1. ddq5auce

    Long weekend, beer, spray paint and an Arrma Typhon 3S

    ...oops, what have I done / I shall call you skunk! If you're wondering, I have Senton arms and links on the front because well I had a big falI and broke them and that;s all I could get that day. Also the wing is from my Taiion because I broke that too D .. a true basher!
  2. Kraton V4 Matt

    Kraton V4 Matt

    My Kraton V4 with a matt finish..👍🏼😁
  3. Zgills1

    Painted my first Kraton body today

    Painted my first RC body today. I think I did pretty well. Super pleased with the result, pics don't do it the needed justice :sneaky:.
  4. Sledgehog Mk II

    Sledgehog Mk II

    New Jconcepts Finnisher body on talion v3.
  5. Richman

    Proline Monster Fusion on Senton

    hi guys, I have now found the perfect body for my monster senton. the Proline Monster Fusion. The best shorty body for my big truggy wheels (Louise T-Apollo). For the paint I used tamiya ps colors.
  6. Mboss

    Kraton New look Kraton

    Got a new body and figured I would try to do a marble paint job with some cans...freestyled the design...pleased with outcome
  7. xenox45

    Arrma Red spray paint?

    Just curious if any of you know of a store bought (or online) spray paint that comes closest to the Arrma Red color that's on the Kraton V3?
  8. Friso Fox

    Outcast Outcast body paint schemes

    Planning to get a new transparant body for my Outcast and searching for some paint schemes inspiration. Can you guys show the paint jobs you did on your Outcast? Thanx in advance!
  9. M

    Dipped Nero body

    Just dipped this bug shell couple more bits to do then ready to fit
  10. Combatjeep

    New Spiderman inspired Nero body

    Also finished cutting the skids for added lift, added Axial Beadlock with mudslinger tires and finished my first ever painted body. Lemme know what y'all think. Attached Files:
  11. Jlolley

    Outcast Outcast's new lid

    Finally painted new body for Outcast..Be warned I'm not a professional
  12. Cconnj

    New body new paint Talion

    Just got done my new body and paint job. Bash, crash, rebuild better... I'm new here and came back to hobby after a very long abscence. Thanks for checking it out.
  13. Jerry-rigged

    Typhon New Body, Pain Thread!

    My new clear body for my Typhon came in last night, Woot! I am excited. However, I have not painted an RC body in 20 years... LOL So we'll see how this one comes out. My other hobby is fishing, so I am think of a fish theme. Maybe a paint scheme like a Mahi Mahi - Bight green and yellow...
  14. The German

    Kraton Kraton - Color details

    I just added a few color details on my Kraton. Tell me if you like it.
  15. LunchBox

    Painting a Proline Body with Liquid Mask!

    Ok I use liquid mask a proline Chevy c10 body fr the stampede A 1" paintbrush and a xacto hobby knife (not pictured) and duratrax gunmetal grey and blue flash and a white backing spray(not pictured) I painted the whole inside of the body with the liquid mask 3 or 4 even coats. Let each coat...
  16. Dreadstar

    Fury body

    Before you ask,no it's not a repaint,rather just my way of customizing the bodyshell so that it's easily recognisible.
  17. Steve

    Is Krylon or Similar okay for painting Velom?

    Or am I handcuffed and ransomed to buy the "special" paint? Thanks! ~s