2nd Nero... Typhon, Kraton, or Talion

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I have an opportunity. ..and I'm not sure which way to go....can get a 2nd nero...blue or green..why not?...

a typhon, which would be fun since I was thinking on trying the local 1/8 buggy class...

a talion, but I'm not sure if it qualifies for the 1/8 truggy class cause I think it's too big since it's the same as a krayton with smaller tires...I am trying to get more info....

the kraton would be another good companion basher to the nero...

What to do?...
front yards...football fields...and the local track....it's just good fun...my boy likes the idea of a second Nero...ha...kids...he talks in his sleep...it's all sharks and nero...just got a 3rd dromida sc418 ..arrived yesterday ...got him the brushless version. ..all smiles...

liking this 1/8 scale...cause its just large enough to go anywhere. ...my 1/5 is cool...but will do electric conv...that motor scares him a bit...but that conv is almost the price of another 1/8...and definitely want another arrma...

question is...can I sucker the lady with some lie on needing another nero...then say I want to do local races...forcing the typhon at a later date...say around the holidays?...cause...I'm doing this for my boy!...naturally!...???
I get my Nero tomorrow UPS between 3-7pm. Got my wheelie bar built and decided on a front bumper from T-Bone Racing thats on the way.. I also saw that the NERO has standard hex 17mm and Ive got a set of Avalanche Tires & SRC Terrain Crushers - no balloning - will be good for the 17 pinion speed runs. To address your question Afro .... IM impressed that the older Kraton has a 180Amp... wonder why they scaled it back to 150A?
I have both Nero and Talion. Talion jumps better than the Nero and lighter. I have videos in the Talion forum.
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