1. IbleedKTM

    Outcast Outcast 4s upgrades

    Just stayed up all night with a dremal, soldering torch, and a mind going a million miles an hour. I fitted a castle monster mamba x and a savox sv-1270tg to this baby. I will comeback with some remarks in a day with running notes. I forgot to mention I got rid of the trash radio for another...

    New savox servo making noise

    I just installed a new savox 1210sg servo and it makes a noise in a sitting position. I’m wondering if it needs a bec or a glitch buster any thoughts? I tried posting the short video but it won’t let me
  3. asphaltlou

    Typhon Typhon servo????

    Ok, I can not keep a servo in my Typhon, I keep breaking the stockers. I've done some reading and noticed the some people use the savox 1210. I don't care about spend some extra money on it as long as it lasts. Any suggestions from my Arrma family would much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. InSaYnE

    Big Rock Big Rock With a Savox?

    Anyone ever run a Savox 1258 in their truck? i have on laying around from a rig i got rid of. Looking at the specs evidently the factory unit is stronger but i sort of find that hard to believe. This Savox was stupid strong when i ran it in the past in other vehicles. they were lighter vehicles...
  5. M

    Savox 2290 700oz servo on sale!

    I found a smoking deal on the monster savox 2290 servo. They are $159 everywhere. Dlux Fab has them on sale for $120. This is a smoking deal on a killer servo. I have this in my kraton. It will move the earth beneath my kraton. This is the Savox SB-2290SG Black Edition Monster Torque...
  6. M

    Servo replacement

    Check I'll just leave these here...
  7. Aaron5

    Replaced Servo with savox 0231

    I replaced my stock tali on Servo with the savox 0231 and the steering is reversed in it. Do I need to do anything other than flip the switch on the back of the receiver? Does the horn need to be off? Does the end points need to be reset as well? Thanks
  8. Savöx 2292 for Nero

    Savöx 2292 for Nero

    I thought the original servo is not bad. But now I went for the SAVÖX SB-2292 SG. The Big Rock totally changed. It turns on a dime! Awesome drifts with the torque and the quick response Torque: @6V: 305 oz-in (22 kg-cm) @7.4V: 430 oz-in (31 kg-cm) Speed: @6V: 0.085/60° s @7.4V: 0.07/60° s
  9. Stitch

    New Servo - Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo was ok, but now I picked up the Savöx SB-2292 SG. I wanted to improve torque and speed. This servo has both (see below). But effect on the drivability is extreme. It turns like it has a connection to the brain ;) Nice drifts at full speed without loosing control...
  10. Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo is not bad. But now I went for the SAVÖX SB-2292 SG. The Big Rock totally changed. It turns on a dime! Awesome drifts with the torque and the quick response Torque: @6V: 305 oz-in (22 kg-cm) @7.4V: 430 oz-in (31 kg-cm) Speed: @6V: 0.085/60° s @7.4V: 0.07/60° s
  11. Jerbear1018

    Kraton Savox 1211sg not turning wheels on Arrma Kraton

    Hey guys so I got a Savox 1211sg for my Arrma Kraton and it is not working properly. It seems like it has no torque to turn the wheels and it makes a weird noise all the time like a flutter noise. Also when turning left the wheels lock and it won't turn the other way. Please if anyone can help...
  12. C

    Senton new servo senton

    sorry for the stupid question, but new to rc. so my stock servo went out over the weekend and i just replaced it with a savox 2271 sg. It appears to work fine when the car is in motion however if the car is stopped the wheels won't turn the whole way, only about a 1/4 left or right. is this...
  13. Bingy93

    Stock servo stripped? Which savox?

    Went to take the outcast for a run on 6s and a few minutes in after a few slow runs aroun the track the servo only turns the wheels right, turn it to the left and it grinds really and doesn't move. Or just makes sounds like it's spinning in there but nothing is happening. Going to strip it Apart...
  14. tobyjoe

    Outcast Savox Servo is Night and Day!

    After stripping two Arrma servo gears and being frustrated with the turn and return speeds of the stock servo, I ordered a Savox 1210SG and holy cow - it's night and day. The servo saver design requires good torque and stiff mounts, lest it stop working well when dirty or not perfectly lubed. I...
  15. Ole Fart51

    Kraton Savox 2270sg

    Has anyone tried the Savox 2270sg in their Kraton? I ordered a 1270 but was sent a 2270sg, the 2270 is brushless and cost more than the 1270. They charged me for the 1270. But I'll keep it and offer to pay the difference if my RC friends say the 2270 is better.
  16. B

    Servo upgrade for my Nero

    What's up all? So I need a new servo for my Nero.. What do you all recommend? I have heard about the Savox 1231SG and that it's a great servo, but it's not waterproof. Will this be an issue in the snow? I can't seem to find a high tq waterproof servo that's reasonable in price. Thanks!
  17. Josh nortz

    Nero servo upgrade

    I got a Savox SA-1231SG 444oz-in 6.0v servo, its a amazing. I had it out for a bit and i love the quick turns its a whole different truck... servo save needs to be tightened up yet but it is much better. The video is on 4s. I did a quickrun on 6s but have mis matched batteries so i was only out...
  18. Unusual RC

    High voltage disaster strikes

    Sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not! I met the last category yesterday. My son's Fury BL roller has a high voltage servo. So I added a HV circuit to the car, bypassing both the receiver and ESC. Bashing and racing creates a lot of stress to the car. One of the electric wires...