rpm rc

  1. Gt rubicon

    An A-Arm question for Outcast

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking about getting rpm a arms for our rigs. The stock arms are really loose. For those of you with rpm a arms, do you need to shim them like the stock arms? Thanks
  2. Meffen1023

    RPM a-arms worth it?

    are the rpm parts such as the arms really that much better than the stock ones ? The stock ones seem like they’re thicker material .
  3. R

    Rpm rear arms

    I put the rpm rear arms on to match the front today and I notice that the car cannot get its rear all the way to the ground. Runs out of suspension travel. No issue with the front. Anyone have this?
  4. cordell12

    RPM A-Arms vs. Aluminum

    After much admiring of aluminum A-arms I have decided to order RPM for both the front and rear. Neither are broke, and I know deep down I shouldn't replace them until needed, but I feel like I needed something to do to my Kraton. Working on it is just as fun as driving for me, I find it relaxing...
  5. Cater4anytink

    Has anyone used rpm shocks

    Just wondered if anyone has used rpm shocks? I know rich duper bash has got some but don't think his installed them yet.. would probably buy these over other more expensive options.. not just cause I'm a cheap theses things are 5mm thick
  6. Gananaphone

    BLX RPM arms and you

    Hi everyone, I'm a relative newbie to RC, and to Arrma. I bought a Granite BLX back in February to start off in this ridiculously fun hobby. Overall, I've been happy with my decision on the Granite. Lately, I've been having the itch to get another -- 4wd -- truck, and I've had my eye on the...
  7. RcAnonymous

    Proline mx38 badlands outcast fitment

    full lock M2 compound
  8. solidbase

    RPM A-Arms for the 1/10 scale!

    Finally we got some plastics for the 1/10 scales from RPM, A-Arms for front and rear. http://www.rpmrcproducts.com/make-model/arrma/granite/
  9. smithgpz

    RPM Nero parts?

    does anyone know if rpm plans to make parts for nero? like suspention arma,hubs,bumpers etc.
  10. WoodiE

    RPM Rear Mud Guards

    In addition to the recently announced RPM Rear A-Arms for the Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Talion. RPM has also released a set of mud guards that are designed to fit the RPM A-Arms! The RPM mud guards are designed to help prevent dirt and mud build-up on your rear suspension and drivetrain...
  11. WoodiE

    RPM Rear A-Arms for Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Talion

    Those emails we've been sending to RPM has been paying off... now RPM has released rear a-arms for the Arrma Kraton, Talion, and Outcast trucks! Designed to be more durable than stock while removing the slop often found in the stock arms while also being 10% lighter! Part #: 81402 MSRP: $13.95...
  12. Vanning


    I just saw a set of RPM front upper and lower control arms for the Kraton. Maybe they have less slop around the hinge pins ???? https://www.amainhobbies.com/rpm-kraton-outcast-front-upper-lower-suspension-arm-set-rpm81482/p635235 RPM A-arms for the ARRMA Kraton, Talion & Outcast as well as...
  13. WoodiE

    RPM A-Arms for the Talion, Kraton, and Outcast!

    RPM RC Products is delivering again - this time with front upper and lower a-arms for the Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Talion RC's. Oh the A-Arms also fit the Durango DEX8T :D Made from the well known nylon blend. RPM has also made a few changes of their own over the stock Arrma A-arms such as...
  14. firstrctruck

    RPM R/C Products/Kraton Bumper

    Ordered a bumper!!!!! Well communicated, (in Stock inventory), shipped within 24 hours Without a doubt this is the type of company I like dealing with. Without even having gotten the product yet, this is what my expections are as a consumer/customer. Well done RPM R/C Products!!!!! Thanks...
  15. RCklir

    Installing RPM skid and bumper

  16. Mr.mark057

    RPM Front Bumper & Skid Plates

    Just installed the RPM front bumper and skid plates. Nice!
  17. Outcaster

    Installed the RPM Front bumper/skid plate & rear skid plate on Outcast

    Just picked up my RPM order from the LHS today. Here are some pics of the front bumper and rear skid plate installed on the Outcast for anyone interested in how they look. I personally really like the look on the truck, they fit great, clean look, seem strong. Should provide good protection...
  18. Ole Fart51

    Will RPM wing mount fit Outcast?

    It looks to me that the outcast and Kraton have the same wing mount. Am I correct? My Outcast wing mount is twisted. Is the RPM mount better?
  19. WoodiE

    RPM R/C Products Front Bumper/Skid and Rear Skid Plate

    You've spent a lot of money on your RC's and we want to help you protect it. That's why we are giving away, to one lucky winner, an RPM Front Bumper/Skid plate (81472) as well as a Rear Skid plate (81442)! All you have to do to be entered in this giveaway is tell us about your RC! Rules...
  20. WoodiE

    RPM Rear Skid Plate for Arrma & Durango

    Last week RPM released a front bumper for the Kraton and now today they have announced a rear skid plate for the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon, and Senton. Made from RPM RC's well known nylon blend that measures 4mm thick and right here in the USA. The RPM rear skid plate helps reduce wear and...