  16. Painted Rear I.jpg

    Painted Rear I.jpg

  17. Painted Rear Infraction.jpg

    Painted Rear Infraction.jpg

  18. Front End Top.jpg

    Front End Top.jpg

  19. Front End Left.jpg

    Front End Left.jpg

  20. Front End Assembled.jpg

    Front End Assembled.jpg