Senton 17 to 12mm wheel adapters....

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It looks like the hex will be further out than on the original hub,but remember that most 1/8th wheels have no offset at all.

Looking at the manual,it looks like it'll increase your wheelbase width by around 5-6mm/side and as you're already running what are basically 1/8th wheels,this should give you clearance for virtually any make of 1/8th wheel.
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Thanks, I think I will buy a set and do some test fits with my friend's slash wheels.
These will not work on a Senton,as there isn't a threaded section to the end of the axle as there is on a Clodbuster.There is no way to secure the wheel. If you were going from a 12mm hex up to a 14 or 17mm hex,as on a Fury then they would work, because they have a threaded axle.
[DOUBLEPOST=1462258678][/DOUBLEPOST]The unwritten rule of thumb to be remembered regarding wheels is:- You can always move UP a scale wheel wise,but you CANNOT go down a scale.
I see what you mean. I just got the truck and hadn't even removed a wheel. As soon as I did, I could see where it wouldn't have worked anyway.

Any suggestion on what work on a Mojave, you now, that really incredible RC they based the Fury on?...:D
I would love to ride with 17hex-1/8 tires on it...:)


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